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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by thetruth, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Frozen clean urine may be the new way to go. On April 4th 2011 I got clean piss from a friend who stop smoking about a year ago. I froze the pee in quick fix bottles I had laying around. To freeze the pee I used a turkey injector set used for injecting turkeys to fill the bottle from the collection cup. After the bottle was cap off I wrap the bottles in tin foil then put the bottles in freezer bags. I heard its better to use a vacuum sealer to seal the bottles but I don’t have one if you do I would go this route. After its wrap in tin foil and put in the freezer bags I just placed it in the freezer. Make sure your freezer is set at a lower level. Good way to check is put ice cream in your freezer and see it develops ice crystals. If it develops ice crystals then its to cold. Well the pee went in on 4/20/11 I took out one sample today to replace it with a new clean one and check it with a piss test strip. Ph, specific gravity and creatinine came out fine. It still had a nice yellow color and have a low foam head. It also still had a smell. so if i had to use it today i would of been fine.To reheat the pee put it in a glass of hot water. Then to heat it up use hand warmers.If your in a hurry use hot air from your car on way to site. DO not microwave real urine it will kill it making it test low on all levels.hope this still usin gf for test also but nice to have a back up plan!
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  2. Ruckus

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    No sediments thetruth?
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    Not for me. Most don't have the luxury of having a clean sample on them when a test is demanded. But a nice bottle of synthetic stored in the glove box/locker will and has saved many asses/careers/freedoms for on the spot testing/randoms.
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    Wow, where can I get test strips that actually show PH, specific gravity, and creatinine levels? How much were they?
    Do you have to leave the lid open while it freezes so it doesn't explode all over your freezer like a soda?
    That could get pretty gross...
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    Stoney you can't get any strip that shows those things. Even if you wanted to test yourself you'd have to go to a lab. That's the only place that can run these kinds of tests.
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    = I don't sell them :eek:

    They are available online. Search for drug adulteration strips and have at it.
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    the test which you can buy several places online will tell you those things. I use urinecheck 7 adulteration test strips. Witch shows creatinine, specific gravity, ph, nitrite, glutaraldehyde, bleach and pyridinium clorochomate, it is the same thing a lab uses to check for the these things has them and so does amazon they r a few bucks and come with paper work telling you how to use the strips. Ever get a physical it’s the same kind of strip they dip in your pee Dave. Ruckus I had no sediments in the bottom of the urine. Shaking it as it heats up gets rid of sediments fast. Otherwise if its very cloudy you can use a WHITE yes white (has to be white not any other color) coffee filter and run the urine threw that then refill your bottle for the test with the strained urine.
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    keep the top on it will be ok.dont fill the bottle all the way.
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    i got ya webdox and im sorry to hear that. i drive right by my house on the way and at my work they dont time you i can be gone for hours and nothin would be said. i too use sythetic urine but also like having the real deal if of luck! ;-)
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    thanks everyone all this helps so much in time of need!!!!!
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