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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by gt7212, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I have recently froze clean urine in a water bottle for future use. I plan on using this urine within a week and was wondering:

    1) Is there anything I should be advised against when using this urine thats been frozen and thawed out in a plastic container?

    2) I will shake the container and filter out any sediments with a coffee filter. Any other suggestions?

    3) Anything else I need to know?

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    There are varying opinions on these forums about what to do and not to do when freezing and thawing urine for use. I've used frozen (and subsequently thawed) urine three times successfully now, so I'll tell you what worked for me.

    If you can, I suggest using a sterile container for storage. I've used sterile and non-sterile and had no issues, but just to be safe, use sterile. A frozen urine sample can last up to one year. I haven't tested this - but it seems to be the general consensus on these forums and on other discussions I've seen on the net. I've used urine stored for over a month without complications, so using yours after a week of storage should be fine.

    When I'm tested, it's through a random testing service that I call every day. When I know I'll be tested, I thaw the urine at room temperature overnight (still sealed). At most it's at room temp for 6-8 hours. There will invariably be sediment collected at the bottom of the sample and that is normal. Now I've shaken and filtered the urine before getting it to physiologic temperature and have had no problem so far.

    I've seen posts on this forum that advocate getting the sample to body temp first then shaking the sample to mix any remaining sediment. There was one thread in particular on this site - can't give link because I can't find it :( - where a good and proper discussion of to filter, or not to filter was had. One member was against filtering but did not give reasons why. Another argued for its utility. Personally, I've always used a coffee filter and have not had a problem. Whether I have been fortunate not to excessively contaminate the specimen up till now, I don't know, but I believe the method is sound as long as you take your time (and make sure the urine is clean!).

    I posted a thread on here a few days ago asking if not completely mixing in the sediment before filtering would result in a diluted sample. I haven't gotten a reply yet, but that is the one thing I'm not sure about. All of the other practices I've mentioned have apparently worked. Well, that is my experience with using frozen piss. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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  4. gt7212

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    Thanks for ther replies. So by saying that you've successfully passed using a non-sterile container, does that mean I should be alright by thawing out the piss that is in the water bottle?

    Also, please tell me your exact method when subbing your piss. I'm nervous about keeping that piss at the right temp. I have a 2.5oz old spice shampoo bottle and I've been keeping it under my marbles and maintaining a temp between 94-96 degrees... BUT ... I went to a clinic to do a voluntary test today and the temp strip only read 90-92 degrees.... which is WAY too low for my comfort. I have these heating pads that I apply to the bottle and it gets the temp up to 102-104 degrees. I plan on heating the bottle up that way, get into the room, pour into the cup, check the temp, and if its too high, i'll just blow on the cup until it reaches the desired temp of approx 96-98 degrees. Any suggestions or tell me your secret ways?? Thanks mang!!

    ...damn this shits got me stressed out.
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    The containers that I've used (sterile and non) were new and previously did not hold any other substance. Did the bottle your urine is currently in have anything in it previously? Or is it a used bottle that you drank out of which may have bacteria from your mouth on the lip? Either way, I don't think the entry of bacteria will have too much impact as urine collection (in this case) is not a sterile process - bacteria can be introduced at many junctures in even a legit urine sample submittal.

    As for my method... as I said, I let the sample thaw out at room temp, strain it through a coffee filter so that I at least have 2 oz. of urine on hand, then I dig out my tighty-whiteys and put the sample in a down in my taint (that magic spot between your cornholio and your boys). To be honest, I never looked at the exact temp, I always went by feel - I'm lucky enough that the testing center I usually go to doesn't seem to check the actual temp either - they actually give me the plastic tubes to pour the sample into after I've voided in the cup with the temp strip! Just make sure the sample is right up against your skin - sit on it like a mother hen for a while to see if that helps. Another method I've just read about can be found here:

    Drug Testing Facts Forum - The Temperature On Your Sample If You're Subbing

    Seems legit and may give you that extra couple of degrees you looking for. Try it out with another sample and see how it goes.
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    **ALL members:

    ESPECIALLY YOU SEC3!! i <3 u :D

    1) is it alright to thaw out frozen urine in a USED PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE using WARM sink water??

    2) I am using a 2.5oz old spice body wash bottle that has been rinsed out several times with hot water, and there is no soap visible to the eye remaining. Is that okay? If not, what is a preferred cleaning method? And suppose there is tiny traces of soap left, will labs be able to see that my pee pee has some soapee?

    THANKS !!!!!!!!
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    Judgepup has given you, along with some very good answers, links to where this subject has been discussed before. I don't think I can add anything to Judgepup's advice.

    The search feature is here for a reason. Use it.

    BTW, please don't start threads asking someone to read another thread. It wastes bandwidth and is unnecessary. If I have the time, I read all the threads.

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