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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by j-dawg, Oct 28, 2012.

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    hey all.. im new here today. and i have a question about freezing urine. i thawed some out to see how well it would work and it had something floating around in it .. looked white , kinda like wet toilet paper (if you can know what i mean) i was just wondering if throwing it away was the best thing to do.. ive heard that it goes away after it warms up to body temp.. is that true that it goes away ? ive heard that it will be weak and they can test for it be frozen at some point.. is that true ? also can i use a womans pee as long as shes not preganant ? do they test for age or gender is actually the question..
    thanx in advance ! im freaking out
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    I can answer this part. They do not test for gender, pregnancy or medical conditions like infections. They are only testing for drugs or for tampering/adulterants, or for things that would indicate non-human. This includes creatinine levels, pH, specific gravity, and "normal" components of urine. Some labs look for urea/uric acid, which is in normal genuine urine and some new-generation subs. It doesn't include age, gender or pregnancy.

    In other words, they can tell if you got your urine from your dog or other non-human because the chemistry is different, but they can't tell if the urine is from your sister. One caution, though... if you have a female door and she's on her cycle, be sure not to have visible blood in there. It would be quite difficult to explain why there's blood in your pee if you're a guy. I don't think they buy the "urinary infection" story much anymore. Someone correct me if that's wrong.
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    thanx man.. thats one thing i was curious about lol.. if i could only get someone to tell me if i can use frozen wiz or not lol,, thanx man

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