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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Angelsunite, Nov 21, 2002.

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    I have many friends 40's-80's suffering joint pain due to cancer and arthritis. I am not familiar with the plant. However I was told many years ago a fresh plant was put into rubbing alcohol, then you rubbed it on your body where the pain was to ease the pain. I am wondering if this is a myth or true. I would appreciate any information possible. Thanks
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    What kind of plant? Aloe vera maybe?
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    As I understood it must be fresh marijuana and the longer it sits the better. Supposedly dried does not have the same affect. However, any suggestion is worth trying with the pain there are in. We have tried fresh alovera. Thanks for reply
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    Actually ... A version of this home remedy does work!

    ANd new information on the effect of which cannabinoid (cannabis chemical) has been extracted by the Hebrew University in Israel.

    It appears that the flowers that provide us with the part of the plant that is smoked, which are high in thC, the chemical that causes the high smokers are after, devolves over time if left on the plant to two other chemicals CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabiniol). If smoked, CBN, especially from the cannabis indica strain will cause an extreme analgesic effect internally that smokers refer to as "couch lock" very groggy and you just want to sit around all day watching cartoon network.

    If however you take those over ripe fresh flowers, chop them up in your food processor to increase surface area and either:

    1. Allow to soak in isopropyl (rubbing) alcholo or grain alchol in a covered jar for a week or two, shaking the bottle each day, Strain out the leaf matter, and retain the "green liquid"...


    2. Take your pulverized flowers and allow them to soak in olive oil over a low/medium heat for about twenty minutes, then cool and strain and mix the oil with a non-hypo-allergenic skin cream

    ... you have created an emollient that can be topically apllied that will actually reduce swelling in arthritic joints. In fact it has been found to be especially effectic on joints swollen by rheumatic conditions (where the swelling is in the spaces between the bones -- the inter-stitial areas --).

    Since it is not taken internally it will not make the patient "high", but the smell does exist. You may wish to experiment with various colognes and oils to see what best covers the sent for you (I suggest trying other liniment odours like wintergreen)

    For tips on grwoing check out our sister site:
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH! for the information and help.

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