fun things to do high?!

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by laCster, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    anything fun to do while high? or stoned even?
    yah... this is what i do i guess? maybe

    1. music w/ itunes visualizer/windows media visualizer
    2. eat
    3. walk around/play man hunt (so intense!)
    4. type (it feels cool on my fingerz)
    5. smoke more
    6. stare at shit and figure how that thing was made and from what
    7. sit in backseat in cars and listen to music extremely loud (odont like front for some reason?
    8. drink some really good drink that is strong like coffee
    9. eat an sweeet and very sour apple, feels like fireworks in my mouth
  2. I belive we have another thread like thiss
    the search button is your freind [: in akward social situations
  3. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    oh oops my bad
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  4. o_t00high_o

    o_t00high_o Sr. Member

    Well since this thread is already made, I am going to post in this one, rather than go through the hassle of the search feature.:p

    -Drink a tasty beverage, such as an amazing energy drink, or starbucks, or a milk shake, or your favorite gas station sold soda/drink.
    -Ride around in the back of a car for a while, a car that has an amazing system that is. And just let your body shake for however long you ride and enjoy the scenery.
    -Tinker with things.
    -Go for a walk, but only when its nice and cool, or whatever weather you love, I guess.
    -Play with animals, i.e. Dog, Cat, Hedgehog, etc.
    -Take a nice, relaxing shower.
    -Go piece shopping at your local headshop.
  5. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

  6. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    -Watch the stars
    -work with electronics
    -work with mobile electronics (cars 12 volt)
    -work on my van
    -listen to loud bass
    -bbq some tasty burgers
    -play video games on a 120" 1080p screen with 7.1 surround (This is the shitz when I have a chance to do this)
  7. MWbuddyMW

    MWbuddyMW New Member

    Get higher.
  8. o_t00high_o

    o_t00high_o Sr. Member

    So in other words
  9. Durden

    Durden New Member

    last night I got really high with friends and we played 3 on 3 basketball and it was the most fun I've had playing basketball ever. I recommend sports with friends.
  10. _Jay

    _Jay Sr. Member

    Everything is fun to do while high, except maybe getting arrested...
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  11. BigGun1

    BigGun1 New Member

    -Watch the train go through the center of my little town.
    -Grill a fat, juicy steak.
    -Go fishing.
    -Sit out in the woods.
  12. wildcat420

    wildcat420 New Member

    Now that sounds NICE and relaxing :D

    1. Get some snacks at the store.
    2. Go out for a walk in my town or in the bush were i can enjoy the wildlife and nature.
    3. Head back to my house were i can play games.
    4. Get on my computer and search up random things.

    everyday is different though..:)
  13. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    hahahahaha lol good one. But I dont have nothing near that. I only got the good ol crt tv. I dont have anything near hdtv. I do hometheater installs and some of the customers let me and some friends play video games in theater rooms. Ive only had that luxery a few times, but everytime I go I am stoned. Luckilly no one lives in these houses as they are for show. But I will stay there all night playing video games and I got to tell you it is a great trip playing on the big screen. It helps with spit screen multiplayer.
  14. str8dank

    str8dank New Member

    -call of duty 4 online is pretty awesome while stoned
    -go snowboarding
    -relaxing on the couch with a bunch of food and watching football
    -throwing a frisbee can be pretty fun too
  15. o_t00high_o

    o_t00high_o Sr. Member

    The last three sound amazing to be done together.

    Wikipediaing ftw.

    That still, to me. seems like bragging ABOUT YOUR AWESOME JOB.

    I hate you...

    Both are indeed amazing.
  16. Killerchron

    Killerchron Get ya shine on

    Have sex.
    Float down a river
    Take a relaxing walk with someone.
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  17. Noelle

    Noelle New Member

    RE: Masturbate?

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  18. Durden

    Durden New Member

    I can't believe I haven't had high sex yet.

    tiiiiiiime for a booty call
  19. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    1. Play some fuckin COD4.
    2. i dunno, whatever comes to my mind at that moment.
  20. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    its supprised no one else has said itunes/ windows media visualizer yet, i mean when i am high i just get lost in those things :)

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