funny things to do to people when their high

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by chronicG, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. chronicG

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    this is the funniest thing, it scares the living sh*t out of people when their high...

    when ur walking (ur friend has to be really baked) next to each other down a street, u slap their shoulder and turn around and go, "oh crap! there coming! Sh*t! There following us! You gotta run, cmon!" And start racing down the street, ur friend will start running faster than anything with the scardest look upon his is the funniest thing and nearly gives them a heart wadda u do?
  2. Ross

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  3. Rusty_Cage

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    not really the same, ross.

    what i really dont like is when people do that sh*t with a cigarette in the dark... people seem to find that amusing but it annoys the hell out of me.

    pretending the cops are coming is never a funny thing to do to friends. id never trust someone again if they did that to me. im overtly paranoid as it is, and that sort of joke would probably give me a heart attack. the only reason i could see for doing that is if someone is geeking out uncontrollably and you need to set them straight.
  4. Leithreas

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    i think the link you gave is asking for the funniest things you have said/done (not do to others). this one, however, is telling you what you can do to freak people out when your stoned. and what other things to do to freak people out. i'm not sure, when i first saw this thread i thought of the same thing you did, but the topics were a little "iffy". lets leave it up for a moderator to chose what'll happen to this thread.

    but to stay on topic: something else you can do to freak people out is wak behind them and then kick up their feet to where they jump up and almost trip but they wont trip. its old, but it works :D

    Peace :thumbsup:
  5. Jadron20

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    This is more for 1st timers however my friends and I call it the bubble.Best way is to describe how we did it.
    I had 5 ppl over once and 1 of them was going to get stoned for the 1st time, we had bought this super bud way stronger than normal anyhow, our 1st timer friend had smoked once before but felt nothing.So this time around he was going to be really stoned. Everyone but him was in on the joke (cause it was going to be on him) so when we were all gathered around talking and stuff we said okay man, we're going to do the bubble. So one person goes over to him and pretends to blow a bubble and then put it over his head, when the imaginary bubble is in place we muted the music via remote (hidden from his view) and we all began to speak with no sound (move our mouth with no sound comming out) so it looked like we were all talking but no sound was comming from us....our friend was so tripped out by it and then we walked up to him and pretended to remove the bubble and then everyone starts talking the music cuts in and we all are like so could you hear us?
  6. EeJay

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    ^Haha, we do the exact same thing, cept we call it the silent box. Some people can get really freaked out.
  7. Megaweapon

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    One time my friends and i put another friend of ours in the silent box, she got really really upset over it and still hates it to this day.
  8. Paulie420

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    Muahahahhaha, I love when I'm driving down the highway... and we're baked, I just wait for my friend to look the other way and I just straight scream yo. Hehehe, they think we're about to die and scream too. Hehehehe... I also like to put my hand out the window and BANG the roof really hard - hehehe.
  9. Stewpad

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    Heh, one time me and two other friends were had finished a long smoking session on a secluded part of a beach/woodsy area. We were just getting ready to leave when a twig snapped and they both got REALLY freaked out. I'll admit I got startled at first too, but then I reminded myself that I was stoned and it was probably just a woodland creature.

    So I tell them I'll check it out and I climb on a high sand dune and start acting like I was scouting the area. Then, once I was sure both were watching me, I made a horrified look on my face and ran down full speed screaming, "****! ****! ****!"

    They were both like, "What, dude!"

    To which I replied with a stoned grin, "I'm really roasted."

    Ordinarily I don't mess with people like that, but I just couldn't resist. We all got a good laugh from it. :)
  10. Towelie

    Towelie Guest

    Hm...lets see...lotta funny times..

    I used to say the cops were coming and that was funny until the cops actually did come...heh.

    Funniest time i recall would have to be this one time we finished smoking about 4 blunts within 2 hours.

    Billy ., J.T and i go over to a party in a garage and there are like 3 couches around the T.V and some people were already there we didn't know but didn't care b/c we were totally fu.cked up.

    anyways....they had the movie Jeepers Creepers in the VCR and it was a really creepy part where they were in the Church lookin at all the bodies.......when all of a sudden billy gets my attention and tells me about what hes about to do (scare the outta J.T sitting on the couch with wide eyes).

    so i started laughing

    heh.....then billy sneaks up behind J.T and just screams "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as loud as

    J.T 2 seconds later b/c he's slow suddenly jumps 4 feet in the air and starts screaming.....

    and i think i might have pissed my pants laughing

    oh well being paranoid is fun except the cops.

    but i like that one that chronicG thought of.....running down the street....that would be funny as hell i laughed when i read it.

    maybe i'll try it....that would really freak them out since we've gotten busted once already

    :wave: :devil: :wave:
  11. RøaÇh420

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    the only trick my friends play is a mean one, my friend has a pickup and only 3ppl can fit inside the front, so me and this kid where in the back freezing our asses off, and he goes ok man ill switch with ya, so im kinda hesitant b/c this guy doesnt seem like he would normally do it, but when i hop out he slams the door and they take off, well sad to say but i jumped backed in, they drove back to his place, i grabbed my bong, and left, still havent talked to 2 of the 3 guys who did it :mad:

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