FYI: relaxer for african americans doesn't work!

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  1. i had an upcoming job and found out they did hair test. i relaxed my hair a week before and then again a couple days before the test. mind you i quit 3 weeks prior. well anyways i failed and lost the job. just wanted to tell everyone so they don't have a false sense of hope. :(
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    Sorry to hear you failed. If all you did was put in a hair relaxer without any other treatment it doesn't surprise me that you failed. 3 weeks clean isn't very long for a hair test either.
    Better luck next time. I wouldn't have given you ANY chance using just a relaxer.
  3. well a lot of people were popping up here breaking down the whole scientology of hair follicles and it was diturnind that would work or a perm for white people.
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    Read this for helping AA friends or for future reference.

    Might not work for all but shows it can be beat at least Bubbakushy bet it. ;)
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    what kind of relaxer did you use for your hair? i used a s curl texturizer with the macujo shit and puriclean from the headshop and my test came back negative. not a trace of thc in my hair.
  6. some relaxer i got from wally-world. Dark and Lovely.
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    I searched the threads quickly and any mention I have seen on AA's using a relaxer and getting results was in combination with the Macujo Method.(or as Bubbakushy called it "the macujo shit") :laugh:
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    1st link: truth=freedom failed the hairtest,also had replies with questions and disputes and 2nd link: damtheman in his/her post mentioned that he/she also did the mac (macujo) method.

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