Games to Play While High

Discussion in 'Games and Sports' started by KittenPower420, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. KittenPower420

    KittenPower420 New Member

    Playing games while high is probably one of my favorite things to do so, i'm posting a thread dedicated to playing games while high. i came up with a new one while high yesterday actually. this is how it goes: the rules are simple. come up with new words while high. its hilariously simple yet its really fun to do while high. post what you come up with here (if you can remember:D). if you guys come up with anything else, go ahead and take the liberty of posting it here.

    list of games people have mentioned:
    1. weaving through light reflectors on the road in a bike - REVOlution
    2. telling a story while smoking and letting the next person who gets the joint add a bit and so on so fourth- sub_graf

    list of words people have made up:
    1. Tamporine
    (N) noun - a thing
    1 - A Tamporine is a fruit thats made from used tampons - Monty SoniZ
  2. sub_graf

    sub_graf Sr. Member

    When I first started smoking, my buddies and I would tell a story whilst blazing. Whoever had the joint/blunt/pipe would start the story and when it got passed the next person would have to pick up where the other left off. Not really a game, but it made for some damn hilarious times.
  3. REVOlution

    REVOlution New Member

    I usually travel by bike to my dealers so I'll kick it at his, get high, and bike aound town. Its always fun to weave thru those "danger reflector light thingys" in between lanes. Do it all the time :]
    Not really a game but, whatever.
  4. Monty SoniZ

    Monty SoniZ New Member

    (N) noun - a thing
    1 - A Tamporine is a fruit thats made from used tampons


    I cracked open the tamporine in my mouth and spilled all the red juice on me
  5. KittenPower420

    KittenPower420 New Member

    nice one.
  6. KittenPower420

    KittenPower420 New Member

    hey, do you guys mind if i post all your ideas with my original post to show people a summary of what we have come up with?
  7. REVOlution

    REVOlution New Member

    go for it bro!
    Dont even need my permission, anytime
  8. HennessyXO

    HennessyXO New Member

    1. guess the commercial (when a commercial on tv starts, people try to guess which company/etc it is, as fast as they can)
    2. that's you (anything from magazines, commercials, shows, movies. find a funny picture/scene, point at it and call out someone's name. "bob, that's you"!

    We have lame weed games, I admit. We have good weed convo though.
  9. cashmeer

    cashmeer New Member

    The Well is the perfect music game to play while high

    I just released my 3d casual music game for the iphone, called The Well. It is the perfect game for stoners. In fact, it was while stoned that I came up with the game, and while stones, I play it constantly!

    It lets you play with any of the music in your library, so you can't run up your credit card when playing. It's mesmerizing and trancey, not stressful and distracting. Plus, it includes the first visualizer for the iphone!

    Ash Meer
  10. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    perfect dark xboxlive hd amzing i got so into the game when i was baked
  11. tdlex420

    tdlex420 Sr. Member

    Peggle is a fun game to play when you're high. It's better if you have people to play with.
  12. KittenPower420

    KittenPower420 New Member

    damnit, cant edit anything more than once. oh well....
  13. el zorro

    el zorro New Member

    Soul Calibur is awesome when you're high, especially if you have an HD.
  14. CupCake38

    CupCake38 New Member

    I like playing the "P" game. Basically, you just start listing words that begin with the letter "P". It works on multiple letters, but "P" is my favorite.

    I have played Plants vs. Zombies, Wow (usually just park my but in a busy location and watch everyone run and jump around), TF2, L4D2, Smash Bros., and many more games... if it is in my collection I will eventually get around to playing it whilst being stoned.
  15. k_semler

    k_semler Sr. Member

    Suck off the mule before it can suck you off. :D
  16. AngelOfDeath

    AngelOfDeath New Member

    Disclaimer: This is only for those who have no regard for their physical well-being.

    The name of the game is Face Ball. More likely than not spawned from the Jackass stunt "Nut Ball"; so one can easily discover the goal of this game. Lay on the ground with another person, side by side, making sure your heads are even with one another. You then proceed to casually take turns tossing a tennis ball into the air in an attempt to have it land on the other person's face. Here is the catcher: You can't flinch. Each time this is successfully accomplished, the person who threw the ball gets a point. Play to five.

    Happy trails, my friends.

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