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  1. Grass-Smoka

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    Ok, here's a little info on my garlic/onion life. i fucking hate that shit to death. apparantly its really healthy for you so when i was young they tried to force me to eat it. i threw up everytime. i gag even by the smell of the two. basically my parents gave up but now with the flu and everything, my dad said that I am going to have to eat some. He said that many times, with nothing happening, but i heard my mom then say im going to make him something with garclic. so, my question is:
    What can i do/use to mask the taste AND smell of garlic/onions?
  2. Dark

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    MASK the taste and smell of garlic? Well why would a sane individual ever want to do that? :p

    God I love me some garlic flavored......anything!
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  3. L-Man

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    I hate onions, my dad loves em, so my mom puts them in most thing she cooks except for rare occasions, i have found that nothing covers the taste and that awful texture that onions have

    i like garlic though, i dont think anything could mask that smell its tooo strong,

    i doubt they are that beneficial to your immune system, just take vitamins instead?
  4. sterbo

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    With all due respect to your parents, eating lots of garlic and/or onions to ward off the flu is not likely to be a much, if any, benefit. At least in the short term.
    Unfortunately all to many people tend to jump on these bandwagon cure-alls when they anticipate some crisis awaits them.

    It doesn't work that way. Quality fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, lean meats and fish (the latter two if one is not a vegetarian) are the absolutely the mainstay to good health. This includes fresh onions and garlic.
    However, to be effective they have to become a long term (relatively speaking) regimen, not just some quick stop panacea.

    That said, another solution, while not as efficacious, is to buy garlic and/or onion capsules at the health food store.
    They will create a wee bit of taste as the stomach digests them but really no big deal.

    If your aversion to the taste is extreme then simply take them anally...:p
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  5. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    LOL. i laughed so hard at that. and yeah my parents are like that :rolleyes:
    thanks for your very detailed respone.

    oh, and guys please check my other thread i started.
  6. Bodhi1976

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    You can get garlic and its benefits in tablet and capsule form. Some of the capsules are even "deodorized". Perhaps, if you didn't smell or taste it, it wouldn't give you problems.
  7. jakspar0w

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    I didn't know we had vampires on the forum
  8. joshpackr

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    Get some Kyolic Capsules. They contain garlic and some other goodies that are good for your immune system. They smell nothing like garlic. I take them all the time to try and keep my immune system boosted as much as possible.

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