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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by thenuge, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. thenuge

    thenuge New Member

    I am looking for advice. I smoked about 40 days ago and rarely smoke at all these days. I have a drug test tomorrow (6633N SAP 10-50 GC/MS)
    and I'm a bit concerned if this test has the ability to reach that far back to find some lingering metabolites or whatever they are called. Took a home test (got it at CVS) and passed ... Anyone out there have any advice? Should I be eating burgers, drinking cranberry juice, b-12 that sort of thing?

    Thanks in advance and shame on me for accepting a job that requires this kind of bullshit.
  2. Secs

    Secs New Member

    You can relax. After 40 days of abstinance and a passed drug test, you should have nothing to worry about.
  3. thenuge

    thenuge New Member

    thanks. I've just been reading what a tough test the GC/MS test is and freaking out about it.
  4. thenuge

    thenuge New Member

    still a bit concerned

    ok, the more I read about this GC/MS test the more unsure I am ...
    Should I go get some easyclean(?) or some other wonder potion?
    What's all this stuff about taking aspirin and other vitamins? Gatorade?
    I'm not intending to sound narcissistic here, I just really can't fail this damn test... that said, should I consider taking any of these aforementioned additives ? Or can those to be scoped by this testing process and deem my sample 'dilluted' and a failure?
    I read differing opinions on this site as to whether or not to drink lots of fluids, eat red meat... I'm just anxious and want to do whatever I can to provide the clean sample needed. Any other suggestions SEC, or anyone else?
    Thank you.
  5. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Most lab drug test that are performed consists of two parts, an immunoassay then GC/MS if the immunoassay is failed. I learned a few months ago from a post by Buzzby that the immunoassay looks for 31 metabolites of THC. I knew that the normal cutoff for the immunoassay is 50 ng/ml. I also learned that the GC/MS only looks for 1 metabolite, THC-COOH. I knew most of the cutoffs for GC/MS is 15 ng/ml. At first you would think it is harder to pass the GC/MS but it really isn't. 31 metabolites at 50ng/ml is almost the same as 1 metabolite at 15 ng/ml. If you can pass a home test which is an immunoassay based test and almost all are at 50 ng/ml, then you will probably pass the GC/MS.
  6. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Like Sec advised, relax. Just because the GC/MS code appears on the testing form, have no fear. Yes, the GC/MS is a more "tougher" (read sophisticated) test. Because of this, its also an expensive test - too expensive for most employers to purchase as the primary form of analysis.

    The test code you described means you are taking an initial assay screen that checks for 10 types of drugs (aka panels) with a 50 ng cutoff limit for THC. The GC/MS is a confirmation test thats done only if there was a positive for any of the ten panels of the SAP. So that means if you pass the initial screen, no GC/MS is done and the test is over.

    Take a home test using the first morning's void. If you test negative with the first void, you will pass the actual screen since most home tests utilize the same 50 ng limit as your SAP screen.

    Hope that helps a little.
  7. thenuge

    thenuge New Member

    UPDATE...And more questions...

    I realize that I am carrying on here but I really could some more council from you pros. I took the test today, ate red meat, a few aspirin, rolaids and drank a bunch of gatorade prior to dropping off my sample.

    My concern is that so many people report back (on this blog) the same day they are tested, that they passed. How is that possible? Again, I took the GC/MS urine test. When I finished, they made me watch them seal my sample up so as to suggest no tampering. Now it is mailed to another clinic(!?) Does this suggest more stringent analysis than what you guys have already suggested?

    Lew Scannon wrote "The test code you described means you are taking an initial assay screen that checks for 10 types of drugs (aka panels)"... and that "The GC/MS is a confirmation test thats done only if there was a positive for any of the ten panels of the SAP" My question in response to that is, wouldn't they do the initial test at the clinic today to see if there was a positive for any of the ten panels? My worry is that they are testing for the GC/MS right off the bat. Any thoughts out there?

    Also, has anyone had this experience? If so how long does it take to hear back about the test results? Sorry to be dragging this out... I'm just gonna be sunk if I fail this damn thing.

    Thanks again to one and all.
  8. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Simmer down skipper. The people that report they passed on the same day they take the test are usually those people who are taking the instant dipstick style test like you can buy in a store. This is usually people on probation. There are other instances such as working for a hospital where they have their own lab or other cases. Most of the collection sites don't have all the testing equipment there in each collection site. They send everything to maybe a central location in the city if the city is big enough (such as if your city has several Labcorps they don't put testing equipment in each one) or maybe if you are in the sticks there is a testing center that might handle several cities. Doesn't that sound more economically feasible? Also, if the place is a pure collection site for many different labs such as Quest or Labcorp then they would really lose money to have multiple labs. Not all places are pure drug testing collection sites either. Some do regular medical testing so why would they need to check split samples in one spot then send it off if it was positive for more confirmation? That wouldn't really save on shipping costs because they are sending samples out anyway.

    Some of the people that fail an instant test will get the sample sent to a lab for confirmation but that is not your situation is it. Your desire for instant results would just result in increased costs in equipment and labor.

    You passed a home test then did dilution, you should be fine depending on what a "bunch" of gatorade is. Your going to give yourself an ulcer and then your next test will involve the endoscopic camera and that isn't as easy as peeing in a cup.
  9. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    On the rare chance that an employer opts for the GC/MS test as the primary analysis with no initial screening whatsoever, the SAP 10-50 part of the code would been absent from the drug form.
  10. jaypizzle

    jaypizzle New Member

    again, what does the GC/MS stand for? thanks.
  11. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy is one of the so-called hyphenated analytical techniques. As the name implies, it is actually two techniques that are combined to form a single method of analyzing mixtures of chemicals. Gas chromatography separates the components of a mixture and mass spectroscopy characterizes each of the components individually. By combining the two techniques, an analytical chemist can both qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate a solution containing a number of chemicals.

    There you go.....hope this answers your question. If not, google will find you much more.
  12. sling

    sling New Member

    GC/MS = Gas Chromotography/Mass Spectometry.

    This is the confirmation test. It won't be used unless you fail the initial test, which, from the looks of the code is a 10 panel test with a THC cutoff of 50ng/ml, the norm. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about the translation of "10-50 GC/MS"
  13. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. Columns of gas are used to separate the individual chemical components of a sample. Then Mass Spec is used to identify the chemicals by hitting them with electrons to cause the chemicals to break apart into fragments. The way a chemical breaks into the fragments is predictable and measurable and happens the same way every time so it can be graphed. These graphs are unique to each chemical.

    Edit. I didn't see the second page of posts before I wrote this. Sorry for being redundant.

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