Georgia Medical Marijuana Law

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    Surprised no one has been talking about it, as its being looked at to be revived so to speak by a republican. The law has been on the books for about 3 decades now and it looks like it may finally be.implemented. time will tell I guess. The news is talking it up here this past week. And also two people so far have requested an application or have submitted one. Going to be interesting. Being in the bible belt sucks
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    ... we have, it's just been awhile.

    After decades of sitting dormant, Georgia's medical marijuana program might finally get another look by state lawmakers. And you can partly thank Sanjay Gupta.

    Several months ago, state Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, was watching the CNN correspondent and Grady Hospital neurosurgeon's documentary on medical marijuana. In it, Gupta interviewed men and women suffering from medical conditions that could be treated with the plant. The topic intrigued McKoon.

    "It hasn't come up while I've been here," McKoon, who was elected in 2010, told CL. "Then i started doing some more research found that Georgia passed [a medical marijuana law] in the early 1980s. Seems to me that we're long overdue, whether it's a series of hearings during the session or creating a study committee."

    McKoon, an attorney who chairs the state Senate Judiciary Committee and is considered one of the state GOP's most talented youngsters, plans to call for hearings on the issue when the General Assembly starts its 40-day session next week.

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