Germinate Your Marijuana Seeds: In Six Simple Steps

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    Understanding that - in the long run cultivating your own weed is usually going to net you a better, cheaper product than getting pot at the local collective.

    While it is time consuming... and some what tricky, there’s alot to be said for planting your own beans:

    seed germination

    Before you get started, make sure you have anti-bacterial soap, a shot glass, water, seeds, and if you’re using multiple strains, masking tape and a marker. If you use tap water, make sure to pour a large pitcher and let it sit for a full day prior to using it (that chlorine and other stuff will evaporate from the water during that time, mostly).

    1) Using a shot glass toped off with mineral water. Soak your beans mineral water for about 24-30 hours. Allow no light, while keeping it them warm. - Note: b/t 75-85 degrees.

    2) Checking your seed periodically to see if any have sank to the bottom of the glass, if so.... head down to the next step. If you've got "floaters", clean your hands and agitate the water; sometimes, water bubbles get trapped and prevent it from sinking. Still floating? Come back and check in 8-12 hours.

    3) Take your growing medium and put it in a disposable cup. Making sure there are holes in the bottom for draining excess the water out. Placing the seed in the soil with the “Butt End” of the seed facing the top. Your newly sprouted beans should be about about a ¼ inch deep, then water.

    4) Place in a area high in humidity. Think mini green house, something with a dome that will keep the moisture and warmth in. Placing a small multi spectrum grow light above your mini green house and place the light timer for about 18 hours.

    5) Next 2-5 days, make sure your grow cups stay moist, but not wet. Check for water content every two to three days. If the beans are lively they should sprout within a few days, but may require several.

    6) After your seedling have broken ground, and leaves are showing. Remove it from the mini green house and move it to a nursery where it can grow, and flourish under a solid 16-18 light cycle.

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