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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by breathe_cj96, Jul 11, 2012.

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    My parents are making me take a drug test at a hospital for marijuana. if it comes out positive that i do have THC in my system.....what happens after that?? do i get locked up? or do i get in trouble with the law or something???

    the last time i smoked weed was monday, july 9, 2012 and i got caught by my parents and they said they were taking me for a drug test in a month. i dont know if they mean a drug test from the store or the real **** (hospital). so im trying to find out of awesome ways to get THC out of my system and how long it will take. im 5'5, 16 years old, im skinny, i work out and drink alot of water already and im about 128 pounds and im a male. If i do take the test from the hospital ,which i think i most likely am, i dont think im gonna have high security cause its not for a job or anything. BUT im willing to do anything to pass this test i smoke about a dub atleast once or twice every week and its never low-potent stuff its always decent to high potent weed.

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    Unless you go to the hospital with weed falling out of your pockets, you aren't going to be arrested, regardless of the results of the test.

    Now- and I'm speaking hypothetically- if one had more than a couple of weeks until a test, one's best bet would be to cease all smoking IMMEDIATELY. In fact, one would be wise to stop smoking now, regardless of when the test is. If one had to take in the next couple of days, I would look into N2's dilution thread.
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    Dilute the sample by drinking loads of water before the test if you know when it will be. I highly doubt hospitals are going to be up your ass about a diluted sample because they don't care like drug testing centers do (even though you still can dilute there and not get a positive or negative result) . Have your parents actually taken you to a hospital before and had you drug tested? I'm no expert, but the reason I ask this is because it seems like a shockingly waste of hospital resources to drug test every upset parents kid about their drugs (assuming there was no kind of injury involved). I would think it's more likely your parents would buy their own THC test rather than waste time and money at the hospital. If that's the case, it's even easier to dilute it with a THC strip test, in which case you could even pour some water into your sample and they wouldn't know, assuming they aren't experts on the subject.

    And no, you won't get in trouble by the law. Your parents might get pissed off though and who knows what they'll do.

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