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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by youngblood00, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. youngblood00

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    ok so my parents are gonna give me random drug tests and i cannot fail one(i know how to alter it but i have no time, like they say "take this test now") but here's the problem: i really wanna start again. so is there a way to get the THC out in like a day or two? because i plan to smoke only once after my tests so they dont have a lot of time to buy a new one.

    Also, if i smoke like every day for a week, how long should the THC stay in my system? what about only once? btw im 6'2" and 130pounds, very skinny.

    thanks a lot guys, this forum is really helpful

    edit: also is there a way to mess with a drug test so it says negative before i take it?
  2. iPoser1024

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    Maybe it would be possible if this were your first time toking.
    It's highly unlikely you could completely rid yourself of THC within two days.

    It's hard to tell how long it would stay in your system. It ranges from 2-4 weeks, depending on your body. The rule of thumb is about a month, and marijuana is out of your system.
    That's if you smoke for a week.

    Even if you smoke one day, the same applies.

    You might want to click here for some tips.
  3. Kranter

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    Im curious about this too. Me & him have the same problem. If i took 2 hits from a joint, would it be in my system long? Im 5'8" 105 lbs. Pretty skinny also.
  4. iPoser1024

    iPoser1024 Black Mamba

    2 hits? Probably not too long..depends if you smoked before like.. within a week. If so it would probably stick around for a few weeks. It it's your first two puffs in awhile then I doubt it would be as long.
  5. Mister Panda

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    I take Niacin, it has seemed to help me
  6. vvicked0471

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    Guys, we have an entire subforum dedicated to drug testing. There is a ton of info there, which is where I'm moving this thread.

    Do some research. The truth is noone here can offer any more than a guess as to how long it will take you to test clean. For occasional smokers it takes less time as they don't have as much to expel. Those who smoke regulalry can take awhile, I've heard as long as 3 months for chronic smokers.

    Taking niacin won't help much, neither will drinking water before the day of your test. Both LF these things will help increase your metabolism slightly, but not enough as to be effective.

    The only sure fire way of passing is abstaining, exercising regularly, and eating a low fat diet. The metabolites your body converts THC to are fat soluble, so the skinnier you are and the higher your metabolism is, the quicker your body will rid itself of them. Then, a few days prior to your test, stop exercising and begin eating a fatty diet. The Idea being to stop your body from burning fat and begin conserving it so you don't release any more metabolites into your blood stream.

    Other than that you can substitute If you know when you'll be tested. If you don't know, then its just a crap shoot. I wouldn't risk it...
  7. youngblood00

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    ok so heres the thing. i am over four months sober and i want to smoke one time. ive read that the amount doesnt matter, the amount of times does. so like if you smoked a blunt it would be around the same amount of time as a few bong rips, also i read that if you smoke once it stays in your body for about 8 days.

    another question: can i store my clean urine just in case they give me another test? it sounds gross but its like my only option. thanks for the responses
  8. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    I've never heard or read anywhere credible that smoking once will only last 8 days in your body. More than likely just an arbitrary number someone pulled from their ass.

    People are different, so how long it takes to rid your body of THC metabolites will vary from someone else. Even if they seem similarly built. I know a guy who has smoked a gram by himself 16 hours before a UA and still passed without diluting or substituting. If that were me I'd fail miserably.

    If they didn't test you for awhile you may be in the clear. Best advice I can give is to buy some home tests and test yourself daily on your first void after smoking just once. When you test clean you'll have your answer.

    I'm on my phone which makes it a pain in the ass to do a search, but if you search this subforum you should find a thread or two detailing how long urine can be kept without going bad...

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