Gettin Caught by parents and what kinda excuses you pulled outta ur @$$

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by CheebaChilla, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. CheebaChilla

    CheebaChilla Guest

    Ok now i havent yet been caught by my parents but i just kinda wanted to have a good idea of what to say ifand when i do. Now im thinkin the biggest thing my parents will have is how its illegal and u could get busted and all that legal bull****. Anyone got any clever ideas on what to say to the old rents if i were to get caught. If not then do enlighten us on what kinda **** you pulled outta your @$$ if you got caught. HELP A FELLOW STONER OUT HERE MAN (or woman)!!!!! PPEEEAAACCCEEEE
  2. theinfamousgoat

    theinfamousgoat New Member

    i'd like to know too
  3. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Well the school MADE me call my parents and tell them, so I couldn't lie :)

    But I started saying 'oh it was my first time, etc.,' until I realized that saying stuff like that isn't cool - you have to accept the consequences, especially for doing something that isn't wrong and you want them to know it isn't.

    I told them the truth and it went over pretty well... with my dad anyways.
  4. justchillin2

    justchillin2 Guest

    mom vs. dad

    why is it that most people think their dads are gonna be more open to the kids smokin pot when they are caught? who would you rather be caught by? your mom or dad?
  5. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    For me it doesnt really matter, because both parents smoke bud. But if they didnt, Id want to get causght by my mom, shes more understanding.
  6. Orange

    Orange New Member


    Well, I got caught by my mom and I confronted that I smoke weed. I also explained that it damages your health less than alcohol or tobacco. I also explained that weed is from mother nature and mom's wouldn't give their sons poisonous or bad ****. Then I asked him politely if she could plant some of my weed seeds :) She agreed :)))
  7. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Well my dad was a huge hippy in the 60's - as my uncle once said 'he was green from smoking so much weed' and he did acid. The only things I have done are MJ and shrooms (twice).

    He doesn't want me to get into it a lot, because he thinks I'll do it at school (I used to), and from his experience w/ marks dropping from weed he thinks it'll affect me too.

    But my dad actually said a few times if I want to smoke up he wants me to do it at home, either in my room or WITH him, because he'd rather have me not getting booked and knowing what I'm smoking :D

    Haven't taken him up on the offer, because it would be to weird. Although it would be funny showing my dad what potent bud I am smoking now, probably 10X better than his mexican schwag :)
  8. TheCleric

    TheCleric Novice Healer

    Use your brain power.

    Look at your parents, gather what you can of them from before the time they had you or any other lil babies running around the house, look at old photographs of them.

    Are they partying? Do they look like they enjoy having fun? Quite possibly do they seem very open to you? If so then you shouldnt have a problem with something as petty as marijuana.

    But if your not getting the fun loving vibe from your parents then your best bet is to cover it up to save your own butt. Dont make excuses that you can hold to though, like dont say it was your first time, cause when they catch you again, and they will be looking, what then will your excuse say, you lied, and lying is never good for a parent to child relationship.

    I say if your going to take the step and let your parents know then all the power to you, take such a big stance on it that they have to hear your point.

    Avoid saying, well im gonna smoke pot and you cant stop me, or accusing them of things they may have done in the past.

    Try a more refined approach. Sit them down and start talking about the world, talk about laws, then slip in a current news article about marijuana. Make your position known, dont blatantly come out and say that you smoke marijuana at first.

    Very important! Know what your talking about, dont use things like well everyone i know smokes, or well marijuana is all natural so its ok in my eyes. Even if these are your stances they will not help you win over the adult mind. If you want the acceptance of an adult you must act like an adult.

    Mention that perhaps marijuana is a far stabler recreational drug, mention that prolonged research by you has shown many articles pointing out some gross parts of the war on drugs, you might want to even level with them and ask them questions relevant to your feelings.

    Let them know that you dont want to be labeled a bad person because you chose to imbibe something that is illegal for very low reasons. Bring up that the entire prohibition of marijuana is actually a racial scapegoating in its roots.

    But most of all let them know that your choices will not land you in jail, or in the hospital because you have made the right choice and because you are a responsible person. Let them know that they can trust you not to get involved in harder things, and SHOW them that the gateway theory is not true.

    Perhaps if you find a middle ground you can level with your parents and then you wont have as much fear. But it wont be easy, and you just might have to grow up a little before you try it.

  9. Adikkal

    Adikkal Guest

    ....or if your parents ask why you were spraying air freshener in the bathroom after a shower, say what i pulled outta my ass when i was a stoned c*nt

    "I did a really smelly sh*t!"

    Real smooth! Hah

  10. urite4594

    urite4594 New Member

    :laugh: lol, very smooth
  11. babeswithbongs

    babeswithbongs New Member

    I think a lot of it depends on how old you are, and what kind of relationship you have with your parents. I was 17 when I sprung it up on my parents...and I just sat them down and said that it's something I enjoy, it's not much different from other things people my age do such as drink, smoke tobacco, or get tattoos. I assured them that I wouldn't be irresponsible, that I wouldn't let it get in the way of school or family, and most importantly, I wouldn't expose my younger brother to it. As with anything like this, if you have an adult conversation with them, they'll be more understanding. Some parents will be pissed off for a while...but you just gotta realize that they won't condemn you or hate you for the decision you've made.

    edit: I was nervous as hell when I decided to tell them. I wasn't sure how they'd receive it...but I figured it'd be better than them catching me smoking, or find a pipe or something. We all kind of learned that it's better to deal with those things like that after how they found out I was having sex... :eek:
  12. imported_BuDToKa

    imported_BuDToKa New Member

    That same exact thing happened to me, except for the part about my dad being cool about it. My parents are so uptight.. :mj:
  13. That sounds like the best strategy... But I wouldn't want to tell my parents right now, I'd much prefer to tell them in a few years when I'm independent of them, so they can't blackmail me into not smoking.
  14. *Lighting up the bong in my room*

    *Suddenly Door Slams Open, Angry Mother Stands in the Doorway*

    Mom: What the HELL are you doing!?!?

    Me: Uhhhhhh Wanna hit this?

  15. Colt45420

    Colt45420 New Member

    ^^^^haha yeah I did somethin' like that a while ago.

    Mom: Why do you smoke weed? What's the point?
    Me (real stoned): Hit this pipe and you'll understand.

    As far as ****ty excuses go.... one time I used "It's Flag Day!". That was prolly the worst.
  16. 613green

    613green New Member

    lol at flag day.

    for me i made a fact sheet off all the inf oi found on this site and giver it to them. now them let us do it but we have to go outside. but tis cool when u can cmoke whenever
  17. InLoveAndDeath

    InLoveAndDeath New Member

    My dad has smoked forever. He quit over a year ago but he still knows what its about. My mom would flip and tell my dad so i'd have two people pissed off at me. Id rather my dad bust me because he wouldnt tell my mom. He might even be cool with it.
  18. bongwater

    bongwater New Member

    lol "It's Flag day!"

    best. excuse. ever.

    well my mom found my pipe and weed under all my clothes in my closet and I just said it was my old stash from when I got busted like a year or so ago..and it worked, I didn't get in any crap but she said: "you better not be stringing me a line about not doing it anymore"
  19. bizzaro420

    bizzaro420 New Member

    lol that was exactly what happend to me... i had tried to quit for a about a month to take a piss test and get a job.. so i put my bong and some hash and wraps and lights in my closet in the corner. i come home one day and my pops is going through my **** and finds my spoon pipe, few empty lighters and empty bags. (thank god didnt find bong) he was like what the "HELL is this s***!" i told him it was old stash and dont worry im over it or whatever- i didnt mention i was planning to start up again tho... so thats where i stand rite now. that was about 6 weeks ago... i feel bad its unresloved tho - i guess id feel more comfortable telling them when im not so dependent on them like when i move out
  20. Friskyss

    Friskyss New Member

    lol well i got unreal stoned one night and came home, parents were still up it was like 12:30, i dont no y i went home i was jsut to stoned to no what i was doin lol, but i get home and my mom is like y are ur eyes so red im like HUH shes like youbeen smoking im like no.. shes like u dont have to lie im said i did and she wasnt to mad actualy she was actualy kinda happy that i told her so she knows what i do, she told me its ok to smoke weed, she told me she used to do it. but my dad ive know he smoked weed for a real long time, i used to take a half a gram from his huge ass bags he gets, and he woudnt notice, but before i got caught i used to come home like 3-4 in the morngin and my dad would be up and id talk to him look at his eyes and there just red as hell.i laugh a bit and hed get a beer for me and him and we'd talk about cars and stuff like that. we never said anytthing but beeing stoned but we both knew. i still havent smoked wiht him, still kinda scared to, but i im planing soon to buy a 40 bag and ask him if he wants to smoke some wiht me. but if u get caught id jsut tell the truth, lieing would of made it worse for me, but it also helps when your parents were crazy back in the day. i still dont tell them if im gettin stoned but i jsut say im goin partying and they understand so its all good. but thats my 2 cents. 8ter, eveyone have a good one!

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