Getting an MMJ card in CA, but I'm not a CA resident

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by LowIze99, Sep 7, 2007.

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    Ok, I want to make sure that I get this straight before I give up trying to get a marijuana prescription. I am a college student in Los Angeles, but I live in Illinois. I have prescription meds for anxiety, and documented problems with intense anxiety and sleep problems. I know of a place in Santa Monica that I could take my documents to that could give me a recommendation for medicinal marijuana, but I have one problem. I AM NOT A RESIDENT OF CALIFORNIA. I live on campus, so I do not have any utility bills or rent payments to show that I am a resident of california, but I do spend most of the year in CA. All I have is my mailing address at school. I would be willing to take my recommendation straight to a dispensary without getting a card if this is possible but I'm not sure that it is. SHOULD I GIVE UP? Is it impossible for me to get marijuana from one of the dispensaries. Thanks a lot for the help and let me know if I left out any details that would effect my elegibility.
  2. Darque Pervert

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    I believe you have to be a California resident to get a CA MMJ card.
    Don't think of it as giving up. That's defeatist.
    Think of it as saving your time, money and effort.

    And no, you can't take a recommendation to the dispensary. It's not enough.
  3. sterbo

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    You can do either of the following:
    1- go to a local DMV in LA and get a State ID Card
    2- go to a local DMV in LA and get a Calif. drivers license

    Either will allow you to then follow the standard procedure of requesting a medical marihuana 'recommendation' from a doctor, and then procuring the necessary credentials from Calif. Dep't of Health Services (Vital Statistics).

    Insofar as purchasing medical marihuana from a Co-Op or dispensary is concerned, you will probably find that most if not all dispensaries will require a State Card (or sometimes a local card). This is becoming more and more the case as time passes.

    That said, it is not uncommon for some dispensaries to allow a one time purchase to patients with just a doctor's recommendation to allow them time to procure the necessary State or Local credentials.

    Best of luck...
  4. Buzzby

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    It is illegal to have a driver's licenses from more than one state.

    California doesn't have any kind of state-wide medical marijuana card. These are issued by the individual counties. Some counties are in compliance with the law that requires them to issue the cards. Some are not.

    Fortunately, all you really need is a doctor's recommendation. The card merely reduces the hassle if you are caught in possession. Without the card, the cops have to verify your recommendation before releasing you. With one, they can query the database and you can be on your way.

    As the great majority of legitimate medical marijuana patients in California have chosen not to participate in the card programs, I don't think this is true. The card is expensive, has to be renewed annually, and puts your name on a database that could conceivably be subpeonaed by the DEA.
  5. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Of course. So if the OP is planning on spending much time here going to college then he would get a Calif. license and his previous one would be void if I'm not mistaken.

    That's why I listed the State ID card first given that it is easy to get and possession of his out of state license remains intact. At least for some period of time depending on individual circumstances.

    California does in fact have a State issued card. And, as I said before, in some locations, Local (county) cards are still being issued.
    These are, more and more, being supplanted by the State card.

    Not so. It is becoming more and more rare in Calif. for dispensaries to allow access to their facilities vis a vie a recommendation only.

    Each day, more and more patients are taking advantage of the State and or local (county) cards.
    The primary reason is as stated above.
    Secondarily, if stopped by LEO's w/o a State card in one's possession the hassle most often is quite unpleasant. Given that the officer/s have no way of readily verified a "recommendation", it is often not much better than not having one at all.
    Thirdly, the whole issue with 'supeonaed personal information in a database', while true, is really not likely for the average patient.

    And really now. With the current state of affairs in this country specific to our Government's data mining, and increasing intrusion into the citizenry's public and private information I wouldn't get hung up about potential harrasement over a State sanctioned Medical Marihuana Card...
  6. Buzzby

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    Not according to the State of California's own Medical Marijuana web page:
    Through their county of residence, qualified patients and their caregivers may apply for and be issued an identification card.​

    The last news article I saw about it said that fewer than 5% of Californians with medical marijuana recommendations have been issued county medpot cards. The primary reason most stated was that they didn't want to risk exposure to DEA investigations. The second was the high cost.
  7. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    OK. How about we put this one to bed?
    I have my card sitting on the desk next to me as we speak. It is a State Issued card. Maybe your confusion lies in that the application process is facilitated by the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the county where one resides.

    I have lived in California most of my life and am quite active in the Med. MJ movement. I expressed my opinions in my earlier post. Take it or leave it as you wish.
    I'm not looking for a pissing contest here Buzz. I'm simply trying to help the OP through what can be a rather complicated series of issues...:)
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    Damned if ya do and damned if ya don`t. It`s federally illeagal. Move to Vansterdam if ya have a security issue or just don`t get caught. Just think of the good company you`re in though if you do get busted! (Willy, peace

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