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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by igot5onit, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. igot5onit

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    So im about to turn 18 in june, im in the process of getting my ged, i have a job, and i have my liscence. My Dad is completely against me smoking pot. Ive been caught before, he kind of just stopped letting me go out as much and stuff. He's threatening to send me to live with my Mom (who i have problems with) in West Virginia. I've been thinking about moving in with a friend and pay rent, but im afraid of what my dad will think about it.
    Anybody got any advise??? :confused:

    o, and quitting is not an option
  2. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    You should educate yourself on the good of marijuana. I suggest, youtube debates, Research on what Doctors have to say about it, such as side effects etc.
  3. paki_eyez

    paki_eyez New Member

    Be more careful, when my parents didnt know id get in my bathroom, turn the shower and the vent on with the door locked. The steam and vent take away the smokey smell. And taking a shower when high feels pretty good.
  4. t-1000

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    If you think you are ready to move out then go for it. Living with parents and sneaky smoking sucks so much it's not even funny. Mostly because you feel guilty about being a sneak under someone else's roof. At least that is my experience.

    If I were you, I'd research technical schools and other options for becoming basically a skilled worker. Electrician, Mechanic, underwater welder, etc... those are options that pay good money and you can generally find some form of financing to pay you through the training process. Save up as much money as you can for it, then do it and get yourself a job and move out. Or you can move out and start saving money. Either way it's much better living on your own if your a toker. You can wake up on a saturday morning and smoke a joint in your kitchen while you cook breakfast, roll another J and walk to the park and do some fishing while you smoke up. It's such a great feeling having the freedom to do what you want, it truly brings happiness like nothing else.

    Be a man, men don't hide in the bathroom hitting a pipe like some scared child.
  5. Darkflan

    Darkflan Sr. Member

    IF your can safely establish yourself go for it. But if not, enjoy that free ride. Because your pops might not let you back in if you decide you can't hack it on the real world.

    I just know from my friends who have done this and have repeatedly shown back up at there parents doorstep with all there shit ready to move back in.
  6. Taniquetil

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    credit to some other guy for posting this sumwhere, i saved it incase i ever needed it, but it looks like u could do with some help.

    best way to deal with it is confront your dad, i did years ago, then they let me smoke in my room, ive since moved out though (gone to uni)

    But here, enjoy. There is loads more where this came from, i just didnt want to post it all, it would get too long. hope it helps. (the bottom one seemed like it would help you alot)

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  7. feedyourhead

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    it drives me absolutely crazy when i see kids not taking advantage of their parents and taking free housing for granted. "quitting is not an option??" give me a break. you're only 17 years old. living on your own is not as fun or easy as it sounds. i'd move back in with my parents in a heartbeat if they'd have me, unfortunately for me though, when i turned 18 and moved out, my bedroom was turned into an office. now i get to visit sometimes and sleep on the futon. fun shit.

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