Getting higher off less?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by tomjackson22, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. tomjackson22

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    As you may know me, you may not. I'm a Canadian, living in London, Ontario and I'm almost 20. I have an IQ of 127(Which im sure you dont give a shit about), I did really well in High School, and I'm going to college next year.

    But lets get to the point here, we need to talk about conserving, and some strategic plans to get higher off less, and at least be satisfied. Because if you are not satisfied, then its really easy to go out and smoke what you just smoked again just too improve the buzz.
    Yes, I also did say buzz, because when you have been smoking multiple times a day for a matter of years you seem to build up a certain tolerance(which I'm sure most of you know) which is unavoidable and we start to smoke even more!
    Its not like I can't get high anymore, I'm still a newb in some aspects, my grandpa has been smoking for 40 years. And my dad has been smoking for 20. They are gettin older now, Gramps is about 80 and my dads reachin 60 and they still havent lost their minds, Im sure they could have been smarter though. But they all still get high when they smoke, thats why I simply dismiss it when people say they have build up a complete tolerance to it, because you doing somthing WRONG!

    There could be a number of things that could get you less high, like for example the flem(Basically forms when you sniffle your nose and it builds up in your lungs), this basically forms a film of thick goop on the sides of your lungs creating loads of weird sounds when you cough, and the THC builds up in it.(If your blazing and you cough up spit with a resin colour).
    Using a huge bong could get you less high (the thing about the bong is it gives you higher pressure, and that gets you higher) But the problem people have with them is their incapibility to take the whole toke, and people have attendancy to buy the biggest bongs they can, and then the toke goes stail.

    But Im not here to give you my opinion, I just want your opinion of things that could possibly get you higher, or things 'preventing' the high.

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  2. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    Vaporizers get you higher off less...preventing? Poor inhalation or not knowing how to do it right.
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  3. tomjackson22

    tomjackson22 New Member

    Thats true, I cant even count how many people Ive taught how to inhale and exhale smoke. Garunteed 50% of smokers swallow it the first couple times.
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  4. mizzOe

    mizzOe New Member

    I've never tried vaps, but for me, one or two bong hits gives me a nice buzz.

    Right now, I've got about 1.8 grams, and I need to make it last for a week - so I got a bunch of weed leaves from another friend, and I mix the leaf with the bud, so I don't have to use much bud. It gets me high, so I'm happy.
  5. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    If you have self-control over your smoking habits then you will always be able to get high off a little bit of weed. I used to smoke several times a day and I wasn't really getting high anymore, just kinda burnt and tired. Now I take 2-3 hits a night 5-7 nights a week and get an enjoyable high each time. Sometimes I may not be instantly high after those hits and I feel like I should smoke more, but that's where self-control comes into play, gotta realize you will be high in like 10-20 minutes.
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  6. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    experiment with edibles

    I have found that by ingesting small amounts of pot in tinctures or edibles that the effects of smoking very small quantities of weed are greatly amplified and that my tolerance stays low. That said if I ingest too often my eating tolerance goes up but as soon as I notice a few days of abstinence from eating weed gets me back to a good place consumption wise.
  7. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    Well, for One thing, there's alot of really strong marijuana around, if You can find it, and, You will, in Colledge. Look for some of The Supreme Hydroponic Bud going 'round.
    Just like economics, the more You Pay,the better You'll get,and the less You'll use. Special Note, the Vaporization Technique, Is The Way To go. Finacially,and mind noticed stoned manner. Your going to learn a lot, in College,both moving on Up,and, getting down,and,happy!
  8. El Magico

    El Magico New Member

    Conservation methods..


    1. Try a vaporizer.

    2. Try different pipes, and find one that liikes to go out after you hit it (the herer double venturi vortex is good for this).

    3. Get a 1 hitter/dugout.

    4. Hyperventilate before taking a fat hit (this is dangerous for many reasons).

    5. Stay away from annoying people.

    6. Don't listen to Eminem

    7. Do what my mom used to, and get high from just holding your breath.

    However, I am anti-conservatory when it comes to pot. Use it up, fast as you can. There'll be more around soon.
  9. twoheadedboy

    twoheadedboy New Member

    Alternate between hash and bud, they have slightly different feels so uhhh yaa...
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    The high of multiple-times-a-day and the high of occasional smokers are two different things. I much prefer the latter. When I smoke (actually vape) frequently, the high is mundane, even boring. It's not unpleasant, but it doesn't change things enough to make it very exciting. Getting really high is self-limiting: if you do it too frequently it stops working. If you use it occasionally, you can get blown away on a few hits of mediocre weed.

    I got myself into a space recently where I was vaping AK-47 all day long and putting highly concentrated tinctures into my food. I was barely getting a buzz after a while. Now I'm on a five-day tolerance break to get back to the point where I can get extra-terrestrial on a third of a gram once a day, every day.

    Less is more.
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  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Tolerance has nothing to do with how the THC gets into your body. The mechanism of tolerance depends only on how much THC reaches the CB1 receptors in your brain. You don't have a separate "eating tolerance" and "smoking tolerance".
  12. jimmyjohnson632

    jimmyjohnson632 New Member

    i never understood why people say to not swallow the smoke because swallowing it makes it stay in you body longer, which, in theory should increase your high with less weed. correct? idk thoughts?
  13. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    I suppose this is true, but considering that the smoke is mostly made of tar and other poisons you probably don't want to swallow the smoke, it might make you vomit.

    Vapor on the other hand, I've never tried swallowing it because it seems like it would be really uncomfortable.

    In order to get high off less you simply need to reduce the amount that you are using. Decrease the amount you are using by 10% each session for a week. Then for the next week continue using the smaller amount that you came to from the previous week. At the end of this week evaluate if you were as high as you wanted to be. At this point simply add or subtract small amounts from your session and evaluate your high.

    Also a good way to get higher off less is to turn off TV when getting high. Music can be nice and trippy sometimes, but usually it is best to have all electronics off and just get high and enjoy the peace and quiet. My mind tends to run around a bit when the electronics are off (monkey mind) but if I do a 10 minute meditation session beforehand I tend to have very positive yet relaxed feelings, as well as a generally clearer head.
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  14. ColdSlaw7

    ColdSlaw7 New Member

    Distractions can make it seem like you're not high at all sometimes. Fuck smoking every day, that shit is so bland. I made that mistake for 2 months straight. It was bomb kronik but it didn't even get me high anymore. It was boring and a useless waste of my money.

    Smoke less, stoned more. I like to use weed more as something to sort of quiet my mind a bit and give me some time to myself. Really truly relax, and take a break now and then.

    I can't wait until I pick up the herb again. :)
  15. Hemostrat

    Hemostrat New Member

    I smoke ever day, and a lot every day. Couple grav hits for the group, a j or two, and a bowl from a pipe or bong.
    But last night I had three bowls off of my friend's bong, and by the end of the second I was pretty blazed already. But both of our dank was just some super chronic ganj so it made the hits super potent.

    Moral of the story: Have A+ weed and smoke every day :angel:
  16. coojew23

    coojew23 New Member

    1. I would recommend switching up the kind of bud you smoke. if you live in an area like California where everyone has different pot.
    2. If you don't i would definitely recommend a vaporizer.
    3. get a good grinder with a kif catcher and add some kif to the bowl when you are low on bud.
    4. Just take one big rip out of a nice glass bong and just hold the hit in as long as you can, that always seems to work.
  17. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    You develop a tolerance to A+ weed just like you do to any other kind of weed. I recently got to a point where I was taking bong hits of AK-47 one after another all evening and barely got a buzz. That's why I took a tolerance-reducing break.
  18. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I plan on stopping in mid March to begin studying for a drug test in early May. I'm smoking and tincturing more as that day approaches and the buzz gets less interesting with the more weed I use.
    While I will miss smoking, I know that taking a break for 6 or more weeks will bring my tolerance way down and I am already in search of something to come back to when I start smoking again. And I already have 2grams of high end weed soaking in 190.
  19. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I agree

    Communication breakdown on my part. Let me try again. When I notice my tolerance increasing and realize that my tincture consumption has risen in relative proportion. I back off the tincture for a few days and once again I am getting very stoned on a very small amount of tincture. Most of my smoking these days is supplemental or perhaps the term is complimentary to my tincture use. Thus my tincture tolerance was only meant to infer that The amount of thc I ingest, using my usual method of delivery is reduced after a small break.
  20. MrIMStoned

    MrIMStoned |BIG BROTHER|

    I'm from London, too.

    Solution: Stop smoking for 2 weeks and then start up again smoking no more than once a day.

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