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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by devvo6786, May 6, 2010.

  1. devvo6786

    devvo6786 New Member

    Long time lurker but just started posting here this passed week

    Anyway, I have some questions about getting my card in socal and if you guys think it would be a waste of time to try or worth it.

    About me: Im 23 and female. I am not a heavy pot smoker. I only smoke once in awhile. I DONT have health insurance at the moment so I have no doctor. Im looking into the card for two reasons. First being PMS. I have HORRIBLE cramps when Im on my period. Like cant sleep, eat, in a ball crying. When I was younger and had a doctor he had be try different thing to help and nothing does. He even prescribed me pain killers (I cant remember which ones I was younger). Nothing helps but I have learned lately that smoking does.

    The other reason is that I work on computers and have for the passed ~6 years. When I was 16 or 17 my doctor told me I had beginning stages on carpel tunnel. I work on computers now (my job) and after 8 hours of repetitive motion (screwing screws/unscrewing/etc) my wrists/hands hurt so bad. I even wake up with my left pinky/ring fingers numb, and they stay numb for at least 2 hours after I wake. I believe smoking after work would help the pain as well.

    So, from what Ive read theyre legitiate reasons to get an mmj card. However, I cant get documentation from my doctor cuz I dont have one. I might be able to get one from my old doctor about PMS but Im not sure because of how long ago it was.

    Any ideas on where to go? What to expect? Is it worth it or will it be a waste of time/money?


    And if it helps Im in the inland empire area but can travel if necessary
  2. InZane4all

    InZane4all New Member

    Greetings from one socal resident to another. I ended up getting my med card at Venice Beach, CA. They are so laid back, will hear you out and will most likely prescribe the recommendation letter for your symptoms. I am also a computer geek who's been working with computers for the past 12 years, but I actually got my card due to anxiety/stress.
  3. devvo6786

    devvo6786 New Member

    which one did you go to? what were the fees? did you bring a letter/proof from your doctor? how long did it take?
  4. InZane4all

    InZane4all New Member

    I believe it was Kush Club. It was about $160 (pricey I know) BUT I didn't need to take any medical letter/proof from a doctor (there's a doctor in the facility that will determine if you need it). It takes less than 15 minutes and you get your letter right then and there, and could even buy some goodies there as well.

    Honestly, any of the many Medical Marijuana clinics on the Venice Beach boardwalk will give you the letter with very little effort on your behalf since there is so much competition there to try and get new patients. You might also try asking different places there and compare prices. But if you want a sure thing, go to Kush Club.
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  5. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    canorml - So Cal.

    You can use this site to find an MMJ Dr. in your area. If you're in OC I can get you some contact info for my Doc and some good dispensaries in OC. PM me if you need help.
  6. Balabeezy

    Balabeezy Sr. Member

    It's easier to get your card then to steal candy from a baby, the place I went too it took like 15-20 minutes total.. it cost 70$ and I got 2 original copies of my recomendation.
  7. devvo6786

    devvo6786 New Member

    where did you go?
  8. Balabeezy

    Balabeezy Sr. Member

    The clinic is called

  9. devvo6786

    devvo6786 New Member

    well im going tomorrow hopefully . wish me luck.
  10. devvo6786

    devvo6786 New Member

    i got my card from

    the fee was 150 (steep I know, but I dont have a doctor right now, or insurance, so no way to go to a stricter/cheaper place)

    i filled out the forms, paid, they checked my vitals.

    the doctor read my paperwork, asked me some questions and sent me on my way with my card.

    went into 4 different dispensaries successfully. im a very happy person
  11. InZane4all

    InZane4all New Member

    Congratulations! Venice Beach is awesome huh? :) No hassle what-so-ever. Anyway, happy toking and light one up for me. More importantly be safe and responsible. Enjoy! :angel:

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