Getting weed...on a plane.

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by yoman3, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. yoman3

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    So coming home for winter break I may have to take a plane, and it's gunna be kinda shit if I have to leave all my weed and my pipe at college. Is it easy to get weed onto a plane? (Not to smoke it on the plane, I just mean in luggage or something to have while I'm home).
  2. scofieldr3199

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    dude i have no idea, i know there are drug dogs and it probably would be hard in my opinion. but idk if they search your non-carry on. i think they do. but if you could strap it to your leg or something and avoid the smell. but to be honest thats not worth the risk at all
  3. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    Try looking around before asking a question that's been asked a million times by millions of people. =]

    And the second poster is wrong. There are NO (None/nada) drug dogs at airports unless you are flying internationally. And yes they do check your non-carry-on with an x-ray machine just like they do your carry-on. (Not to mention he opens his post with "Dude I have no idea")

    Also, it's really not that hard. I did it without knowing anything that has been posted in the thread I linked above. I also did it wearing boxers with my bud tucked up under my nuts... While high... It's really not that hard.

    EDIT: also. If you intend on taking your piece with you... Make sure it is throughly cleaned. Even then they still might take it from you.
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  4. yoman3

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    Ya but airports have that thing where they either pat you down or shove you through an xray machine now, so taping it to my body will be a little bit harder than normal.
  5. Hurricane Season

    Hurricane Season New Member

    While I wouldn't recommend bringing weed on a plane to anyone due to the new laws that allow TSA more "liberty" in searching you, it still can be easily done. What you have to do is get a food quality compression sealer and use this to pack the bud (up to a 1/4 oz.). Next, sandwich the small pack in the groin area between two pairs of compression shorts. This will work in virtually every instance in which you AREN'T searched/xrayed/assraped by TSA. If you are searched you could be sol, but this is about as good as gets for basic body concealment.
  6. dinnook

    dinnook New Member

    I've never done it, and I'm a total noob to weed but I'd clean the pipe really well so there is no evidence of marijuana use. Get all the resin out and maybe even smoke some tobacco out of it. Actually you might even be able to hide the baggy of weed in the bag of tobacco. Make it look all innocent and all. Just some suggestions.
  7. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    Only in certain airports which I believe, out of the many many airports in this country, only 13 have the x-ray machine which you have the option to take a patdown instead of the x-ray. Which you should take a pat-down regardless wether or not you're going though the machine since it is really, really invasive to your privacy in the first place.

    EDIT: I also believe that it's mostly international airports that have the machine anyways. Refer to the thread I linked in my other post. You can find hte list of the airports where the machine is. If you go to an airport with just a metal detector, you're golden if you use Bart's method that's in that thread.
  8. caccese123

    caccese123 New Member

    im 14 and they usually dont pat me down or put me thru that thing so could i get away with strapping it to my groin area?

    im 14 and they dont pat me down so could i get away with taping to my leg?
  9. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    Did you read .ANY. of my posts in THIS thread.....? I mean really, come on. Go the link I posted in the third post down in this thread, it will tell you everything you need to know. Don't let the page numbers scare you off. I know there's a shit ton of pages but everything you need to know is on the first couple pages.

    Mod Note: Relax, man. If you can't reply calmly and politely, don't bother replying at all.
  10. Australianpothead

    Australianpothead New Member

    Anyone trying to take weed through a airport or on a plane is f#cking crazy!

    Lets us know if ya make it through.:p
  11. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    It might be a little crazy, but it's easier than you think. I've done it before stoned. Just keep clam and don't look nervous or look like you have something to hide. It was probably easier for me not to look nervous, I've been through airports at least 3-4 times a year since I was 11. So I knew what to do, and I can even get through the security checkpoints quickly. I just strip everything metal off me as I'm moving down the line. I always have my backpack too, so I just put a lot of the stuff I take off my person in my backpack as I move down the line that way I just pick up my shoes at the end and carry on.

    And a tip for people who do decide they take weed through the airport. After you get through security, make a stop at a bathroom near your gate. Go into the stall and take your weed and put it in your pocket. You're already passed all the security by the time you reach your gate. So there's really no need to continue keeping it super concealed.
  12. SourD in d hau5

    SourD in d hau5 New Member

    Listen to this

    So my roommate is going to Ireland later in the year so he wants to bring some nice Cali weed with him and he told me his plan nd he seems to have it figured out maybe one of you guys can see somethin wrong with it cos im too high lol.

    So the xray machines will detect anything like wrapped in foil, it will see them right. So if you like had an eighth wrapped in foil in ur bag it would be obvious to the security so thats dumb. but what about this. you buy bags of like hersheys kisses or some other candy wrapped in foil then you break up you weed into small candy size shapes and wrap them in the candy wrappers and throw them back in to the bags of candy and put them in the bag. under the xray they would look just like candy. security would be none the wiser. now that doesnt solve the smell aspect but he says he knows how to eliminate the smell, im not going into it now.

    As far as i see it would totally work. what dya think???
  13. jdcmaui1964

    jdcmaui1964 New Member

    I just made it through LGA without an issue. Had it concealed in carry-on stuffed in straws that then fit nicely in bic pens.

    Honestly though I really don't think that was necessary. They obviously could care less about a small amount of stuff. Not one dog in sight. I'm convninced if you conceal nicely if placed in carry-on its no problem because they have much bigger concerns they a small amoount of weed.
  14. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    they have those body x-rays, random pat-downs, and drug dogs. so no, unless you shove it up your butt (how hard could it be? just remember the string :D )
  15. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    easier said than done my friend. they also might get smashed
  16. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    I wonder how many times I'm gonna have to say this on this site... I just wish people would read Bart's thread.

    The TSA does not employ drug dogs. They employ bomb sniffing dogs. It's not their job to search for drugs, it's to search for flight safety risks
  17. JakeDaToker

    JakeDaToker New Member

    I can offer you a few pointers. Foreword: I recommend against this. It depends on what airport, if its from somewhere like say, Amsterdam or somewhere where a lot of drugs are at, you shouldnt then.

    If you are feeling gutsy though, what you need to do is take the weed, put it in a baggie, and then double bag it (or triple, if u want). Put it between your dick and balls, and walk past security. Unless they have drug dogs or they strip search you, you should be okay.

    Again, I recommend against this, unless you're certain the airport is lax on security, or you're certain you can make it through.
  18. charjakson

    charjakson New Member

    No no no and ugh NO......don't risk it....just buy some when you get home and leave your stash at home!

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