Glass bongs vs Plastic bongs

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by weedsmoker 4959, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. weedsmoker 4959

    weedsmoker 4959 New Member

    I have had a glass bong and a plastic bong. I loved my glass bong with all my heart, but eventually it was murderd by my mom in an ally. its a loong story if u wanna here it it is posted under my mom found my bong as a reply. So after that i didnt want to spend all the money on a glass bong and my friends juss convinced me to go plastic. so i was like wut the hell and I bought a plastic one. Man i ****in hated that thing from the day i got it there are soo many flaws about plastic bongs. First of all the bud tastes like plastic and **** eventually. It is soo ****in harsh on ur lungs but maybe that was juss my model cuz it was a strait bong with no bubble and u couldent put too much water in to it. There is a lil rubber thing of the top of the bong that makes putting ur mouth on it ok but eventually ur gunna lose it which i did b cuz i got really ****ed up one time and after that it is ****in nastie as hell to put ur mouoth on the ****in bong. Any way there are some good things about plasitc bongs (none that are worth getting one for) They are cheap and they dont break (one time my bong fell out of my window and not a scratch on it long story). yEA so me and my friends are always arguing about plasitc and glass bong so juss wonderin which ones u prefer
  2. GreenDragon

    GreenDragon New Member


    Glass, my friend had one of those strait plastic ones. :puker:
  3. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    Same here.
  4. EeJay

    EeJay Senior Member

    My perferrence is definitely glass, but I only smoke out of plastic. Don't ask.
  5. Peace seeker

    Peace seeker Guest

    definatly glass and a cleaned one!
  6. CheesyBread

    CheesyBread New Member

    Glass. Plastic is letal. Even though there is no plastic ignited, I don't think the smoke should be anywhere near plastic. Glass is healthier, safer, and just plain cooler!
  7. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    Plastic a bong has to be portable......

    But if i had my own home Glass:p
  8. TurbulentHigh

    TurbulentHigh New Member

    There really is no problem with plastic bongs, provided you aren't heating the plastic. In fact, I would say plastic bongs are more practical because you don't have to worry about breakage. But, as far as asthetics glass bongs own plastic ones.

    - TurbulentHigh
  9. Furious George

    Furious George New Member

    well i have couple plastic ones and i like them both very much. i dont know much about glass the first time i used a glass pipe i total felt a diffrent taste and i got super high with high tolerance off a little. and i had a glass bowl on my bong and its wa nice as well but it was sapposed to me a pull out but the down part wasnt wide enough which sucked. but then i crack the bottom and hen broke the handle off. but now its an a cool bubble pipe i made

    the glass definitly was smoother buti broke every glass piece i owned even an unbreakable one. so glass is nice. but there isnt anything wrong wiht plastic and it doesnt break. so Plastic
  10. shweed

    shweed New Member

    I've smoked out of plastic metal and glass pipes, and by far glass is the best, easiest to clean, and best tasting out of them all! and just to let you all know glass isnt that easy to break, it might be more breakable than plastic, but it also has to do with how thick it is! I agree that glass is the best and plastic sucks!!! dont use it!
  11. mexican dirt weed

    mexican dirt weed New Member

    i dont know glass is a lil bit smoother but dont tell me you cant get all messed up look at a graffix acryllic bong and not feel silly i think plastic are more fun.
  12. mindraver

    mindraver Sr. Member

    glass all the way!
  13. Genoi

    Genoi New Member

    why am i always different? I like ceramic bongs best. I have a two foot green bong.

    These style bongs are hard to break. They look and feel tough. Also, ceramic bongs are much cheaper. Mine was only 40$ and it's rather large. It has a metal slider but glass ones do fit. I plan on getting one within a month.
  14. derrockg

    derrockg New Member

    in the past 6 and a half years ive been smoking, it has almost always been from glass pieces/bongs

    but i find myself smoking outta coke bottle bongs and other plastics and i really find no difference if you just suck at a normal pace

    i mean if you hard hit a plastic bong itll taste a little funny, but if you just take alright hits outa one it isnt as bad as most people make it out to be

    i just made my spider man bong out of a cup made of the plastic **** that they make the little conveniece store bongs out of and it tastes fine
  15. tecnos

    tecnos New Member


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