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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by CindowsXP, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. CindowsXP

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    Hello, I have been scrounging around the forums this morning as I recently heard that I will be getting tested @ GM tomorrow. My question is to see what kind of testing that GM (General Motors) does. I would be thrilled if someone could let me in on what type of test they do. I have found small posts around the net that indicate it might be a hair test.

    My secondary question is, since I smoke about once a day up to once a week, if it will affect my test to smoke today. I have all the stuff for Mac's cleaning guide as well as I will be buying a shampoo kit if it is a hair test. I'm not worried about urine as I have passed those before.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. DaGodsChoir

    DaGodsChoir New Member

    Hair test at the one in my area. The first thing you should do is stop smoking. The longer your clean time, the better your chances of passing. If you smoke every day I don't think your chances of passing are very good.
  3. thebugattiveyron

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    A little late for posting on here but yes General Motors does do a hair test. I recently went through all of the training and testing associated with seeing how well you can perform. After not hearing anything from GM in months I thought it would be ok to start smoking since I thought I wasn't going to get a job. Well I called and told I had to take a written test and a procedure test in Eastpoint, Mi. Well I stopped smoking and later went in for the testing and prayed I passed the easy part. A few weeks later I was called and told I needed to come down to the plant and do a hair test and have a physical. So in the week that I had before the scheduled date I found two products with propylene glycol as their first ingredient and would soak my head with them for hours on end followed by a wash. The two products were for sun burns and itching but I didn't have money so I didn't care. Went in for the hair test with about inch and a half long hair (probably bad choice) and they got their patches of hair equaling the width of a pencil. The next day I went in for my physical and got all cleaned up for them to play with my balls, and it turned out to be a ear, mouth, nose, breathing, and eye exam. One thing, if you are going to go in for testing at General Motors, make sure to call and make sure no one crashed a truck inside the plant that day or you may have to sit in your car for 5 hours like I did since I live about 50 miles away from the plant. The lady told me that I would be called regardless if I passed or not, but it's been just over two months and nothing has happened. So I am pretty sure I failed.

    Long story short if you have a chance to get a job paying 14+ per hour just stop smoking weed for how ever many years you have to, and take it up when you retire or something because it is not worth watching golden opportunities go down the drain.

    P.S does anyone know if you fail a drug test at GM, considering it costs them 300-600 dollars, can you ever apply at another plant even if you explain to them that it was something you used to do, and after you failed it was a wake up call to stop smoking, and if given another chance you would willingly pay for the test. Because I would do anything for that job now.
  4. CindowsXP

    CindowsXP New Member

    you can apply once a year with gm when you fail.
  5. thebugattiveyron

    thebugattiveyron New Member

    Bringinup an old post after finding my own comment from 4 years ago after typing words in to Google on hiw to pass a hair test for GM. What a coincidence. Anyways, GM called me last week to ask if i was interested in full time, flexible part time, or temp work. I am currently employed making $11 per hour but don't like the fact that i get a 1099 at the end of the year and have to pull 2-3k out of thin air to pay my taxes. I stated that I was only interested in full time work and after verifying my personal information from 4 years ago I expected to not hear anything for a while. Wrong. GM called me yesterday asking if i was still interested in temporary work, after i just said no a few days prior. Well, after questioning the women about hours and pay, I was told it is a guarantee of 40 hours a week at $15.78 per hour. I was told that the duration of my employment would be determined by however long the contract lasts. Could be 3, 6, or 12 months. Then I asked if there is a chance of being hired full time, and she told me that is a possibility. Well, the last time I smoked was a little over 2 weeks ago and it was around 5 days of smoking straight with 2 months of being clean prior to that. So today I went out and spent around $80 on supplies to do the Macujo method. Sitting in a garage at 2 in the morning with vinegar and clean and clear in your hair so u dont gag everyone inside is no fun. If i don't pass i still have my job and just applied for a job making $22 per hour starting but for now i figured i would give it a shot. I was told by GM that if i would not or do not go in on Monday, 1 day from now, that GM will never offer me employment again. The pay would b nice, but after reading what GM and the union r doing for their temp employees... Making them pay union dues without being protected by the union, and GM handing out $7,000 checks to every employee except temps (profit sharing), I dont think i will stick around. Now, i know temps ar temporary employees unless hired full time, but if I am not supported or protected by the union I feel i dont owe them any dues. In my own opinion. However, $16 sounds better than $11 and $22 sounds better than $16 so GM will most likely be temporary anyways since i love money and will move out of state to earn it. Anyways just wanted to reply to a forum I posted on 4 years ago regarding a similar situation but must stop writing because this HTC Inspire is messing up on this site and is about to meet the concrete floor.
  6. thebugattiveyron

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    I forgot to post that I did pass my hair test, however due to low work volume my employment lasted only about 2 months. Just got called for my second assignment at GM and go next week for yet another hair test. This time I'm clean so no worry.

    I wanted to find this blog again to make a correction to help anyone using the Macujo method. The first step in the Macujo method is to pour apple cider vinegar into your hair for 30 minutes while wearing a hair cap. This is to open up the cuticle of the hair (outside layer). One problem with this, vinegar is acidic which actually closes the cuticle. Baking soda on the other hand is alkaline which will open the cuticle up.

    I did the method as instructed but thought I would help in making the method as affective as possible.

    BTW, the clean and clear is not the bad part, the horrible part is scrubbing Tide laundry detergent into your hair. It's gritty and burns like nothing else. I did the method twice but doubled the leave in times called for in the instructions. I also substituted the T sal shampoo described with Selsun Blue as it also contains 2 or 3% salicylic acid.

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