GNC q carbo. Does it work?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by smoker726, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. smoker726

    smoker726 New Member

    here's my situation. i was a regular smoker for 7 months. for the past 2 months its been once or twice a week. i'm 5 ' 10, 165 lbs, medium metabolism. last time i smoked was 13 days before my piss test. i had to take a pre-employment piss test at labcorp. i ran one day, about 2 miles, a week prior to the test and havent really worked out since then. drank small amounts of water days before the test but nothing major. drank about a gallon of water the day before the test. the day of the test i took this q carbo drink from gnc 3 hours before the test. drank about 2 16 oz glasses of water after, one bottle of gatorade and a glass and a half of orange juice. i totally forgot that the bottle says no acidic juices. well i only took this drink about 30 minutes before the test. Does anyone think it will be a factor in weather or not i passed or not? well i pissed maybe like 5 times prior to test. took my test and my piss was slightly bright yellow but not too much. haven't heard anything from lab yet. called my job after 3 days from the test to ask them a question about the job and they never mentioned anything about my drug test. just want to know what are my chances of passing this drug test and when do u think i'll find out? I need some answers. Getting real nervous.
  2. smoker726

    smoker726 New Member

    I also wanted to know does labcorp test to see if i took a detox drink like q carbo? this labcorp is located in raritan NJ.
  3. Jeffreyk

    Jeffreyk New Member

    anyone respnse???/
  4. Secs

    Secs New Member

    This is a very old thread. I recommend you do a search using the keyword "Q Carbo" instead of resurrecting old threads. This question has been answered several times already.
  5. Jeffreyk

    Jeffreyk New Member

    I did and I just bought some...want to know if it worked....also bought the quick fix 4.0 and yes I am paranoid........test is thursday and I smoked everyday for the past couple yrs.....quit cold tukey 24 hours ago and hitting the 5 day I ok?
  6. Secs

    Secs New Member

    You're ok, but your urine, thats another story. If I were you, I would seriously consider substitution.
  7. Jeffreyk

    Jeffreyk New Member

    could you just walk me through the steps once I recieve it...I need to hear from you in laymens terms....please. Its labcorp.....they dais no washing hands, no flushing and they check the temp big time.....Im terrified, please help?
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Ok, but you gotta promise to stop posting for 4 hours after reading this and practice what I have told you. Promise? What?? ...ok.

    When you recieve your quick fix, put it down. Don't touch it.

    Go the store and purchase:

    3 home tests.

    a 2 ounce plastic bottle (could contain shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, mouthwash, whatever).

    a package of 6 hand heating pads.

    Temperature strips or a digital thermometer.

    Go home and empty out whatever is in the 2 ounce plastic bottle. Wash it out good and fill it with water.

    Put the 2 ounce plastic bottle in the microwave for approx. 15 seconds. Attach a handwarmer to the bottle with tape being careful to leave spece for air to access the hand warmer. Stuff the bottle and handwarmer in your underwear or in a jock strap, putting the handwarmer to the outside and the plastic bottle against your body. Keep it there for about 2-3 hours. After 2-3 hours take it out and check the temperature with the temperature strips or the digital thermometer. It should be around 96-95 degrees. IF not, then adjust either the location or the micorwave time. Kepp practicing until you can maintain the temperature.

    When it comes time for your real test at "labcorp", do the same thing, except use the bottle of Quick Fix 4.0 instead of the stupid little 2 ounce plastic bottle you have been practicing with.

    Now, read the substitution sticky at the beginning of this forum menu. Practice, and stop panicking. You are so nervous that you will end up passing out at the collection facility or they will observe you just because you are acting so uptight.

    If you are thinking of doing the dilution method, test yourself using your first pee of the day with the home tests you bought.

  9. Jeffreyk

    Jeffreyk New Member

    thanks....does the quick fix 4.0 come with a thermometer and warmer?
  10. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Are you reading anything at all? Everything is explained in this forum. Search for it and you will find it.
  11. hostagepoet1571

    hostagepoet1571 New Member


    I'm a very heavy smoker 2 or 3x a day .. I found out last thursday that I had to take a drug test (yes I smoked the night b4 twice) .. so I went to GNC .. got a bottle of Q Carbo .. and drank close to 2Gallons of water .. worked out twice and did not smoke for 4 days .. This is that 2nd time I had to take a drug test and the 2nd time I passed.
  12. JackBauer

    JackBauer Sr. Member

    Did the 2 gallons of water have anything to do with it? My sources say yes.
  13. Bixby

    Bixby Active Member

    GNC Q Carbo = $50 worthless vitamin water

    Please, consider the source. Don't listen to the shill that just registered today.

    The Q Carbo does not guarantee results, GNC's policy is no refunds or exchanges on it whatsoever.

    It contains nothing special that will help you pass a test, and has no special coating properties.

    IMHO GNC encourages the purchase of this product to beat drug tests fully knowing it doesn't work.

    If you want to use it, be my guest, but don't come crying when you test dirty.

    Good luck! :wave:

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