Going to the Doctor, am I Caught??

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  1. Kelsey42093

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    So last weekend I smoked weed for the first time in probably 3 months. i smoked on Friday night and Saturday night. I also smoked yesterday. I was going to blaze again today, but I fell very ill the whole day. I am so sick that It's my first time getting a fever in about 5 years. I never get the flu or anything like that. I always just get sinus infections or the cold. I started smoking weed again, because i got another sinus infection a week ago.
    The only reason I am concerned about getting caught is because if this is the swine flu or even the regular flu,( Both are going around my school) will they give me a urine or blood test of any kind? And, if they do, will the marijuana show up? I only smoked maybe half a gram- 3/4 of a gram total within the two weekends, because since i had not smoked in a long time, I didn't need much to achieve the high I wanted.
    Please help me out, because if I do not get better in 2 days, my parents will take me to the doctor.
  2. vvicked0471

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    While I can't be totally sure, I doubt very highly that any tests the doctor will do would screen for marijuana. It just doesn't make sense, why would that be relevant to flu like symptoms?

    You may not have any THC metabolites in your system, or at least not enough to test positive, depending on your metabolism and a few other factors.

    I wouldn't be concerned, it's very unlikely that you'll be tested for marijuana. I just don't see the point, or the relevance of testing for MJ on a patient presenting with flu symptoms. Don't stress out, just get some rest. Go to the doc if you feel worse, even the regular flu can be dangerous.

    I hope you feel better soon..
  3. rsbattle

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    Besides that and doctor patient confidentiality...

    i dont know how old you are, so i dont know if it applys to you
  4. THCdude

    THCdude New Member

    Lol I was about to say that, but wasn't sure of ya age so I just left it out and decided I didn't have anything else to say.

    But if their looking just for why your sick or a flu, MJ usage will probably be out of it, and the doctor may say something to you but not to your parents in hopes you will yourself.
  5. Cosmic_Smoke

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    No, they don't test for drugs. I'm positive. This is why. I'm assuming you go to a pediatrician. And although most people continue to go to their pediatrician for checkups until their 18, the majority of the pediatricians patients are very young, since younger kids need to be taken to the doctor more often. So they are not going to run drug tests, just because a small percentage of their patients has the capacity to use drugs. Also, I remember my pediatrician knew I smoked pot, since after I started, my mom said it to him. Even then I was never tested for drugs. Adult doctors don't even do it. I get blood drawn every checkup I have, and he never says anything about pot.

    When they take blood samples, their checking for stuff like cholesterol levels, and with piss, they test for protien levels among other things, that can point towards stuff like liver damage.

    Also, on the off chance they do test you, it would probably be because your parents specifically asked. However, you won't get in legal trouble, since that would violate privacy laws.
  6. OneHeart420

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    I'm not fersure if the marijuana will show up on the test. Cuz doctors only test for certain things.
    But if it does, talk to your doctor by yourself and tell him/her to not mention it to yourr parents. They can't say anythingg to yourr parents if you tell them not too.. So don't worry about it. And I'm sure the doctor won't even say anything.

    I've had to go to the doctors to take a blood test and urine test like ever month.
    Andd my doctor hasn't said anything to me about marijuana.
  7. homemadebubbler

    homemadebubbler Always bubblin'

    If your parent or guardian requested the doctor run a drug test they would (if your under 18)

    If not, then your golden.
  8. Bodhi1976

    Bodhi1976 New Member

    There's no reason to give someone a urine test for the flu, but they might give you one for another reason. A normal chem panel for urine doesn't include any kind of drug testing, so you should be OK.
  9. Xtensity

    Xtensity New Member

    They wont be testing for it..... they have to be testing for specific things to find them normally.

    Besides just use the same excuse people on tv use. Just start crying and say people pressured you into doing it and threatened you or w/e lmao.

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