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  1. Lickitysplit

    Lickitysplit New Member

    How can you tell good from bad weed before you smoke it? I have a lot of questions about certain types of weed from the looks, smell, and feel..

    Is the greener the weed mean the better the weed? And is brown colors mean it's bad? I know purple and white are good, but how about the reddish brown color that you mostly see in weed, is that good?...Is darker or lighter green better?

    What does it mean when the weed basically crumples in your hand? This one kid I buy from his weed always crumples in my hand, I barely have to break it up. Does this mean it's shitty weed? Is the stickier the weed mean the better the weed?

    Is it good to actually see the leaves? Sometime when I get weed, you can actually see little tiny leaves in like full form. I've heard this only means that the weed is fresh but does it mean that it's good weed too?

    Im assuming the smellier= the better...

    LASTLY, How can you tell what kind of weed you have? I hear all these people talking about different names for weed, but I have no idea what any of my weed is called lol...The only time I remember getting weed with a name is Indoor Planewreck which was pretty bangin weed.
  2. jwall09

    jwall09 New Member

    The lighter the green the better it's gonna be.
    Just smoke till you choke.:D
  3. x4u2sm0ke

    x4u2sm0ke New Member

    well it ranges, there is some brown weed that it really good for ex 20$ a gram stuff verses mids/shitty weed 10$ a gram
    and the leaves doesn't mean anything just means shitty trim job, more leaf means less bud in a gram or whatever amount you have. and seeds stems and leaves have a lower thc content then the bud, but if you get really good weed you could still smoke the leaves and get some sort of high out of it.
    and when it crumbles in your hand usually means it dry weed which isint all that bad, tends to be a tad more harsher, but more dry it is the more thc you'll get out of the smoke, yeah idk
  4. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    Honestly? After over a year of having access to "medical" weed, and having the opportunity to try many different types... I can tell you that this plant will always surprise you.

    There are great genetics in some strains, and they don't always have the best physical phenotypes. Some weed that looks terrible might end up being excellent quality. Spoken from experience.

    On the other hand, some really nice, trichromey, fresh smelling weed can be very pleasant to the eye, nose, and pallet, but pale in quality to the less appealing.

    Most of the time, decent bud is airy to the touch, light and colorful, and hairy. 4u2 has it right. Do try to avoid brown, dead-looking plant, though! ahahaha

    Look at these pictures to further my point:

    MIDS! Yeah, right? Some would call this schwag. I'd be happy to pay about $35 an eighth for it.


    Supposedly super dank =D


    But this stuff is equally high quality!

    Ultimately, it might be better to ask one of the older members on this forum. THey've probably got a lot more connoisseur-like experience =D
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  5. x4u2sm0ke

    x4u2sm0ke New Member

    doesnt look to bad for mids to me
  6. jwall09

    jwall09 New Member

    I'd smoke that schwag.
  7. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Live and learn

    Over time you will just develop a sense or is that sens, about what is good weed based on a variety of factors: looks, smell, color, stickiness, and some I am probably missing. At the same time you get fooled from time to time in both directions. Something that does not look terribly impressive will kick your butt and something you would swear is gonna be quality smoke will disappoint you. The ultimate test is to smoke some and see what happens.
  8. thunderson5

    thunderson5 New Member

    re.good from bad

    all of those pictures look like some pretty good weed,atleast its alot better than what ive had to smoke lately.had to pull all of my plants back in july and have been smoking leaves and shitty mexican weed that has alot of seeds,so they all look super killer to me right now.i do however tend to like the really sweet smelling sticky stuff myself or the ones that smell like pine.stay away from anything that has alot of seeds or is super crumbly if you can help it

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