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  1. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    What are some of your favorite and unfavorite smells? I'll start.

    Good Smells
    1. Freshly shampooed hair.
    2. Clean clothes, right out of the dryer.
    3. Clean bed sheets!
    4. Sunblock.
    5. Bread baking in the oven.
    6. Fresh cut grass.
    7. Burnt rubber at the race track.
    8. The ocean.
    9. The way the air smells in Arizona right before and after it rains.
    10. Fresh oranges or any citrus.
    11. New leather jackets.
    12. New car smell.
    13. Blueberry muffins.
    14. Vanilla beans.
    15. The way a new book smells when you open it up.
    420. Marijuana, fresh or cured!

    Bad Smells
    1. Like, tons of babies and kids, like at a nursery or day care.
    2. Old people.
    3. Burnt clutch.
    4. Rest stop bathrooms.
    5. Cat piss.
    5. Port-A-Potties
    6. Very old beer.
    7. Bad milk.
  2. NoNoNanette

    NoNoNanette New Member

    Favorite Smells:
    1. Bissell Carpet Cleaner (don't ask, just smell)
    2. Fresh baked anything (let's all face it, even if it TASTES bad, most things that come out of the oven SMELL good)
    3. Clean cotton (like on clothes or sheets)
    4. Evan
    5. Dove Nighttime soap
    6. Sweet Pea
    7. Orchid
    8. "Nightmare Spray" (a perfume my mom would spray on my dollie when I was a little girl to make me not afraid of the dark or nightmares)
    9. BBQ (real stuff on the grill)

    Least Favorite:
    1. Vomit
    2. Dirty bathroom
    3. Sweaty laundry that's been sitting at the bottom of the hamper
    4. Decomposing birds (I have a lot of cats -_-)
    5. McDonalds anything (it tastes alright sometimes)
    6. Farts (my dad's a dirty old man....ew)
    7. Anything that has been in my brother's room or his general vacinity
  3. imported_medizone

    imported_medizone Sr. Member

    Favorite smells:
    Crisp, clean linen
    Glade plugin air fresheners
    Peppermint candy

    Least favorite:
    Rucksack full of clothes that smell like swampy nuts and ass after a long, rainy field problem
    Hockey gear (does anybody wash that stuff more than once a season?)
    Dishes that go unwashed for more than 2 or 3 days
  4. NoNoNanette

    NoNoNanette New Member

    Got a wiff of the boyfriend's hockey bag once...not that bad, but I've hung out with guys all my life, and I have an older brother.
  5. dreamer

    dreamer Inclined to Isolate

    1. the cologne i wear(once every month or so) Versace: the dreamer(had this account first! said this somewhere else)
    2. clean laundry
    3. the ocean breeze
    4. oranges
    5. axe snake peel body wash (go smell it, its awesome)
    6. leather
    7. Cannabis fresh, dired, and smoked
    8. the smell of purity when its raining.

    bad smells:
    1. burnt weed once its had its last hit of semi assness
    2. old people. i had an old guy sit in front of me on a bus, scabs on his bald head and he stunk sooo bad
    3. sweaty nuts
    4. dead creatures
  6. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Favorite Smell:
    Marijuana, any form
    Lava soap
    Coffee beans

    The only smell I actually hate (behind stuff that just stinks), is the smell of blueberry-imitation bagels, especially in a car on a hot day.
  7. iamskfan

    iamskfan [URL=""]Medical Marijuana E

    Good smells

    1. Cinnamon
    2. Fresh linens (the real linen or the linen fragrence)
    3. most soaps...freshly washed bodies and hair
    4. clean babies (only a mommy)
    5. killer weed
    6. almost any italian food while it is being cooked
    7. eucalyptus
    8. Snuggle fabric softner...almost every kind

    Bad Smells
    1. Chicken houses-DarkWing works around them
    2. Rendering plant-ex asshole worked at one. (well, he is still an asshole, just my EX asshole) lol
    3. this glue hubby uses sometimes...some industrial strength stinky stuff
    4. sourkraut
    5. ashtrays (even when I was a cig smoker)
  8. NoNoNanette

    NoNoNanette New Member

    Word. The boyfriend and I were discussing this earlier this month...when he didn't empty and left it sitting out overnight -_-
  9. SmasheR

    SmasheR TONIGHT, we RIDE

    A month ago, some freshman asswipe puked in my friends car after consuming an off-topic beverage, then we had to ride around with it in there for a few days before we finally got the smell out. Febreze, axe, you name it, couldn't stop the smell. Also this was in the middle of summer so if the car sat anywhere it just brought the smell out. It was in the backseat so calling shotgun became a full-out war. Also, props to him for managing this, he somehow was able to puke ON EVERYTHING. Even inside the god damn seatbelt buckles! (This was what kept the smell for a few days until we realized it.) We still keep a candle in there to mask what bit of the scent gets brought out on hot days. Needless to say, that kid has been blacklisted from partying with us. Note of advice, when someone drives you home drunk, don't puke in their car and for the love of god don't snitch on them when your parents catch you. Yeah the kid is a little piece of shit, that's why we blacklisted him.
  10. CrAzYpOtHeAd

    CrAzYpOtHeAd New Member

    good smell - the smell of a burning joint in ya hand

    bad smell - burning hair/burning pubes (pubes smell even worse then normal hair when burnt. trust me, i know.)

    EDIT - yay, 100th post
  11. NoNoNanette

    NoNoNanette New Member

    Old garbage cans....and giant bins of cut-off hair...they really don't smell like anything but B.O.

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