Good Strains for Autism (ASD)

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Kaleidoscope Mind, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Kaleidoscope Mind

    Kaleidoscope Mind New Member

    I have autism, and though I'm considered to be at the high-functioning end of the spectrum, I find I still have issues in the arena of anxiety and filtering stimulus. I get overwhelmed easily by high energy situations, especially crowded places and social events, and have difficulty figuring out how to interact in situations that leave me overwhelmed.

    Considering my only prospects for employment at the moment are jobs that put me in the very situations that overwhelm me the fastest, I need to find a strain (or strains) that helps me calm down and reduce the intensity of stressful situations while giving me the mental clarity to successfully interact with others (peers, bosses, potential customers, etc.) and do my job. I don't live in a medical MJ state, so the URLs for stealthy seedbanks would be a bonus.

    Low odor strains and indoor-friendly strains are a plus but not a must.
  2. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Sativas might be a great thing for you..Should leave you really focused and clear headed...
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  3. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    Sativa works with me, I have not had to nitpik about exact strain. As long as it grows too fast for indoor it is perfect.
    Growing too fast can be fixed, couchlock cannot. I stick to sativa.

    I gravitated towards warehousing and ended up in inventory control positions. I was more efficient than most programs, but could input filtered information understood by people managers.
    This patterning ability allows me to catogorize the no priority river of information to where I can pick out enough to stay sane, or at least funtion.

    The management of my final job allowed me to smoke. This was after I demonstrated I could match up vendor invoice #'s with our po #'s from the previous week. While obviously stoned. These are exceptionally fine people I worked for, but they did make me prove it first.

    I paid quite a few dues on the way, but inventory and warehouse work kept the interpersonal situations at a minimum and used my abilities.
  4. Mr AN

    Mr AN New Member

    Sativa's definitely will definitely help calm you down and hopefully help you with your social situation. My brother has Aspergers (autism related disorder) and he has the exact same problem. I hope everything works out for you, good luck.
  5. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    My cousin has aspergers or autism, he's about 8 years old at the moment and gets on completely fine with adults and older people but he has problems relating and communicating with young kids his own age.. Hopefully he will be fine when he's older - sad story but he actually got it from heavy metal poisining when he was a baby and they were painting with lead paints and stuff while re-doing a house. Hope you find a strain that works man and please let us know!
  6. Mr AN

    Mr AN New Member

    My brother has the same social issues. :/
  7. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    It got personal, I almost did not reply, been thinking since I saw the post on getting along better with grown ups.

    That was me, when I was 6 to 8 years old I was compared to teenagers. What a mature child I was, sophisticated past my years. It was the eidetic memory impressing older children, my age kids looked at me blankly.

    In my case there was a downside. I am officially certified as mentally 8 years old still. I disagree, experience cannot be totally ignored, but yeah, I do not communicate well with grown ups. Relationships do not last long, something is always missing and they go away. Boy/girl stuff or just trying to have a buddy.

    Smoking makes life less stressfull, but does not change anything. Well, I have far fewer tantrums, but those are not life changing events.
  8. LiamWhite

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    hey pHAETON, I truly hope that you, and others affected by Autism and other related diseases, live and enjoi life as much as they possibly can. I dont know how it feels but i do have Generalized anxiety, always feeling misunderstood really isnt motivating.. Best of luck to you sir. Now to answer the question, any sativa strain should do the trick. One notable strain that ive noticed gets me really high but in a clear headed non-lazy way is some Jack Herrer. Scooped a half O of it this summer for 90$ and let me tell you, it felt wondefull. I felt motivated to do stuff, i coulndnt just chill. (mind you i wasnt wired like a stimulant) and plus, the clear headed high is beautiful :)
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