Got 20 days to pass a drug test.

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by bsmoke, Oct 19, 2010.

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    I smoked 2-3 times a day for about a month or two (Mostly mids but high grade before I quit)

    I'm a dude
    I weight 125lbs
    about 3-5% body fat (used scale at home and friends house)

    Will I be ok to pass without a detox kit?

    I run 3 miles at a time every day but I am increasing that, and I workout also. I'm am just now starting to incorporate drinking ALOT of water through out the day

    Thanks for your help.
    One Love!
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    Read some of the post and you know all about detox scams.

    THC isn't water soluble, drinking loads of water is of no help other than the day of your test to dilute.
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    You *should* be ok, but be prepared.

    Assuming you mean you consume an entire rolled marijuana cigarette each time, based on the information you've provided it appears that you'd be fairly saturated with toxins when you quit, but not nearly one of the most extreme cases I've seen. It is difficult to evaluate, however, because taking three or four hits from a marijuana cigarette ten times a day would be less than smoking a whole one two or three times a day. It is important to note that the frequency does not mean the same thing as the quantity. It all comes down to how much total volume of the toxins you take in (potency + volume + frequency = gross toxicity).

    The claim of 3-5% body fat is the range of most professional body-builders who compete, not in strength, but in figure and definition competitions. At this range, unless you take proper precautions, you are in danger of causing harm to internal organs if it dips much lower. At this range, assuming a regular exercise routine is followed, the toxins would be built up at a fairly low rate because your body is not going to be storing much fat. Do NOT take that statement simply at face value, however. Although your body does not methodically "rotate the stock", so to speak, when it comes to storing and burning fat cells (a.k.a. you do not necessarily burn fat in the order in which it was stored then store new fat to replace it) it does happen this way to some extent. Simply put, just because you do or do not create new fat cells does not mean you do not store the toxins like everyone else. More accurately, if you look at your body like a warehouse, you do not have much capacity to store these toxins, so more of them are passed through your feces (sorry for the disgusting reference), primarily, and other excretory functions than would be for a heavier person. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you do not have many places to store the toxins or that you are not creating many new fat cells that you won't have much in your system. The fact is that if you are a heavy and/or chronic user the few fat cells you do have will eventually reach the point of saturation (i.e. they will have stored as much of the toxins as they can possibly hold). This being the case, you would have less fat to burn before taking a test, but you'd also have to burn less in order to fail the test.

    In any case, with a body fat range lower than ~8% and a regular vigorous exercise regime you should be able to easily pass a UA within 20 days. Things that would prevent this could include a diet that supplies your body with such a perfect blend of carbohydrates and sugars that you virtually cannot burn fat (very unlikely) or taking actions that would cause you to burn fat considerably faster within a couple of days or on the day of the test. I can promise you one thing: your body will definitely NOT be completely rid of all of the toxins within 20 days regardless of your BMI, exercise habits, or anything else. Due to the nature of fatty tissues and the toxins stored in them it is an absolute impossibility. In fact, although most users, even heavy users, will pass a UA after anywhere between tow weeks to two months with no attempt to clean the toxins other than abstaining from use (yes it varies by an incredible margin depending on the factors) a certain amount of these toxins can be retained in the system for an indefinite amount of time (meaning very very long). The question is whether or not there still be enough being released into your blood stream, and therefore into your urine, to fail a test.

    Whether you realize it or not, you are in fact partaking in a detox program. You are simply attempting to do it naturally. It sounds like you are already well familiarized with methods to control and burn body fat, and that is your best weapon given the amount of time you have. The best advice I can offer is to use that knowledge and also use whatever resources are available to you to make sure you are burning fat efficiently during the next two weeks. You are probably already aware that there are in fact things you can mistakenly do that will significantly reduce the amount of fat you are burning during your workouts. Pay careful attention to these things.

    In general, continue to burn as much fat as you can during the next two weeks or so, but (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) a few days before your test you will need to do everything you can to stop burning fat as much as possible. This will ensure that you pass the least amount of toxins as possible into your bloodstream when you are preparing to take your test.

    Assuming you are being open, honest, and accurate with the information you have provided, it is most likely that you will be safe without having to resort to additional methods. Please do not interpret that as advice not to use a detox product or dilution method before your test. In fact, I would strongly advise you to acquire three or more home tests (you can purchase very inexpensive ones over the internet) and test yourself each day for two days proceeding your test and on the day of your test. Even the inexpensive tests are fairly reliable as they use the same technologies and operate at the same cutoff levels as standard UAs. It is definitely a mistake to take a test while having no idea if you are passing clean urine. If any one of these tests comes up positive I would recommend that you research and employ a urine dilution method.

    That being said, the only way that utilizing a so-called "detox drink" or other dilution method could hurt your chances is:
    1.) You purchase or utilize one that has made false claims and does not actually work. I defer to the more established members of this community to recommend good ones and warn of bad ones.
    2.) Your choice is one that can be detected by the testing methods; and yes there are some out there. Again I defer to the same community members as before.
    3.) You use the method/product incorrectly and cause the test to be invalid.
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    I apologize for that horrendously long post. I wanted to be thorough for the OP but I didn't realize how long it had gotten.

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