Got a call from MRO...

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by junior9, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. junior9

    junior9 New Member a call from MRO that said I tested positive for Adderall (which I have a prescription for), he didn't mention anything else. Does that mean I am came back clean for THC or are they just dragging this out.

    I have 24 hours to send verification of my prescription with them, and then what happens?

  2. junior9

    junior9 New Member

    Just wanted to add, this was a pre employment 10 panel non dot test that i took 8 days ago.
  3. Little16Liz

    Little16Liz New Member

    any news? I'll be going through a similar situation in a few days so I was just curious... I also have a script for Adderall. Did you tell them about it before your test too?
  4. bman2013

    bman2013 New Member

    when you say 8 days do you mean business days? the wait times can be confusing when people aren't specific .. do weekends count?>

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