Got Resin? Differences Between Pipe Residue & Resin

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Higher Logic, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Higher Logic

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    Note - The original article for this thread is posted below this. I would like to point out, that through discussion, the views expressed in this article have changed. Here is a basic summary of what conclusions have been reached.

    What you are smoking is not resin, which is found naturally on a lot of plants, including cannabis. You can call it pipe residue, residue, or anything else you want, but just be aware you are not actually smoking resin, or hash, or kif. Pipe residue consists of (1) ash, (2) plant particles, (3) tar, (4) aldehydes, (5) hydrocarbons, and (6) cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, which are at unknown levels. The overall voice says smoking residue is not the best thing for you, nor is it recommended; however, if you must smoke pipe residue, flatten it out (for maximum surface area) and soak it in some warm water.

    Higher Logic | Discussion Forum | 24 September 2004

    Picture this. You just finished smoking a bowl out of your bubbler and you realize you could use another bowl, or two. Too bad that was your last bowl, or is it? You take a closer look at your pipe, it used to be crystal clear, but the months of smoking have turned your marine blue into a muddy black. It is official, you have found some “resin” to smoke and you didn’t even pay for it really—well not directly at least. So you grab your utensils, because we all know this happens all the time, and proceed to spend a good hour scraping your entire piece until it starts to shine again. After running some hot water through your bubbler and drying it off, you run back to the table where you worked like a dental surgeon on your now sexy piece. There, in front of you, is a huge ball of black gooey “resin.” Go ahead, smell it. Doesn’t really smell that good, does it? Well that’s no surprise, because you actually have never smoked resin—notice there’s no quotes this time—in your life. You do fancy a hot sizzling bowl of “resin” though all the time, but take a closer look. That ball of glop that smells like stale bong water is tar!

    According to the dictionary, tar is a “dark, oily, viscous material, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons, produced by the destructive distillation of organic substances such as wood, coal, or peat.” Keep that dictionary out, some big words in there. Actually, I’ll save you the trouble by putting it into easier terms. Tar is a dark, oily, and sticky material. It’s mainly carbon and hydrogen, taken in the form as methane, gas, and benzene, liquid. Tar is made when a solid object, like cannabis, is heated. Heating starts the process of natural distillation, in that volatile vapors are released from the plant matter leaving the more fixed substances behind. Put it this way, the evaporation of water, its condensation into clouds and its precipitation as rain is a good example of natural distillation.

    Since I have the dictionary out already, we’ll move along to the back of the book and check out resin. Ah, here we are. Resin is a “clear to translucent yellow or brown, solid or semisolid, viscous substance of plant origin.” We’ll break this one down too. Resin can range from a clear or white color to a translucent yellow or brown. A prime example would be Bubble hash, which can come in varying grades from white, or clear, to a yellow or amber to brown. It can be solid, like when it is bricked up, or partially solid, like sand. Resin is very sticky, and it is produced naturally by the plant. Cannabis secretes resin, and if you have ever had bud so sticky that it holds to a wall, then you know what I mean.

    It’s a common misconception that the black goop that’s on every piece you own is “resin.” I hope you understand the differences between resin and tar now. However, some of you will still insist you actually get higher from a bowl of tar, but I beg to differ. Oxygen deprivation from inhaling carbon monoxide and the neurotoxic effects of the tar are the only “high” you are getting. The other half is probably pure placebo. You might as well go smoke some glue…
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  2. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    I am glad someone finally came out and said the truth

    Tar = :puker:
  3. JustWonderin

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    So every "resin" post, site explanation, and such is wrong? I think the term resin refers to the tar with THC in it. Like a roach isnt actually a crawling roach its just termanology. I just don't see how an experienced pot smoker can get high off purely a placebo of thiniking they will get high. Have you ever tried smoking resin/tar? It makes sense that some THC would melt into the tar causing it to be released when heated.

    just a thought
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  4. ThE_MinOritY

    ThE_MinOritY New Member

    i knew the black goop was tar, ive just always called it "resin" because thats the norm
    it would sound pretty weird to say "im gonna go scrape my pipe for tar, and do some tar hits"
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  5. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    No, it really doesn't make sense. THC vaporizes well before it even combusts. What "sites" refer to that black crap as resin? You won't find one. You will find, however, the 34+ pages on here regarding "resin" when in fact they are actually talking about "tar."

    And who says you don't get high? I said you do get high, not from THC though, but from the carbon monoxide you are inhaling and the neurtoxic effect of the tar once combusted.

    There's no "arguing" out of this one. Resin is naturally produced from the plant. It can be rubbed together and balled up, but you will NOT find real resin sitting inside your pipe...

    The reason you hear everyone say it because they don't want to admit they are smoking tar for one, and second the only people I know who call it resin tend to be of a younger age, meaning those who run out and just "need" to smoke a bowl of anything. Another reason taking "tar" hits isn't a good idea, nor is it something I do or spend time doing...
  6. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Would it be weird if I had a brick of hash on my table and asked if anyone wants to smoke some resin? Sure wouldn't. It would be stupid, however, to ask someone to smoke the tar out of your stuck to the pipe for a reason, you already got everything out of the bud when you lit it on fire.

    If you don't believe me, just light some tar on fire. It will bubble and fizz, that's NOT a good thing.
  7. gratefulhippy

    gratefulhippy New Member


    Your wrong about this in so many ways. First of all people know that "resin" isnt HASH! EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS. Hash is compressed kiff, or small crystalls from the plant. Resin, the smoke that sticks to your peice before you inhaling, is not tar it is just the smoke that sticks to the glass. the THC and other chemicals are all stuck to your glass peice before you inhal and take a rip. If you think resin doesn't get you high your an idiot. And if you think its worse then smoking you shouldnt be smoking weed. Even if its mostly tar, the fruit "buds" of marijuana contain only 33% the tar then ciggerettes, the leafs have 4-10 times more however. In conclusion your post was ill founded and based on your uneducated guesses on the definitions* in the dictionary that would not have any marijuana related terms in it anyways.
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  8. eXploit

    eXploit New Member

    If this "tar" or "resin" contains no THC, why is it that in some states (Maybe all) you can be charged with posession if you have a pipe containing resin? If there is no THC left in it then how can they do this?

    Just something to think about.
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  9. cowfromhell

    cowfromhell New Member

    probably becuase its obvious you're using it for smoking pot
  10. eXploit

    eXploit New Member

    But how can they charge you with posession of cannabis cuz you have tar that contains no THC. I'm not talking a paraphenalia charge, but actual posession charges.
  11. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    The same way that they can weigh the dirt and include that in total weight when busted for growing, they made the rules. :(

    Life's unfair...Then you die. :D
  12. gratefulhippy

    gratefulhippy New Member

    More proof.

    Think about this, when you smoke a joint you know how the roach is usually more dark and sticky then the weed that u began with, most if not ALL stoner's know this weed is resinated and will get you more high, i actually save roach's and roll 1 huge joint with these roach's and it gets me FADED!
  13. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Wow, some balls you got there. Proving me wrong in one paragraph without even a hint of credible evidence. I hate to do this to you, but I'm going to have to prove you wrong. Let's first start by analyzing each sentence in your response and telling everyone on here WHY you are wrong. Shall we begin (better sit down)?

    First of all people know that "resin" isnt HASH! EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS.

    The dictionary is quite an amazing tool. So let's see what IT has to say about "hashish" (otherwise known as hash). Hash: A purified resin prepared from the flowering tops of the female cannabis plant and smoked or chewed as a narcotic or an intoxicant. What's that you say, Mr. Dictionary? A purified resin prepared from the what? Oh, the flower! That means it's produced NATURALLY, just like I was saying. Apparently, not EVERYBODY does know this...put it this way, I wouldn't call corn kernels popcorn would I? But what is popcorn made from? Exactly.

    Now, I could leave it at that, because that sentence alone proves you wrong, but since you took the time to so blatantly call me out on my wrongs, I shall return the favor...

    Hash is compressed kiff, or small crystalls from the plant.

    So, where exactly does kif come from? Does cannabis produce kif? And what exactly are "small crystals," they must have a more proper name, no? Kif (keef, kief) can be defined in two ways, depending on where you are from. Kif is a powder made from the dried flower of the female plant. Kif is smoked mixed with tobacco (1/3 of the mixture). The most COMMON definition of KIF, however, are the fine crystals of cannabinoids. They are produced by sifting buds, like in a tumbler, for concentrated consumption. Kif CAN be pressed together to produce hashish, but it is usually lef in it's powder form, which ranges in color depending on the purity. You are partially right, in that kif CAN be compressed to produce a form of hashish, but that certainly isn't the only way hashish is made.

    Resin, the smoke that sticks to your peice before you inhaling, is not tar it is just the smoke that sticks to the glass.

    How can RESIN be a SMOKE that sticks to glass? You do know that RESIN is not a gas, but a semi-to-solid substance, right?

    If you think resin doesn't get you high your an idiot.

    No one ever said resin won't get you high *shrug* RESIN does get you high. TAR also gets you high, but like I said, so will smoking glue. You are utterly confused on the differences between TAR and RESIN. I urge you to at least READ up before making so a bold statement.

    And if you think its worse then smoking you shouldnt be smoking weed.

    If you call it WEED I don't think YOU should be smoking. Smoking RESIN is much better for you than smoking bud, because it's more concentrated thus you need less of it. Smoking TAR, however, is NOT good for you. Again, I say, go smoke some glue. You'll get high, but that doesn't mean it's GOOD for you. No one is denying that TAR doesn't make you "FEEL" something...

    Even if its mostly tar, the fruit "buds" of Marijuana contain only 33% the tar then ciggerettes, the leafs have 4-10 times more however.

    :laugh: So what is it? Are you giving in now? You don't seem very sure of yourself. The flowering tops, or BUDS, of the cannabis plant DO NOT CONTAIN tar, tar is ONLY produced through the process of HEAT. And that myth about cigarettes and cannabis and tar amounts is utter nonsense. Where'd you get that from,

    In conclusion your post was ill founded and based on your uneducated guesses on the definitions* in the dictionary that would not have any Marijuana related terms in it anyways.

    If that isn't calling the kettle black! In conclusion, you have zero credibitly as far as I can see. You aren't even 100% positive in your self. I could spin circles around you when it comes to cannabis, don't even try and go there with me. Why wouldn't you find cannabis terms in the dictionary? You do realize it's a PLANT and that plants share common features, right? You do realize that OTHER PLANTS produce RESIN, which are used for PAINTS and VARNISHES, right? You do realize that ALL ORGANIC substances, when BURNED, will produce TAR? This is one of the most ignorant, blatant call-outs I have ever witnessed on here. You will NOT see this side from me on this board, but YOUR reply to my post has prompted me to do so.

    Hey, but by all means, go ahead and smoke the TAR in your pipe. While your at it, put some newspaper in there too, maybe some sugar and ketchup. Hey, it gets you high right? Right?
  14. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    The same reason they can bust you for a STEM or a SEED. And like Plains said, when you are cultivating cannabis, they weigh the entire plant, roots and all.
  15. gratefulhippy

    gratefulhippy New Member

    slang words.

    Im just saying it is not "tar". Many different cultures and people use the same words for different meanings. When people say "resin" in their pipe's they are refering to the substance that left behind that is the smoke before you inhaled. The thc gets stuck to. I know resin is kief because cannabis plants have many resin glands on them to produce resin that keeps them cool or warm.
    Kiff = resin
    resin = kiff AND the substance left on your pipe
  16. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    We're not talking about slang words here, many people on here do not know that resin is what hashish primarily is, which is why it's sticky. Kif is not sticky, it's not primarily resin. The stuff left on your pipe is not resin either, it's tar. The way you put it, saying it's "slang," it's like me saying a piece of coal is a diamond, because even though coal turns into a diamond, it doesn't mean they are the same thing. Even though that black goo in your pipe comes from the bud you put in the bowl, doesn't mean it resembles anything from that nugget. I didn't write this article to tell people how to use slang, or how to go around and think they are smoking some "potent" stuff when in fact it isn't. Even if people know that that craps is in fact tar, but they call it resin anyways, they don't know that there's a zero resembleance to cannabis.

    I don't know why this is so hard to accept. You put a piece of cannabis in your pipe, you light it, and vapors start to go down the pipe, where they go through condensation, and gather on side; it's natural distillation, and the "bi-products" that are left by are benzene and methane. You will get "high," of course, from smoking that stuff in your pipe, but it's not a cannabis high whatsoever. You are experiencing carbon monoxide, essentially oxygen deprevation, and you experience neurotoxic effects from the benzene/methane, which means toxins are killing nerve tissue.
  17. gratefulhippy

    gratefulhippy New Member


    did you just say kiff isnt sticky? lol it is really sticky. what do you think hash is?
  18. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    KIF, also spelled KEF, KIEF, KEIF, is not sticky. If it was, it would't be able to go through the screens they use to get kif in the first place. Hash is very sticky because it's resin. See, there's really no "process" involved to get kif, you can shake a jar around and kif will fall to the bottom; you can't shake some bud around and have hashish fall out. Kif can be combined with other things and compressed with a machine (or a lot of manual force) and it will brick up, but it won't hold and have a gooey texture like hash does. I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. What do I think hash is? It's its own thing. You have the flowering tops, or buds, of the cannabis plant; then you have kif; and finally hashish, which can come in different forms depending on what method you do to extract the resin.
  19. LegalizeIt420

    LegalizeIt420 New Member

    First off, I ask you, gratefulhippy, what do you have to back up all of your info? Also, HigherLogic makes good point about kif not being sticky. How would they get it through the screens? Or do they use teflon screens? :rolleyes: I think you need to give it a rest because its obvious HigherLogic has logic on a higher level than you. And yes, I do realise how corny that was. So, yeah. I think you two should keep arguing. I find this pretty entertaining :laugh: .

  20. chromiumblue

    chromiumblue New Member

    If more people would invest in a vaporizer the truth would be easier to believe. MANY people partake in the same confusion. Everyone seems to think that a byproduct of a substance, always consists of the same materal as the original substance. If this black stuff came from my fresh green bud then it must be good to smoke.

    ---Just another vap. fanatic I guess.

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