great way to smoke without worrying about smell

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by hipe, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. hipe

    hipe Subscriber

    i'm sure a lot of us think about smell when smoking, and i have found a great way to get rid of it. what i did was open my window, point a fan at it from half way across the room, put a bounce sheet on the fan, and smoked. did a fairly big session (at least 20 mins) with my fairly large bong, and 0 smell from it. i just told my friend who is in college residence and lives by the front desk about it, he tried it, and again, no smell.
  2. Meursault

    Meursault Sr. Member

    Alternate method: Scented candles, febreeze and an open window to blow the smoke out. Febreeze neutralizes the air right away, and the candle will remove and remaining smell. I personally think Vanilla scented candles work the best.
  3. hipe

    hipe Subscriber

    i used to do that (but with insense instead of candles) + a few bounce sheets in a cardboard tube since i was in residence and couldn't get caught. although it does work, i found its so much more work compared to this.
  4. Unriggable

    Unriggable New Member

    I'm going to college on saturday, should i worry about smell?
  5. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    Yes.. just go to the Legal section to see how many college kids have been busted by the odor of marijuana.

    I used to do this.... I had two fans, and two windows. One pointing out, one pointing in. Towel above door and below.. And for extra confidence, an incense stick.
  6. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    This little device is fondly referred to as "A Doob Tube" and YES it does work.
  7. hipe

    hipe Subscriber

    big time. i've had friends be evicted for smell alone (not even being caught smoking) and having bongs/pipes. i was in there for 4 months, toweled the doors, opened the window and blew out the screen, and never got caught though.
  8. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    Also called a "sploof." And yeah, it's pretty cool..
  9. Illumination

    Illumination New Member

    I've tried using a doob tube, and while it kind of works, the best method for me is making sure I have a window open and blowing the smoke out of it in conjunction with running a regular fan and a ceiling fan in my room.

    Unless it's a blunt :laugh:
  10. zOOmerz

    zOOmerz New Member

    i rent a basement and i just open up one window, point a fan at it, and light an incense stick. works every time. the lady upstairs has never complained or even mentioned a smell.

    if you can smoke cigarettes wherever you are, that helps cover the smell too. well - that is, if you smoke...
  11. GateKeeper2000

    GateKeeper2000 New Member

    My landlord knows I smoke (unless hes completely naive) but we pay the rent on time every month so he doesn't seem to care.

    I sure as hell would not recommend smoking in a dorm though unless you know for sure you can hide the smell.

    I burn incense in my room and febreeze regularly.


    Only way I know is scent proof is to get a metal bowl with a cap so you can cover it after you're drag to prevent smoke from escaping and then blowing through a jasmine scented hello neighbor the other scents do not work as well, these do wear out but they do keep a stealth smoke when I was in high school my mom would be making dinner and I would be in the next room using this method no problems at all - ever, I now use this method when the kids are home, hello neighbors can get expensive but being stealthy is priceless - also the vanilla nut works good too and seems to last the longest they have a few scents but I am suprised they are the only ones with a product like that.

    Idea I have heard but not tried, works for growing - take a empty toilet paper or paper towel tube and fill it with carbon from the fish section at walmart - like $5 and use a rubber band and some panthose and cover the end and secure it with the rubber band now fill the tube with the carbon and some baby powder now cover the other end with the panty hose and secure with a rubber band then blow through that carbon should reduce odor and baby powder mixed in helps cover as well when you blow through because it adds some smell, like I said never tried it but heard it works :)
  13. hipe

    hipe Subscriber

    another fail proof way to cover the smell is by making microwave popcorn. the smell over powers it by a lot.

    just remembered that :D


    Best part of that Idea is you got munchies covered too :)
  15. hipe

    hipe Subscriber


    i found it out my accident haha
  16. KG1990

    KG1990 New Member

    i am very glad i read this thread, and particularly your post because i go too college sunday and i didnt think smell would be an issue at all, i would have simply blown it out the window of my dorm. i think i have been getting too "cocky" with the places i smoke and how uncareful i am
  17. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    im sure its been said, but i'll re hash. lol, hash.

    Vaporizers. a marijuana like scent does come out of it, but not totally similar to marijuana.

    Spoofs/Bounce Blowers. An empty toilet paper roll stuffed with bounce laundry sheets. Exhale smoke into it. Marijuana smell still eminates from bowl/joint.

    Marijuana Infused Food. Click on "Recipes" in this forum, you will be befuddled at what you can do with marijauna. Zero detection of smells from cooked food containing marijuana. However there is the possibility of a smell of unburned fresh marijuana prior or during cooking.

    And my favourite method of smoking without worrying about smell, is smoking in TGO!
  18. larson60

    larson60 New Member

    that really doesn't sound like a good idea at all. Do the bathroom/shower way
  19. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    That is exactly what i do at the moment. I find that the febreeze candles work the best, but they are expensive ($10). I find this system is expensive though because you have to buy febreeze every so often too.
  20. habitual95

    habitual95 New Member

    I smoke in my room all the time, I usually leave the ceiling fan on and just blow it out the window, granted I sit by the window and smoke out of it and it's about 5 feet tall... Sometimes i forget to turn the fan on.. basically theres no smell either way just make sure it goes out the window

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