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    I've read in a couple of recipe articles about something called "Green Dragon", can anyone tell me what this is and or wht it does and what you would use it for.

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    I believe green dragon is some kind of east indian drink, when marijuana is mixed with some kind of alcohol like votka and then strained, and it actually makes it turn green. This is the only green dragon that I've ever heard of. I suppose it'll get you drunk and really high at the same time since thc is absorbed by the alcohol.
  3. What up Home-grown? The Green Dragon you and giggle are referring to is called absinthe, made from grain alcohol and the plant artemesia (wormwood). It was a part of eastern european culture for years, but is now illegal in most places. I actually made some last week- it's different- very bitter, not something I would do often (it's a lot of work). In low doses it produces a high not dissimilar to that of pot- at higher doses the alcohol takes stronger effect than the absinthe. Hope I helped.
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    Actually, absinthe is a different thing, although it may have been called Green Dragon.

    The Green Dragon they are talking about is when you put some bud in alcohol (vodka or everclear, something with high proof) and let it soak for about two weeks, shake it everyday.

    I did it, and used about 1/4 ounce. I strained the stuff after two weeks, and it smelled really REALLY funky - think a very strong and grassy herbal smell, not nice though. I finally got myself to drink some mixed with sprite and some honey, and it wasn't that nice. The high was very intense, but I hate getting drunk and high, so it wasn't very enjoyable.
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    drunk and high

    yo bong zilla dont u love being high and drunk ur happy and dazed the 2 best
    this green dragon sound like what i do all the time but i use captain morgan just cuz it tastes better and boil the bud in that let it cool then drink for a good time ur be nice and happy ur the day
    well i forgot what i was talking bout cuz i forget thing s a lot so um do wa diddy diddy dum diddy do and dont worry be happy
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    Green Dragon, as mentioned by some in this forum, is a drink made using vodka (or other spirit) and marijuana. The ideal ratio (from my experiments, at least) is about a quarter ounce of marijuana to a fifth of vodka. Start by pouring the vodka into a bowl and then add the marijuana. Heat the mixture so the THC is absorbed into the alcohol quicker. Strain the mixture and pour the liquid, which should be greenish in tint by now, back into the bottle of vodka. One can also start pouring out shots. :) Some people have been known to add other drugs besides marijuana to the mixture, though I would not reccomend that. Drinking a lot of this is a good way to become real good friends with the toilet.

    Another way to make Green Dragon, without requiring heat, is to take the bottle of vodka and add marijuana to that. The marijuana should be broken up as small as possible (shake works well) before it is added to the vodka. Some of the vodka may need to be poured out first to make room. Since a heat source is not being used, the mixture should sit for a good numbre of weeks (read 5-9), depending on how well the alcohol is doing its job.

    Absinthe, on the other hand, which was also mentioned in this thread, is a green alcoholic beverage with a high alcohol content, flavored with wormwood. The reason that it is often confused for the Green Dragon is because absinthe contains thujone (from the wormwood), a psychoactive ingredient chemically similiar to THC. Speculation abounds about thujone and THC activating the same neural receptors. This drink is often referred to as The Green Goddess.
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    I'm actually planning on making a bottle of green dragon sometime in the immediate future. Does anybody have any idea as to the potency of this stuff? Like how many shots is enough? I want to make a big 40 of it, then play with it and try to make a palatable drink out of it. I'm thinking of using 100 proof vodka, as its the strongest bottle that I know of that you can buy at the LCBO. Once I have a nice bottle of spiked vodka then I'm gonna play with some liqueurs. I know that creme de menthe would just about kill the taste of anything, but I want to come up with something that tastes good and includes the taste of the weed. I'm thinking Drambuie would cover/complement it nicely. If anyone has any suggestions other than adding pop or juice ( I just figure thats cheating ) I'd like to hear them.
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    What about making green dragon with absinthe....woah.
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    Absinthe...dangerous sh!t...especially if you have any bi-polar or manic tendencies, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, etc...bad bad stuff...neurotoxic...

    and way off topic ;)
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    From what I've read you should use about .5 grams per oz of everclear. Then drinking 1 or 2 shots (about 3 oz.s, right? thats 1.5 grams of bud- equivalent to a good eating dosage) you get high. I dont know about you guys but 2 shots does not get me drunk. maybe buzzed.
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    Everclear, oh why does it have to be everclear. That stuff is ethanol and not tasty. Also, boiling alchohol like i heard someone say earlier is a bad idea, the thc and the alchohol get boiled out, so i don't know how you got drunk. Your just supposed to leave the bud/everclear mixture sit in a dark place for a while, shaking it every day. Then you got your weed mixture. I think that is the same step in the early steps of making hashish. I've drank it out of 151 and it was rough.
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    Everclear is Grain Alcohol of between 151 and 190 proof... "Proof" = 50% volume in pure alcohol.

    Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol) is a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic odor and has a burning taste.

    It is NOT available in every state nor is it available in all states at all Proofs

    For making Green Dragon, Vodka can be substituted (an alcohol made from potatoes)

    Do NOT heat the mixture as there is a very high tendency for this to catch fire and/or explode -- Alchohl and Fire = :redhot:

    Alchohl as a solvent will dissolve cannabinoids THC etc into it's extract...if you allowed all alcohol to evaporate, you would be left with "honey oil" a form of potent cannabis that can be smoked. Less evaporation creates a "tincture" which can be used medically placing drops in drink or food or sublingually (under the tongue).

    PS... to any cute little puppies who are reading this ...woof.shnarf...snortle, slurp...woof (wag tail) ...Poochie Budz says HI!
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    i read that it works best using 96% ethanol. where can you buy this from? just normal places that sell alcohol or do you need to go somewhere else?
  14. Cassius

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    192-proof Everclear is 96% ethanol.
  15. Mamabudz

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    Most states sell grain alcohol...but Vodka will work just as well.
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    alchoholic potheads lol

    man drinking and smoking are 2 different things weed clears your mind and alchohol clouds your mind.

    P.S. i think weed tastes awful and i think the smoke isnt that great either am i alone in this?
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    "Green Dragon" Web Page

    A friend of mine noticed that there is not much detailed information on the web about how to make "green dragon" (marijuana extract), so he created this web page: :liplick:

    There is nothing for sale on the web page, and the author has released the use of the text and photographs. Hope everyone finds this page useful and entertaining... if you're offended by language, then you may want to pass.
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    Very interesting!
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    woo hoo !!! new approach to consuming plants !!!

    I've been poking around internet past few weeks trying to get cooking to work & so far not too successful except for wasting alot of expensive herb

    I like the easy breezy approach - put some pot into some alcohol, wait, then consume

    the "cooking with 90% alcohol" approach and subsequent flaming of my kitchen looks kind of scarey, I'll leave that to the professionals :) :)
  20. cactus2clouds

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    the obscure method

    I think that's why not a lot of people know about this method: because it takes patience and/or skill. But with a few tips and tricks, at least the skill level is a little easier. Let's just say that the author had a few interesting experiments before perfecting the technique. :liplick:

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