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  1. ProjecktBud

    ProjecktBud New Member

    I drink TONS of green tea. I'm not talking about lipton's green tea out of the bottle either. I like to boil water and add loose leaf green tea to it. To me there is no better drink, and I usually drink somewhere around 3 liters of it a day. I was just curious how many other stoners out there indulge in green tea? This really is an open ended question, feel free to explain your thoughts on it too. Peace brothers and sisters. :rasta:
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  2. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes New Member

    I like the Tazo green tea. I think they serve it at Starbucks too. Plenty of antioxidents that clean out toxins from your body. Too bad I'm putting more in faster than I can get it out.
  3. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    The Tazo is alright.

    I find the mint in the green tea almost gives it a 'cleaner' taste.
  4. cadej

    cadej New Member

    i drink tons of green tea, i usually cold brew mine. it gets kind of hot where i'm at.
  5. RandomOne

    RandomOne New Member

    i also like green tea, just standard organic leaf with no additives for me. Hot brewed and steeped for 1-2 minutes is best :)
  6. Yana Usdi

    Yana Usdi Dogs best friend

    Not nearly as much as you do, but yeah, I like it on occasion. Especially in the winter. We grow Lemon Balm and some mints, the Lemon Balm in particular makes a nice addition to it.
  7. Plaidheart

    Plaidheart New Member


    I love green tea I drink about 2 cups of it a day! I like tetley green tea the best mmmm...
  8. kev_ski

    kev_ski New Member

    I like to drink Bancha green tea. I make a pot or two and let it sit for a while and seep. I usually drink it at room temp. It is delicious.
  9. heatheriswonderful

    heatheriswonderful New Member

    i love green tea! i also work at a loose leaf tea shop, so i have a favorite green tea :) earl grey green mixed with organic marakesh mint. on ice its delish and will cure your cold if you have one.
  10. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    I like the brand name Green Tea - not the real stuff. But either way it's good shit.
  11. the_hitman

    the_hitman New Member

    I really ought to drink more green tea.
    It is supposedly one of the healthiest substances you can put into your body.
    Additionally, it is supposed to speed up metabolism, remove toxins, antioxident, etc.
  12. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    I try to drink at least one cup of Green Tea per day.

    I prefer decaf though.

    Its a weird transition right now. I went to my local "coffee" shop earlier today.

    I rolled a joint, smoked it, then changed my answer a million times when the server asked what I wanted.

    She then subsequently asked me If she could have any of what I was smoking.

    It was like 15 today, so it either be in the sun and drink an Iced Green tea, or just opt for the Hot Green Tea. Which is what I did.
  13. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    i don't drink green tea alot.but it's pretty good.though i have to share;
    when i saw the title i automatically assumed you made green tea with weed in it,so i thought of grandma's boy,when the ladies drink "sophie's tea".
  14. fhISkrista

    fhISkrista New Member

    Green Tea is the shit! I love Gunpowder Green Tea, I drink about 2 or 3 cups a day.
  15. heatheriswonderful

    heatheriswonderful New Member

    if you all love green tea i suggest trying matcha in some form.
    it makes delicious drinks ( only served with soya, milk takes away health properties) and smoothies, you can bake it into food and make ice cream with it. its a super antioxident rich form of ingesting green tea. also if you ever get the chance try it on its own, if you like it that way you'll be hooked!
    i have one matcha drink per day.. it is honsetly one of the best drinks out there.

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