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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by GolfproLucas, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. GolfproLucas

    GolfproLucas New Member

    Sorry didnt know where to put this but i have a question with grinding your weed up, does it last as long
    to be more clear does ground up weed last as long as weed still in nugs?
  2. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Yes, you get the same amount out that you put in. Why do you think grinded herb is of a lesser quantity than a whole bud/buds? :confused:
  3. krad

    krad New Member

    You should always use the grinder, and try to grind the weed up as finely as possible:

    "Local methods differ by the preparation of the cannabis plant before use, the parts of the cannabis plant which are used, and the treatment of the smoke before inhalation. Because large particles require a higher burning temperature, herb should be sifted through a 1/16-inch/1.6-mm. mesh screen strainer, and the smoking utensil crater should contain a snug-fitting screen to prevent drawing particles down the channel."
  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    It's better to grind right before you use it or, at most, grind up enough for a couple of days. The same thing that makes ground up weed better for smoking or vaping also makes it decrease in potency over time.

    What grinding does is increase the surface area of the weed. The greater the surface area, the easier it is to extract the goodness. The enemies of marijuana potency are air, heat, light, and excess moisture. By grinding up the weed, you bring more of it in contact with air, which oxidizes the cannabinoids, rendering them inactive.

    I never grind up more than a few days worth. Right after I grind it, it's very aromatic and potent. As time passes, it loses its aroma and it takes more to get to the same place. Besides the potency, I really prefer the aroma and taste of freshly ground buds.
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  5. mizzOe

    mizzOe New Member

    I use scissors to chop up my herb - they stopped selling those little hand-held grinders in the stores around here. So I'm stuck with using scissors - it's a real bitch when the nugs are real moist
  6. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I agree. I get 1 gram, every other day, and grind that up to last me a couple days.
  7. madhopes

    madhopes New Member

    I always grinded it with my hands... Which probably took a little bit longer but works fine in my opinion.
  8. Ogpogo

    Ogpogo New Member

    I use a grinder 90% of the time, and my hands 10% of the time. The only issue I have with just straight "busting" cannabis with my fingers is all of the resin glands that end up on my fingers instead of on my bud.


    Check out ebay they sell them cheap

    I use a grinder when I am rolling but if I am packing I break it up, but Buzzby put it perfectly
  10. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    My little sis (O.K., she's 40) never uses a grinder and her J's turn out fantastic.
    I don't have the patience or the talent to do that. I just whip out the grinder.
  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    If your buds are dry, that works very well. If your buds are really sticky, a lot of the resin winds up stuck to your fingers instead of ending up in your pipe, joint, bong, vape, etc. With good weed, just the amount of handling necessary to break up a big bud into small enough pieces to fit in a grinder leaves my fingers all stuck together with resin.
  12. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    I used to have a really nice 4 piece grinder, after a lucky escape with the police in which I was fortunately not charged I decided that I'd leave grinders alone, I have to admit I truly appreciate it when I'm smoking with a friend who owns one, they really save time.
  13. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    I use a grinder, but generally when im strapped for time.

    I tend to view Cannabis as an art. Bitting up your pot with a metal grinder would detract from it. I want to be up close and personal with this plant that im soon going to consume. Its like giving it its passage to death.

    Wow, I must be really baked. None the less, its all true!

    As for hash, I purposefully break it up with my fingers. After I've smoked, I can have a full out smell orgasm just off my fingers.
  14. Snipe¤Star

    Snipe¤Star New Member

    get a pair of Cutco Super Shears... when i used to sell cutco a few years ago, doing in-home demonstrations for people, i used to take a penny and cut off the edge of the penny with those scissors... people were like :eek: sold! :hail:
  15. Hash Man

    Hash Man New Member

    wow those are bad ass
  16. Isirap

    Isirap New Member

    Did she use someting else to grind the weed, or role it as a bud??
  17. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    An option that works really well with sticky buds is a single-edge razor blade. Hold the bud down with a finger, toothpick, or fork and slice off sections around 1/16 inch wide.
  18. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    True.:) Scholarly. :idea:
    Unfortunately, due to my current state of mind, this description is making me laugh hysterically.
    I think it's the "utensil crater" thing!
    "Hey man! Wanna' smoke a utensil crater?" :rofl:
    I'm sorry krad!
    It just struck me funny. :sulkoff:
  19. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    She just breaks it up really fine, by hand. You would swear that it came out of a grinder.
    Talented lady. :)
  20. StealthKill

    StealthKill New Member

    Thats like my girlfriend. She can roll j's for her friends like its her profession. Making a J look exactly like a cig in everyway blew my mind the first time I saw it. I think a piece of my brain exploded that day......:weird:

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