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    So I'm going to Guatemala to study for my final semester of college. I'm going to be there for about 4 months and I want to cram in every possible experience I can. I'm going to be based in La Antigua but I will be able to travel around quite a bit.

    Has anybody been to Guatemala? Other places near it like southern Mexico, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador? If so, please tell me where you went and what you did or whatever else (for example, where to find good bud;) )
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    My recommendation is not to go to Honduras. I've never been myself, but my dad has been several times (he's in the cigar business), and every trip is a nightmare. On the last one, they got caught going back to Nicaragua by a riot in the no-mans-land in between the countries. The people were tearing apart cars, and were going to tear apart their car next, but they bribed the people with cigars (cost them, but a lot less than being stranded). Never found out the reason for the riot, and I wouldn't have believed it if my dad was the one who told me about it. He sometimes messes with us and makes shit up, and is good at it too. Fortunately, his partners are not only not as skilled at lying as he is, but are downright awful at it. And they were the guys talking about it. Crazy shit happens in Honduras.
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    This is the typical image many people have of Central America and it's true to an extent. But "crazy shit" happens everywhere, it's just more visible in post-conflict countries like Honduras. Honduras is no more dangerous that Guatemala where there are also riots and many other development problems, but that's not going to stop me from staying there. The key is educating yourself about the place your going and being aware of your surroundings, keeping up on the news, etc...

    Seems like your dad doesn't see what Honduras does have to offer. Tegucigalpa (it's main city) isn't very attractive, there's not much to do and it's fairly dangerous, but outside of it Honduras has amazing eco-tourism all over it's nature reserves, ancient ruins, beautiful Carribean beaches, some of the best reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving schools people go to from all across the world to get certified.

    I'm definitely going to Honduras to see the Mayan ruins at Copan.
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    in guatamala 90% of the wealth is owned by 10% of the population, good luck; try other college students
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    Dude, he's there ON BUSINESS. He doesn't have TIME to go see that stuff. Not to mention I explicitly said that my dad said NONE of that stuff, it was his business partners, one of which who practically lives in Nicaragua. We all know that stuff is down there- the only time my dad was down in Nicaragua with time off they went on one of the volcano walks.

    It's a risk assessment issue. At some point, you're going to have to be in one of the cities, and there's a higher risk of riot and weapon firing in Honduras than in any of the surrounding nations. There are eco-tourism sites and Mayan pyramids that AREN'T in Honduras, where you're LESS likely to have to deal with problems. I can't say honestly that I can speak for Guatemala, but if you think Nicaragua is as dangerous as Honduras, then you need to do some more research (well, maybe flying into Managua... scary flight path). I highly recommend El Salvador or Nicaragua over Honduras, and would anyday of the week.

    But, that's a decision for you to make. I just put my two cents in. 4 Foue months is not nearly enough time to go and see and really appreciate all the stuff down there, and I don't see a reason to needlessly increase the danger when you could go see something equally interesting that takes a less dangerous route to get to.
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    Sorry, it wasn't that explicit to me, you going into a side story about your dad being a good liar and all. My apologies, guess I misread.

    Not necessarily, I mean you can for museums and nightclubs, but most tourist destinations are not in the big cities. It seems to me there's more to do outside the cities, in fact my travel guide lists many more sites outside of Tegucigalpa and Managua than in the cities themselves, it says not to no even go to Guatemala City, and because it's so small, the only real tourist spot in El Salvador is actually its only large city, San Salvador. Maybe it just depends what you're into, if you don't like nature, stay in the city.

    how do you know this? Do you have stats? Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador are all post-conflict emerging democracies, popular mobilization comes with emerging democracy. Latin Americans love to mobilize because of past widespread opression and "dirty wars", granted they're not all violent riots, the people love to protest for rights they are often denied.

    I agree and I'll see many of those too I'm sure. But Copan, one of the greatest discoveries of the Mayan world is in Honduras. There is no other Copan in any other country, it happens to be in Honduras so if I must go there to see it then I will. Plus I can say that's another county I've been to in my life.

    Did I ever say this??

    Which of these countries have you visited? What did you do/see?

    I'll take my chances like the millions of others who visit these places every year.

    I wasn't trying to attack you or you dad or anything, I just happen to disagree and stated my opinion. You clearly find Honduras an unsafe place, and that's your opinion. I, however, feel differently and wanted state this difference for whoever else may read this, seems it would give a more balanced view of the area. I really don't think Central America gets enough credit for what it has to offer. This is just MY two cents, I'm not trying to be a know-it-all, just saying what I believe and have learned after studying and Latin America for the past 4 years.
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    im from guatemala, i never met my birthparents, thats awesome as fuck u actually get to go there, my mom was actually living in some village somewhere but i was born in guatemala city. cool tho! peace!
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    I want to visit central america. Never been south of mexico.

    A few of my techers went to central america and really enjoyed it. COsta rica seems like an awesome country to visit.

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