Guide: How to not get caught.

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    If your parents are very strict and you don't want to be caught or your trying to prevent being caught again, heres a guide to not getting caught smoking.

    • Never smoke indoors while your parents or family is home. Be 100% sure no one will be home for atleast 2 1/2 hours.

    • If you must smoke indoors while anyone is home, make sure everyone is sound asleep. Use a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets in it and an open window and blow the smoke through it and out the window. Shove a towel under your door and over any vents. Also turn a fan on and spray cologne or purfume. Chew gum!

    • Have a fire, if your having friends over just say your having a fire and camping in your backyard. Just make sure your parents don't come out to check in on you.

    • Take a walk, if you are very active just say your going for a hike in the woods or walking to a friends house. Just make sure to take gum and body spray.

    This is my guide to not getting caught in the act, if. You have anything to add or disagree feel free to comment. Remember avoid smoking indoors or close to your house!
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  2. If your friends parents are okay with them smoking bud then hang out there and do it. Try and not smoke weed in public do it where you have privacy and always have a plan if things go south.
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    Yes that is true but this guide is for people who's parents AREN'T okay with it.

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