Guide to Making a Percolator (multi-chambered) bong

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  1. SenorSmokesALot

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    Ok, so after seeing a lot of pictures of multi-chambered bongs I decided I wanted to make one too, and assuming other people do as well, I wanted to make an extensive how-to on them.


    1) 2 plastic bottles
    2) 2 bottle caps (the ones from the bottles are fine)
    3) Metal Tire Gauge (make sure it's not coated in any paint)
    4) Socket that Fits in Gauge Pipe
    5) Chip Clip or Black Paper Clip

    6) Cap from shaving cream (I use edge)
    7) Duct Tape or Electrical Tape
    8) Screen or Wire Mesh

    Step One (Sanitation and Prep):

    Clean out bottles and shaving cream cap. Remove spring and nozzle from tire gauge leaving only the hollow metal rod. Clean this out as well.

    Step Two (Making the Stem):

    Put the screen in the socket and insert into the hollow rod. Put the clip on the rod and congratulations you have a stem. Set aside for now

    Step Three (Making the Bottom Chamber):

    Take the first bottle cap and cut a hole large enough to fit the stem in. Cut another hole, the same size, in the side of the bottle. The second hole should be positioned so the stem can reach the water if inserted at an angle (like any bong would be). Tape the bottle cap so that the hole on the cap is slightly higher than the hole on the bottle (this allows for the stem to stay stably at an angle into the water) See diagram below. At this point you have a pretty good bong. Load up your bowl and take a hit!

    Step Four (Making the percolator):

    Take the shaving cream cap and put it on the top of the bottle. Mark out where you can cut holes while still being able to tape the cap to the bottle and yet have the holes lower than where the water is. Now cut those holes! Cut a hole in the other bottle cap so that smoke can go through it. Screw on the bottle cap and tape the edge cap to the top of the bottle.

    Step Five (Making the second chamber):

    Cut the second bottle in half and cover the first bottle with it. Tape it off.

    Step Six (The Final Step):

    Fill the bong with water (I put a straw through the bottom hole and put it under the faucet to fill the 1st chamber, the second chamber you can just fill through the top) Fill the bowl with weed. Light up and enjoy!

    Substitutions for any of the items is perfectly acceptable. Make it your own.


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  2. Jinsgin

    Jinsgin New Member

    Nevermind, got it. Nice guide
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  3. 420daily

    420daily New Member

    Very nice never seen a homemade double perc before.
  4. Acedeuceblazer

    Acedeuceblazer New Member

  5. High

    High as a kite

    I must bring this thread back to life AS IT IS A GODLY CREATION!

    Thank you my friend as you have helped me enjoy another bowl :)
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  6. SenorSmokesALot

    SenorSmokesALot Subscriber

    Haha. This thread is so old! I may have to make another perc because I don't think this is my best work; at least, I'm sure I could make one that at least looks better. That thing ripped though! RIP pepsi bottle-perc!
  7. High

    High as a kite

    I just made a perc bong following your lil diagram :p
    except I didnt use a shaving cream lid ( couldnt find one ) I used my nephews dora the explorer sippy cup instead haha...It fits perfectly on the Dr.Pepper bottle :p
  8. StonedCoder

    StonedCoder Sr. Member

    Yeah, I'm sure you could do better. Although I think better materials could be used, I really like the concept. I prefer this over the method with plastic straws into the second chamber.
  9. appletree13

    appletree13 New Member

    lol that pic, the bong doesnt, even look good. i have been making home made percs and some of them dont use any tape, i have now started using a glass base as the first chamber. i have also made a glass perculater that can screw on to any of my creations.
  10. StonedCoder

    StonedCoder Sr. Member

    Post some pics then and maybe a guide :D
  11. bust

    bust New Member

    hey man im having trouble with step 1 with taking the tire gauge apart, how do you do that ?
  12. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    bumping this so the newer members who have yet to discover the search feature have a little easier time getting info. bringing some archives to the surface :D

    as an addition, i would not recommend using a socket as a bowl piece. it will work but if it heats up to much, it could let off toxic fumes and vapors.
  13. High

    High as a kite

    Sockets are stainless steel, I don't think they can let off toxic fumes/vapors.
  14. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    sockets are usually chrome dipped. this dip will let off zinc and chromium when heated at low temp's
  15. High

    High as a kite

    :s you learn something new everyday. All of mine say they are stainless steel, I feel bad now because I have been telling people who mke thier own pieces that sockets are safe to use :(
    I hope I didnt cause anybody health problems.
  16. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    doubtful, even if someone DID use them, the risk of injury from chromium is very low. i just don't like to recommend them without stating the risk. personally, if i was in a bind and had to smoke a bowl out of one, i probably would after a VERY good cleaning.

    if you have true stainless sockets that are not chromes, you should be fine :)

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