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    I think it would be good to have a thread on here to serve as a guide for all new smokers and all smokers in general to seek knowledge. Obviously I don't possess all the knowledge to write this myself, so everybody should reply with things that should be added to the guide! I'll update it as we go.

    --The Ultimate Guide To Weed--

    * Ways to Smoke *

    Joint - A joint is weed (or hash) rolled up in cigarette paper (Zig-Zags and Jobs are some of the popular brands of cigarette rolling paper although there are tons of different kinds).
    See also:
    spliff - a joint rolled with weed and tobacco
    roach - a roach is a small piece of paper (usually made out of a somewhat thicker card) inserted into the mouth of the joint. It helps shape the joint and serves as a stable mouth piece.

    Blunt - A blunt is weed (and/or hash) rolled in cigar paper. Although there are such things as blunt rolling papers, the typical method is to buy cheap commercial cigar, aka a blunt (Phillie Blunt, Swisher Sweets are two popular brands) and slice it open to remove the tobacco. The cigar wrapper is then re-rolled with weed or hash or some combination in between.
    See also:
    godfather blunt - Instead of cutting and rerolling a cigar wrapper to make your blunt, the cigar is hollowed out and filled with weed/hash. This takes a lot of weed and makes a huge (in diameter) blunt.

    Dry Pipes - There isn't much to explain here. A pipe is usually called a "bowl" because of the bowl shape at the end of the pipe where you stick the weed. I say dry pipe because no water is put in them for use. Pipes can be made of all sorts of materials, the safest and preferred material is glass. There are many different kinds of dry pipes, these include:

    * Chillum - These are tiny pipes with very small bowls usually only good for one or two hits. They're straight shafts, the weed goes at the top and you inhale smoke from the bottom. They are the most compact and easy to hide
    pipes. A lot of people use them at concerts because they are easy to get past security.


    * Spoon - It is easy to see where the name for this pipe came from. Spoons range in size, I've seen huge ones. Generally they are fairly small (aside from chillums, many spoons are the smallest pipes you'll find). Spoons are relatively inexpensive for the most part (unless you get something really exotic).


    * Sherlock - These pipes are named after Sherlock Holmes, because the style is similar to the pipes he used to smoke. Instead of being straight, sherlocks have curved necks between the bowl and the mouthpiece. One thing I noticed about my sherlock is that it has a gigantic carb. If I hold the carb for a while, tons of smoke filles the innards of the pipe but doesn't seem to go into my mouth after a certain point. Releasing the carb lets in a his rush of smoke. It reminds me of a bong hit actually.


    More -

    Color-changing glass: Many people like to buy glass pipes that are color changing. This means that with use, over time the pipe will start to change colors or darken. I'm not sure how this works exactly but I think color changing glass works because of a combination of the heat and resin collection on the sides of the pipe.

    Wet Pipes - No explaination really necessary. These pipes function fully when water or some other liquid is added to a chamber. Smoke is filtered through that area on its way to your mouth. This brings the temperature of the smoke down and also filters some of the unwanted chemcicals from your cannabis. Cold water filtration will yield some of the smoothest hits ever. Water is by far the most popular choice for filling the chambers of wet pipes
    however some people use other things. Pretty much any liquid will work, don't do anything stupid like put flammable liquids in though. Use common sense. There only two types of wet pipes that I can think of:

    * Bubbler - These are essentially regular pipes with a chamber somehow attached under the bowl that can be filled with water. You put youlr liquid into bubblers through the carb hole usually to avoid getting the bowl itself wet. Or that is how I do it. Chamber sizes range, but the bigger the chamber, the more water you can put in. The more water there is, the longer it will maintain a desireable temperature. Ie, I have a small bubbler, the chamber holds a fairly small amount of water. By the end of the bowl, the water is usually fairly hot. Remember as you pull hot smoke through the water, the heat has to go somewhere. If you haven't taken chemistry before this should still make sense it is a relatively simple concept.


    * Bong - Also called a water-pipe these days (it is the politically correct term). This is the king of all smoking accessories. Bongs function just like bubblers except they have huge (comparatively) chambers for water. Bongs are big and you will get a ton of smoke in your lungs taking hits from these.


    * Weed Itself *

    With methods of smoking covered, it's time to move on to weed itself. Every pot smoker should know that the active chemical in weed, THC, is what gets you high. Some of the other chemicals factor into the high. Now, there are two ends of the cannabis spectrum - indica and sativa. Depending on what kind of weed you have, it could be one or the other or some mix in between.

    Indica: Most Indica varieties come from southern Asia and the Indian subcontinent (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet, Nepal, etc.). Indicas are compact and stocky, with dense, heavy, fragrant buds. The effect of Indica
    is generally classified as a 'stone', meaning that it is more centered on the body. It may enhance physical sensations such as taste, touch and sound. It has a relaxing effect - mentally and physically - and may be soporific in larger doses.

    Sativa: Sativas generally originate in the equatorial regions - Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica, Mexico, etc. , Sativas are valued by many growers for their 'high' effect. This high may be characterized as cerebral, energetic,
    creative, giggly or even psychedelic. It is less overpowering than the Indica 'stone', and less likely to send the user to sleep.Most weed in the United States seems to be more on the indica end. Aside from these two types, there are hundreds of different strains of marijuana. These have names probably familiar to everybody - Ak47, White Rhino, White Widow, Northern Lights, just to name a few of the popular ones. If you get weed and hear that it is something specific, check it out at Overgrow's strain guide. It is most likely top quality if it is actually a strain listed on that site.


    Although slang tends to vary from state to state and country to country, some words are fairly universal in describing the quality of weed.

    Schwag: This is the worst grade of weed. Brown, seedy, and usually dry. It is very cheap, but you get what you pay for in this case.

    Mids: This is the middle of the road weed. You'll start seeing some nug forms and possibly some red hairs and crystals. This weed will be of a lighter color and much prettier than schwag. Few seeds usually in mids.

    Dank: This is sizeable nugs of weed usually. Plenty of red hairs, a nice green color and no seeds are attributes of dank. Most "dank" that I've encountered seems to be beasters. Beaster is the low end of the high-class dank weed. It
    is commercially grown, seems mostly indica. Definitely not a designer specific strain.

    Headies: What is called "heads" or "headies" is usually a very high quality weed - usually one of the more exotic strains. It is also the most expensive.


    Weed quantities are fairly universal. It is sold in grams, fractions of ounces usually. It goes like this:

    1/8 (of an ounce) "eight": 3.5 grams
    1/4 (of an ounce) "quarter/q": 7 grams
    1/2 (of an ounce) "half o": 14 grams
    1 ounce: 28 grams
    quarter-pound: 4 ounces

    And unless you're a big time dealer you probably won't be buying any more than that. Some areas have dealers that sell nickel, dime and dub bags. Your mileage may vary - sorry there is no universal weight for any of these bags.

    Coming Soon: All about resin, misc. methods of smoking (knife hits, gravity bongs), rolling tips for both joints abd blunts, help on selecting papers, anything else that comes up.
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    Very Well Written and Helpful to a newb such as myself :thumbsup:
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    wow that pretty much covers it all, maybe later add some rolling techniques
  4. Yelir

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    Mmmm, I so believe karma points are deserved for this. It is quite helpfull and if STICKIED it would take care of alot of the questions that are re-posted over n over. MAKE THIS STICKY. :thumbsup:
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    although i rarely lower myself to smoking resin (cause of the taste and i dont like the high it gives me) when i run outta weed i just light the empty bowl and it's so resinated that i get hits, but sometimes i gotta scrape with my knife a bit to get it to light. I know a friend who likes to scrape the resin out after it all builds up and clump it with shake, tastes like **** but it works.
    Warning tho, if you're using a glass spoon or similar piece without a screen, avoid this cause the ash tends to fly into your lungs
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    Nice job. If I could give any more karma today, I'd hook you up. Deff. deserving.

    And if you get a nice glass spoon, ash doesn't get sucked into your lungs, never happened to me.
  7. Mattacular

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    I've had ash pull through with glass spoons and even sherlocks. Bubblers and bongs however... no way.
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    nice guide that covers everything i can think of
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    good read, although there are a few mishaps.

    1-A roach can also be the resinated end of a joint.what you referred to in my parts we call a "crutch".
    2-I do believe there is Cannabis ruderalis along with indica and sativa.
    3-You mentioned dub sack as other ways it comes in.i believe a dub sack is the same as an 1/8.

    i think thats it and i could be wrong.Also please include resin techniques to help the nub smokers with no weed.
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    I'd say that's a fine introduction to new smokers. Covers the basics, not detailed enough to overwhelm them, but enough information to get them started with everything they need to know.
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    You are completely wrong. A dub is anywhere from 1.5 to 2.0 (Depends on the hommie status of the dealer) Though it's normaly 1.5 so thats why it's always best to buy in larger quanities.. You get ripped if you get a dub or smaller.
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    Ok I can't edit the original post anymore but here is an addition.

    Resin: If you've ever smoked out of a pipe or even smoked to the end of a joint you've seen resin. Even notice your joints turn sort of a green-yellow-brownish color as they start to burn down to the end? This is the result of elements from the smoke that got stuck on their way to the end of the smoking device, in this case a joint. All in pipes you'll notice the bowl and insides of the pipe will begin to coat with a sticky, fairly disgusting black residue. This, and the stuff that collects are the end of joints are both resin.

    Resin is smokeable. It definitely provides a different high than smoking weed itself. Seems shorter to me but your results may vary.

    How to smoke resin
    If the bowls of your pipes are extremely thickly coated with resin, it is worth a try to just light the inside of the bowl while it is empty. Light it for a good long bit while inhaling. You should get a nice big hit of resin. It will probably taste pretty crappy but the effects might be worth it to you.

    Smoking resin should really only be a last resort if you have no weed.

    Now, if you want to get a lot of resin, you can scrape your pipe. However this takes a long time. There are betters ways of doing it (such as soaking your pipe in isopropyl 91% alcohol+salt and then straining the resin out). For more info on that I suggest a thread over at Cheaptalk - right here. Now when you have a lot of resin make sure it is try and put it in your pipe and smoke it. Or you could roll it into a joint (with weed).

    Selecting Joint Rolling Papers
    These days there are so many brands of rolling papers, it would be impossible to list them all. Everybody in the United States has probably heard of or used JOBs and/or Zig-Zags. These are sold in most gas stations across the nation. In Europe, a brand called Rizla is popular. Aside from regular papers, newer brands are coming out that are -

    Hemp-based Papers: In my experience, these aren't very good. I've never gotten a hemp-based paper to roll or light very well and I feel the gumming on most papers is not strong enough.

    Rice-based Papers:: These are the newest thing around and they are very nice I must say. Rice-based papers have almost no taste, the experience smoking a joint rolled with these is great cause all you taste is weed. The papers also burn extremely slowly. I recommend a brand called Elements.

    More to come: misc. methods of smoking (knife hits, gravity bongs), rolling tips for both joints abd blunts...
  13. anonymity

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    Awesome job so far. Might I add that, in case you weren't aware, an excellent place to do research is cheaptalk. There are threads all about hot knifing, rolling, and other methods of use in the methods of use forum.

    It would also be sweet if you included a sort of bibliography which would have links to all the places that you may have looked to figure this stuff out, or maybe something that just lists links for more information.

    Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
  14. Mattacular

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    Everything except for the pictures and the part about cleaning your pipe is info from my head - no resources used.

    As for links to find other info, anybody who has helpful related links feel free to post them in this thread for everybody to see. I don't really know of anywhere to look except for the Methods of Use forum over at Cheaptalk.
  15. reefermadness1

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    Note that opinions vary as far as hemp vs. rice papers... Myself, I like hemp better.
  16. Templar

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    An excellent guide, and i especially like the pictures. :thumbsup:
  17. kissthesky

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    I've used rizzla's before, very very good papers, nice and thin, they are clear. Only good if you can roll pro though.

    As for resin, you might want to add that it has a higher concentration of THC than marijuana when it begins, thats why the hits from the end of a joint always get you more high than the first ones.

    Great job though man, it would be nice if maybe the mods or you could make the forum without all these posts inbetween yours. :thumbsup:
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    i dunno dude, where i live $20=a dub sack=4 varies with the type of weed if i ask my chronic dealer for a dub he knows 1 gram.what im gettin at is its just 20 bucks worth of weed.
  19. cyryllis

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    im not a big fan of using foil near anything that i smoke just incase some of the aluminum gets scraped off into the bowl and i smoke it
  20. bens132002

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    i use a paperclip and jus scrape around, but ony only metal pieces, or the chamber of a bong, or bowl..btw i just scraped my bong and smoked the resin and im super high

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