Guide to Smoking Weed

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Mattacular, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Mrs.VinceNoir

    Mrs.VinceNoir New Member

    Holy Moly Yummy. *siiiigh* :hail:
  2. Dizeazed121

    Dizeazed121 New Member

    Excuse me? I'm sorry to inform you that you are mistaken.
  3. Dizeazed121

    Dizeazed121 New Member

    Amen to your Indica knowledge my friend. :hail:
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  4. leon010922

    leon010922 New Member

    I have never been in a chat room in my life. Help me out here. I just retired and so I can do as I please now. Anybody out there ever heard of Sour Diesel? Let me hear. Thanks.
  5. ovocato

    ovocato New Member

    My friend smoked some Sour Deisel once... He said it was one of the best strains he has ever smoked ( and he knows his way around weed ). If you get the chance, by all means, smoke it!
  6. Mr_SoloDolo

    Mr_SoloDolo New Member

    thanks so much for posting this dude. i tip my blunt to you
  7. Mr_SoloDolo

    Mr_SoloDolo New Member

    i had that on senior week. it put me to bed i thought it was decent tho. i would urge you to try Grape Ape, White Widow, or Honeycomb Kush. all very very good
  8. ovocato

    ovocato New Member

    Grape Ape was the first weed I ever smoked... It's the bomb!
  9. Mr_SoloDolo

    Mr_SoloDolo New Member

    its defiantly as good as it looks haha
  10. #BuD

    #BuD New Member

    This is a great thread for new smokers, great job.
  11. devin0234

    devin0234 New Member

    Amazing post bro i was wondering what a roach was
  12. YoungJohn

    YoungJohn New Member

    Thank You! This was exactly what I was looking for, it gave me the bacis on Accesories: Joints/Blunts, Grade of the weed itself:Dank/Shwag and The Name, because my dealer is selling me a dime. This is my first time, and it helps alot, thanks ALOt!
  13. milesfromnowhere

    milesfromnowhere New Member

    I remember me and a friend smoked out of an aluminum tent pole section. We had such shitty weed that he couldn't roll it (I've never been good at rolling). So we took out a tent pole, removed the shock cord, loaded it up, and started puffing away...

    Just figured I'd share another DESPERATE story.
  14. billybong420

    billybong420 New Member

    Also. if you use a Bong or Water-pipe you can use a Small Stranger and empty you're Bong water in said Strainer and then Rinse bong not allowing water to escape then once more pour the Bong water in Strainer then you can Let it dry over night or put in the in the Microwave for a couple of minutes, Not to long our it will burn up.I only Do this when i am out and can not find some smoke or if my Funds are low, Takes care of the Wants.
  15. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    Please add methods.
  16. Grimm

    Grimm New Member

    I just went and bought a real gravity bong works like a charm!
  17. Grimm

    Grimm New Member

    Thankfully I live in Northern Ont canada where you might and i say might get a ticket if caught with any thing under 20 grams.dont put it in little bags other wise they will nail ya with trafficking but here in Ont as long as u have under 20 grams in one bag your golden!

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