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    this hellped alot
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    Maybe someone should add a section on how to act when the cops come etc. I'be always been taught to throw all my pipes as far as I can, even if the cop is staring at you. If they can't find it, then they can never really prove that you had anything.
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    How To Make A Lung

    Well, I Have Looked Over This Site Quite A Bit, I Also Smoke Quite A Bit, Yet One Of My Favorite Ways Is Not On Here. A Lung.

    This Is What You Will Need:
    - A Gatoraide Or Poweraide Plastic Bottle
    - A Pair A Scissors
    - A Knife
    - A Plastic Bag
    - Tape
    - The Cap Of The Bottle (Has To Be Flat)
    - Tinfoil/Bowl

    How To Make:
    Cut Off The Bottom Of The Bottle. Take Your Plastic Bag And Tape The Opening To The Bottom. If It Does Not Fit Perfectly It Is Either A) Too Big Or B) To Small.
    A) Cut It So It Fits Good.
    B) Get A Bigger Bag
    Bear In Mind That A Newspaper Bag Will Work Best. At The Bottom Of The Bag, Tape The Ends Together And Make A Little Handel. So Far It Should Look Like A Bottle With A Plastic Bag On The Bottom, Which It Is. Suck In From The Top Really Fast. If You Did It Right The Bag Should Go To The Top. Next, Get The Cap, And Cut Out The Middle Part. Once That Is Done, Put Some Tinfoil Over It With Some Holes Poked In. If Done Correctly The Holes Will Lead Directly Into The Chamber And The Cap Will Un-Screw Off.

    How To Use:
    Make Sure The Bag Is At The Top Of The Thing And You Can Reach The Handle. One Person Puts The Marijuana On The Tinfoil And Lights The Weed. The Other Person Will Slowly, Make Sure It's Slow Pull The Bag Down. If Done Correctly The Chamber Will Begain To Fill With Smoke. Once You Can't Pull It Any Further, Unscrew The Lid And Suck In Really Hard. It Will Be An Amazing Hit. In My Oppinion Better Then A Gravity Bong. I Hope This Helped All Of You Stoners Out There!
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    This may or may not have been covered but, where i grew up...
    Nickles were .5 grams
    Dimes were 1.0 grams
    And Dubs were 2.0 grams
  5. Raptor Jesus

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    Where im from thats reffered to as a parachute. I took 2 parachutes, and 2 g-bong hits and shared 2 joints with 3 friends last night, then, south park! lol pretty solid night...
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    Really good written :)
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    Are you allowed to link websites.
    Cause I found this website with all the information about certain places.

    Prices. Marijuana tolerance By police. Good places to find it, and so on.
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    There is a guide on this site to make a third lung. Try and use the search button next time. its found here.
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  10. Mr Whale Nips

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    I could be totally wrong, but I thought those were based on price, not amount. At least around here, a nickle is $5 of weed, dime is 10, dub is 20.
  11. kronik

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    Yes, in general, you are right. In some area grams are 10 dollars, and some areas there is no such thing as a nickle bag. I buy FAT grams of DANK for 20, but that's me, My dealer usually throws in extra, though. Where I live, there is no 5 bag. :)
  12. Uncle-Junior

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    20 dollars worth of weed is pretty much the lowest reasonable quantity of weed you can buy.

    Most dealers would scoff at you if you tried to by a "nickel" bag.
  13. WMtexas

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    I can get 1.5 grams of dro for 20, but I live in one of the border states, and marijuana tends to be cheaper on the border, plus Texas has really good marijuana prices in general.
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    thanks. :)
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    Where would "skunk" fall under in the quality category? Is it better than headies? Is it headies?
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    that was really great stuff! i never knew all the types of names for the pipes and stuff. wow. thank you!
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    It's funny cuz I was asking my dealer if he sold dimes or if that was too little or whatever. Then he tells me the lowest satchel he'll be sellin is a nickel :D haha. Which I've never bought but I know he'd gimme .5

    Just thought it was funny because no one hardly ever sells any lower then a dime.
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    nice good job on it :)
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    Should also put the prices on there.
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    prices are gonna vary with quality, quantity and location, so you cant reliably price it unless you are gonna put specific places with said prices.

    My little addition to the thread, about inhaling and holding...

    New to smoking, about 3 months or so. Started out with a little metal pipe i got at a gas station because I was broke and couldnt afford a glass piece. Worked well enough, but to be honest, glass is the way to go, preferably with a carb (the little "extra" hole on the side for letting air in, for those of you who dont know, because I had no clue for 2 of my 3 months smoking).

    With my pipe, i pack it good, light up, cover the carb, suck in with my mouth first like im drinking through a straw, maybe 5-8 seconds, then when I cant get anything more that way I uncover the carb and suck in really fast to clear what I have already. After its cleared, I plug the carb again while still inhaling to get more smoke, then uncover again and suck the rest in.

    I hold for 20 seconds or so, just because I like to. My ex GF from a long time ago told me that she would "zero" it, holding it in until there was nothing coming out when she exhaled, never tried it myself but I have such large lung capacity (measured at the docs office with some little thing you blow into to raise a ball on a meter, blew it off the chart) that it would take a long time.

    Also, adding Spoofers in here as well, for those who want to smoke discreetly. These take the smoke you exhale and disperse it through a cloth/dryer sheet/towel or whatever so there is less or no smoke after exhaling, and doesnt smell much if at all.

    There are many ways to make one, for example using a toilet paper roll and stuffing dryer sheets (fabric softener sheets for those who dont know what a dryer sheet is) in it is the most simplistic, but I made up something that works way better.

    Take a plastic water bottle and cut the very bottom off of it, only where it curves. Grab a rubber band, a clean wash cloth you dont care about and 6 to 8 dryer sheets.

    Stuff two or three dryer sheets all crumpled up to the top where youd drink out of. Get the wash cloth moist, make sure its not soaked, squeeze it out so its just barely wet, then fold/roll that up so it takes up the whole size of the bottle width and stick it in there. Crumple up two or three more dryer sheets and stick em in. For the last 2 sheets, spread em out and then fold em in half, and rubber band/tape/hair tie em around the bottom edge that you cut off.

    take a hit, cover the bowl with a quarter or your lighter if you have one of the flat ones or even your thumb to stop the herb from burning and also trap any smoke escaping there, and blow into the drinking end of the bottle. The smoke dissipates so fast (within seconds) you dont even notice and it smells like clean laundry. If you still worry about the smoke, either do it in the bathroom with the shower running on hot, or fold up a shirt, and put that over the end and it will get rid of what little there is left while still smelling like it just got washed.

    Febreeze a little (just in case you miss some from the bowl or cough a little out) and bam, no smell/smoke at all.

    Hope that helps someone out there!

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