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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by QuickQuestion23, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. QuickQuestion23

    QuickQuestion23 New Member

    Until three weeks ago I had not smoked marijuana since college. I am now 31 years old and took two hits from a bowl at a reunion exactly 16 days ago. Between then and now I was offered a new job in which I had to take a hair follicle drug test.

    To break it down... two puffs 16 days before submitting a hair follicle test. First-time use in several years. What is the likelihood that I pass the test?

    Thanks so much, in advance, for your response!!!
  2. QuickQuestion23

    QuickQuestion23 New Member

    I've been unsuccessful in researching this. I know hair tests generally go back 90 days, but I'm not sure if a one-time use in that period would make it below the cut-off.
  3. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    You did not do a very good job of searching, this question has been answered hundreds of times...

    If you had simply typed in "hair test cutoff" into the search function you would have found your answer in less than two minutes. I know, I just tried it...

    But to spoon feed it to you, one session in 90 days will be below the cutoff level...
  4. ohboyyyy

    ohboyyyy New Member

    we're in the same boat pretty soon as i know my results i'll post mine
  5. AbsolutFaith

    AbsolutFaith New Member

    would eating a few brownies also be under the cutoff level?

  6. ohboyyyy

    ohboyyyy New Member

    I just got word that I passed my drug test. You should past yours to!
  7. Mensafool

    Mensafool New Member

    I also was offered a job where they will be testing hair, I broke my ankle and haven't worked out for 3 months. I've smoked maybe a bowl in 1 session about 70 days ago. Jerry, should I worry at all about not sweating or working out?
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    mensafool, you should be just fine as I answered in your other thread.
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  9. LabTech

    LabTech New Member

    those levels are not much it should be no problem removing low thc
  10. crazy123

    crazy123 New Member

    hair test tomorrow

    my big day is about 15 hours away and im going CRAZY- here is the deal stop smoking about 35 days ago(everyday smoker for about 15 years 6'2 230lbs not a high metabolism, dark hair) 3-5 days after smoking shaved everything, and then thought to myself its still in my blood, so i took a 7 day flush using some pills by hydroycut and then waited another 3-5 days and shaved again using my fusion blade, had to take a piss test went and bought home testing kit and was in my opinion borderline pass/fail, so i bought a drink for the piss test and of course passed, after the piss test shave head with barber clipper almost bald i need some fee back on what y'all think- also have been doing the mac method with some various other steps please respond
  11. LabTech

    LabTech New Member

    faint means pass

    the strip said pass the line is faint but it is there the manufacturer explained this to me

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