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    notes at bottom.

    Hey everyone, I really need some help, I'm kinda flipping out over here.

    I have read several posts in this section and have some relief, but I am very nervous, I really need this job.

    Anyway today, I was informed that a swell as the urine test which I am taking tomorrow after 27 days of being clean, I am fairly confident wont be an issue as I took a home piss test for marijuana and passed. I also used the first piss of the day for the test run, so i am not that worried about the more diluted mid stream sample I be pissing for them tomorrow.

    The problem is, yeah, the employer told me today they have stricter standards then their recruiting agency and they will give me a hair follicle test along with a physical on my first day. Which will be 45 days clean.

    Before 45 days ago, I was at a music festival and smoked a lot of pot. I also did like 3 or 4 lines of blow, took a single pill of ecstasy, and snorted 4 or 5 bunbs of special K and about a 10 strip of acid at this festival. (between 45 and 51 days before hair test)

    Prior to the music festival for about 1 year, the only drug I have done was marijuana, and that was nearly every day going back like 4 months.

    I am about 170 lbs in decent shape. My head and face and chest are shaved down to about an inch below my belly button. My unmentionables are trimmed pretty short also. Maybe a CM or so. I have trimmed my arms and legs about the same length prior, unrelated to the test. That's for the ladies.

    I suppose the only thing im missing now are my armpits, I suppose I will trim them as short as I reasonably can w/o causing irritation or stubble.

    Will they use my eyebrow hair if that's all they can find? im nervous as those must obviously grow slower.

    The guy at the head shop here recommended I use the All clear shampoo. I suppose I will use it to wash my eyebrows, nether-regions, armpits and legs.

    Any tips, suggestions, cheering up would be appreciated. I am going to be really screwed if I don't get this job, aside from the fact that I wont be able to pay my rent for much longer w/o this job.

    1: 170 lbs Male
    2: 45 days since I smoked pot, (regular smoker before that)
    3: single weekend of alphabet soup( coke, E, K, LSD) 48 days before follicle test)
    4: Shaved head, 1cm body hair except for 1.5 inch armpit hair that I am willing to cut down to 1cm.
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    Welcome to our site.....:wave:

    Please help us and follow the Posting Guidelines as we do not allow discussion of any drug but herb.....


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    Oh Noted. Sorry. That's a pretty good philosophy though, I usually don't do anything other them herb, however, this one weekend at Moe. Down got the best of my better judgment.
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    A friend of mine who is a pharmacist,(not that pharmacists are trained on how to pass a drug test, but obviously know how drugs work and such) suggested maybe it would be best to just shave my head now and not worry about the rest of my body then don't shave my head for the 2 weeks. Give them a little something to sample on my head. I guess that 2 weeks of growth should not give them a deep enough look into the past to get a window into my indisgressions.

    Can anyone tell me how long after ingestion the toxins take to get to my hair. I mean, do they sit around for a few weeks before trickling up to the hair? So, with say, only 2 weeks of hair growth would they be able to go back a month?
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    I've had experience at a couple hair labs, and my experience is that they will not take head hair unless it is at least an inch long (about 2 months of growth). You may be able to pressure them into taking 1/2-3/4 inch. A few people on here have claimed to get them to take as little as a 1/2 inch by shaving the rest of theeir body hair and claiming to be a jujitsu fighter or something ridiculous like that, but I wouldn't count on it.

    Body hair is a different story. I went to one lab that would take any appreciable amount of body hair (they took my 1/4-1/2 inch trimmed armpit hair) as long as they could cut it off, probably as little as a 1/4 inch. However, because body hair grows much slower, that ultimately doesn't help you too much.

    It is estimated that hair takes about a week to grow long enough to be detectable after ingestion. Therefore when they say in goes back 90 days for 1.5 inches of hair, I think it's probably closer to 97 days for hair that grows at exactly .5 inch/month.

    If you really need to pass and don't want to risk it on just luck alone (although some scientific articles have discussed experiments where about 10% of regular users can pass randomly without any treatment, so its assumed that less-than-regular users can pass at a higher rate), my personal opinion is that the only thing that can significantly impact your result is assaulting your hair with a strong base like bleach. There are journal articles supporting this, and a textbook titled something like 'The effects of cosemtic treatment on hair follicle drug testing'. See the Jerry G method for more info. Good luck my friend.

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