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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by Empathy, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    Hey friends.

    I am looking for advice and hopefully someone who has experience in this area. I have a hair follicle test I have to take. As of today, I have been 100 days clean. ( I knew the test was coming ) The earliest I will have to take it is in 6 days. Will 106 days ensure I pass?

    Thanks for your help!!!
  2. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    The search feature is your friend. That question is asked and answered here almost daily...
  3. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    The sad thing is I tried searching....I always found examples who were only 60-70 days clean.
  4. OneHitWhip

    OneHitWhip New Member

    LOL! You have not searched very hard at all as Jerry G is correct. LOL!

    But to put your mind at ease, with 106 days without smoking you have got to be a for sure PASS with no special efforts.

    I hope this helps and good luck.
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  5. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    So I read this on the thread with another lady who claim she was 120 days clean and failed also.

    A big positive, failed....I tried the macujo method (by the way thanks anyway macujo, I thought it would work & I'm glad it worked for others) & I used some of that cleansing shampoo, I won't take anymore hair tests, my friend said I put too many masking agents (chemicals) which they detected & took their sweet time pullin out all of my past, I'm not going to take anymore hair tests, I'll just move on to the urine testing companies, hell, they picked up pot I smoked 7 months ago....BS...., good luck brothas & sisters

    ------My hair test is scheduled for Monday at which time I will be 110 days clean. My current hair length is 1.5 to 2 inches long so I am thinking about taking another 1/2 inch off before then. I was feeling confident after reading some post but these two I referred to above have me freaking out! Any thoughts? Should I try to reschedule the test? Failing is not an option!
  6. jamieeastburn

    jamieeastburn New Member

    I think you should be for your friend saying they realized there were a lot of detox shampoos I dont think that is true. A lot of what I read says that they cannot test/even look to see if a person is covering up the test. The major companies that do hair testing say nothing why would they test for them. I have read tons of posts of people that are hardcore users and have passed using bleach, acids, toxin wash, and zydot etc....Also, companies test the last 1.5 inches which is approx. 90 days. I read that THC breaks down after 90 days naturally anyway..things like chlorine UV rays take a toll eventually. Good luck
  7. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    That was not my friend making the comment....just another post on this site which raised my worries. I will take your advice and not cut my hair to ensure that they do take it from my head. I can push the test back but not much longer which I do not think would help my results much anyway. Im just hoping 110 days clean is enough.
  8. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    Just read another post where a individual claimed to have been clean for 100 days and failed a Hair test. He claims this due to his heavy usage prior to the 100 days clean. To me this does not make sense since hair grow at a rate of .5 inches per month @ 100 days that is over 1.5 inches clean. He should have passed with ease. Now once again I am worried.

    What are your thoughts on using a hair straightener right after a shower to basically kill your hair? I have been clean for 110 days but looking for other methods to ensure a pass. I really do not want to bleach and dye tho.
  9. OneHitWhip

    OneHitWhip New Member

    I have two thoughts:

    1) Do not use relaxers with a bleach and redye.

    2) Please put your mind at ease. At a 106 days your chances are great with no special efforts. Of course there will be some out layers, but chances are that is NOT you.
  10. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    .5"/month is an average

    While there are examples of people failing after 90 days, it's very rare.

    While no one can decide for you what you should do, I have never heard anyone say they felt they treated their hair too much...
  11. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    So I went for test today and the lady basically refused to take the hair from my head. She used every excuse under the sun. She ended up taking it from my chest hair...she is lucky if she got a full inch of like 20 strains. 110 days clean but basically I believed I am fucked. This system is bull shit. I stay clean for 110 days in order to pass and they go and do this to me!
  12. OneHitWhip

    OneHitWhip New Member

    IMO you're fine. Hair is hair and after 90 days the THC metabolites break down on their own which renders the test inconclusive. This includes chest hair.
  13. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    Thanks Man! You deff helped smooth my nerves over. I actually talked to a buddy who works for the same company I applied too and he said he was 97 days cleans and the took armpit hair and he passed. I am hoping to hear back by Thursday or Friday. The weird thing is that my chest hair was only about an inch and they barely took any! you would think my full head of hair would have been better for them. How weird.

    What bothers me is all this faulty information available on the web. I am surprised that nobody has gotten their facts straight by now and educated the world.

    Thanks again Buddy! I will post my results when time comes.
  14. OneHitWhip

    OneHitWhip New Member

    IMO incorrect information on the web comes from companies/people that can gain financially by drug tests or concoctions aimed and beating drug tests. Or crap comes from people that simply love to put fear in others by spewing complete B.S.
  15. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    Agreed! Hopefully my example can help put some rest into the minds of other who are in the same boat. I am not sure why but it seems to be a trend around here to take body hair from males and head hair from women. Not sure why.

    Apart of me wants to never smoke again. Another part of me says stick it to the big man!
  16. rare_user

    rare_user New Member

    Empathy, what company tested you? Psychemedics? Quest?
  17. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    It was sent to Psychemedics. The same as my buddy who passed it with 97 days clean (armpit hair). - don't go sending me bad vibes now hahaha
  18. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    I read previous post from you rare_user. Glad to see you passed your Quest Test. From my understanding, Psychemedics claims to have higher positive rates then Quest, but there main seller is that it take way less hair for them to test then Quest. Other than that I believe you will be fine. Other then the rare occurrence, anyone who has 90 days clean will pass any hair test. Including head, armpit, chest, etc. At least based off all my research and examples from this site, that is the trend.
  19. Empathy

    Empathy New Member

    Well took Hair Test on 3/14 and no word as of today. The worst part is the waiting period. Was hoping to get some good new on St. Patrick's day but obviously that is not happening.
  20. SuperWorried1

    SuperWorried1 New Member

    Empathy me and you are in the exact same position. I can't even celebrate properly without all this stuff on my mind.

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