Hair test: bleach&redye PLUS hair relaxer

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    I've read pretty much read the entire results thread this past week. I took a hair test yesterday Monday (12/27) afternoon, and I haven't received a call yet from anybody and its Tuesday night now (12/27). The lady who snipped my hair told me that it will take 24-48 hours to get the results, so I'm assuming it's within this period I would receive a call if I were to fail the test.

    Age - 22 (Just graduated from college and got a niiicee job offer from a major oil company)
    Size - 170 lbs. 5'10, I play basketball 2 times a week, maybe this helps, probably not though.
    Race - South Asian decent (dark brown/black hair)
    Clean time - 35 days or 5 weeks, before that I was smoking casually here and there about once a week. I think over the past 3 months I've smoked a total of 8-10 times. The most I smoked in each session was a gram between 4 other people. Most of the time I was smoking 2 to 3 large bowls out of a bong between those same 4 people in each session (what can I say, Street Fighter 4 is hella fun after being HIGHHH, lol).

    As soon as I found out I had to take a test (at about the 2.5 weeks clean mark) I went and bought all the stuff for the Mac method and started doing it immediately. I did it about 7 or 8 times, I added a baking soda soak and wash (w/PM3 shampoo) after almost each Mac treatment. About a week before my test I started to question the legitimacy of the Mac method and started to become a believer of Jerry G and the number of negative test results his method has produced. I did 2 bleach and redyes, once 7 days before the test (w/ 25 Volume bleach and ammonia based redye). She (hair salon) left the bleach in for only 15 minutes, but let the redye in for 40 minutes. I came home and jumped on this website again and decided that I should do more, I went back to the same salon after 2 days and made sure she used a 40 volume bleach, and this time she left it in for about 25-30 minutes, and the redye in for 15 minutes (the pain had become unbearable at this point). I came home and could feel my scalp hardening, so I thought maybe this was working pretty well.

    I had initially thought that these 2 bleach and redyes would do the job but for some reason 2 nights before the test I decided to do a hair relaxer (I couldn't afford another professional bleach and redye). I got a regular strength hair relaxer and did the whole process that night. For some stupid reason (probably severe anxiety) I decided to use the ENTIRE application on my hair, my hair is very very short (1.5 in. on top and .5 in. on sides) and one application is intended for women with LONG hair. So yeahhh, this hurt like HELL, I could barely leave it in for 10 minutes. As soon as I washed it out I noticed I was shedding a ridiculous amount of hair. Every time I pinched my hair I was getting like 10-15 hairs with it. At this point I started panicking and promised myself that I would not fuck with my hair anymore, nothing is worth this much trouble. My hair became severely brittle and dry and was falling out the next day as well, I was putting oil on it to keep enough hair on my head for the test. I did the relaxer late Saturday night and my test was on Monday afternoon at 2pm. The morning of test day I failed on my promise and decided to do one full Zydot treatment before I went in for the test. At this point my hair was sooo F'd up I was just angry. I went in for the test, the lady took hair from 2 spots on the crown. She told me results would be in in about 24-48 hours (Physedemics). I am just happy that I did all I could have possibly done (maybe), and now its up to GOD and those bastards at that lab. As soon as I left the lab I went straight to the barber and had him shave my head down to a #0, I couldn't stand my hair at this point so I had to start fresh. There are chemical burn marks over about 60% of my head (scalp is peeling off now). I know I probably wont get a speedy response BUT if any of you guys can tell me what you think it would be very much appreciated. I will definitely post my results, this thread has been of such great help. Thanks and say a little prayer for ya boy if you can! :hail:
  2. I know its not meant to be hilarious but it is!!! Please tell us if you pass. I hope my hair doesn't fall out, I am doing a relaxer to. i think u passed
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    I hope I, too, can laugh at this bullshit next week (fingers crossed). But yeahhh be careful with that relaxer, its intended for ppl with coarse hair, so if you have straight hair like me, this shit would be toxic for your hair. But heyyy, the point is to screw up your hair beyond repair, its the only way to pass. I'm glad I did the relaxer, hopefully this is what puts me over the top. good luck to you. Ima roll a fatty if I pass, if not then back to job hunting...

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