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    Ok, first the job is in medicine. I will avoid specifics to avoid lurkers as I live in conservative southern state. The test will be on Feb 25.

    I was told it was a drug screen and have yet to hear back from a friend (non-user) about if it's a UA or hair test.

    The last time I smoked was the 23rd of Janurary (1.23.11 and last time I smoked was 2/25/11). I have a month before the test. I was a heavy users smoking about a bowl a day. I'm 155 lbs and have a relatively fast metabolism. I also wear my hair about an inch long or shorter (I can cut if I need to).

    I know with exercise and abstinence from smoking I can pee clean in a month. I will home-test the week before to decide if I need to sub (Which raises more questions since there is a physical involved).

    SO... with a month clean and exercising, what are my chances? Should I purchase the zydot ultra clean shampoo and use it the day of? Any other advice?

    Thanks, and it's funny that I can get to this level with a doctorate treating patients and still be subjected to drug testing to see if I'm a scourge on society? What I do in my home after work has no bearing on how I perform on the job.
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    Also, if they say screen.. does that imply just a urinalaysis or could it also include a hair test? This is a large organization, and I know hair tests are expensive compared to UA, so I'm hoping...

    Also, if you bleach your hair, I'm assuming it would alter the color. Is this true?

    Any insight would help. I've read the FAQ's and picked up these tidbits:

    Macujo method:

    1. Strip hair with vinegar..Leave in and let it saturate into the hair for about ten minutes. "Dont Rinse Out"

    2. Clean & Clear skin toning and deep cleanser...It's for pimples and acne....You will need to put that in your hair while the vinegar still there. You will feel a burning sensation. Masage into the scalp for about 5minutes. What happens is it cleans while the vinegar has your pores open

    3. Tide laundry detergent. Powder or liquid it doesn't matter. Wash your hair with it and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Please dont get the Tide in your eyes..keep eyes close shut . Tide has the best cleaning agent of all detergents.

    4. Now just use your favorite aloe (moisturizing shampoo).....Any kind you want to use.

    5. Do that four step process the day of your deadline

    I bleached and redyed my hair 3 times. I washed the bleach and the dye out with a very strong clarifying shampoo(Toxin Wash). I used a 40 volume developer(the bleach, the strongest a layman can buy), and a dye with ammonia that has to be mixed with a 10 or 20 volume developer. I think it is best to go to a pro, but it has been done many times at home. These product are available at any beauty supply store.

    In between treatments I mixed a baking soda paste and massaged it into my hair. Then I washed with Toxin Wash. A bottle of TW goes a long way used only on your pits.

    The day of the test I did the baking soda paste, then a full TW treatment and then a full Zydot treatment. According to Zydot customer service, the effectiveness of their product is enhanced by being preceded by a strong clarifying shampoo. I think these two products compliment each other.

    There are swimmers shampoos and treatments that are high in propylene glycol available at the beauty supply store. These shampoos could substitute for TW.

    Look for bleaching products that contain hydrogen peroxide, sodium persulfate and ammonium persulfate.
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    When you say "full" TW treatment, do you mean also including the dish soap and baking soda pre-treatment? I know that the TW instructions say you only have to do that part the first time you use it. I have a hair test coming up next week and I'm doing everything I can to make sure I pass, this includes Macujo, TW, and Zydot (day of). My position is also for a hospital job and I know for sure that I have a hair test, but I am a very light user.

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