hair test, im ambiguous about mine...

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by rumor, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. rumor

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    Ok last time I did something was September 24th, I generally cut my hair every 2 weeks to (females) finger thickness 1/4 inch give or take. I've had about 9 or 10 haircut total, my hair is dark brown and really thin also. I had a follicle test on the 12th of March. I've washed my hair with follies clean 2 times for the past week and once b4 the test and used zdot as well, the week prior to the test I used aloe rid by nexus as well. Maybe im paranoid I know they go 3 months back I just want some opinions...

    But wait there's more.... it wasn't weed, it was a line of coke. Sorry there's no coke forums and I didn't wanna deal with trolls in yahoo answers... I haven't done any other drugs for a year b4 or any since September. Any help would be appreciated, thank u for reading:)

    PS how long till I hear from my company or testing facility for a positive? It was cocentra.
  2. Willie77

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    Too late to give any help. but I doubt you have anything to worry about. You're well past 90 days, and it wasn't even repeated use, if I'm reading right. You should hear back from whoever wanted the test done by the end of the week. Good luck, and make sure you let us know how it goes.
  3. rumor

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    Thanks Willie, I think im just being paranoid, but its hard not to be when a potential dream job is within your and everything depends on it. I was worried about my background test even though I know its clean:) maybe this is why I quit doing drugs so long ago cuz im an over paranoid person:( Anyways ill post my results when I get them:)

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