HairTest-heavy usage-Biowash?

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by Dankium, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Dankium

    Dankium New Member

    Unlike most of the people posting about hair tests....i will have been clean for only a matter of days....not weeks...before my EMSI hair-follicle test. I am going to use the viniger/acne/tide/aloe rid method.....but my main question is about the shampoo called BioWash. I was wondering if anyone has had success with this product??

    Also, i was curious if legally they can give me a urine test as well, even though they only mentioned the hair test in the interview.

    From the bottom of my THC coverd heart, I appreciate all the info donated on this site. MacCuj0 deserves the congressional medal of honor.
    Also, just my .02, it would be nice if there was a forum dedicated to user comments/ratings of clensing products that are available to purchase. It would help organize posts a little better.

    Again, thankyou very much
  2. hairtesthater

    hairtesthater Member

    For my pre-employment drug screen I was given both a urine and a hair-test. I don’t know if it’s legal if you are already employed by a company, but for pre-employment I think anything goes.

    Good luck.
  3. UNLVmike

    UNLVmike New Member

    I have had about 3 friends who are frequent smokers take "Root Clean" by Detoxify and passed with no problems. Two of those friends smoked all the way up to the day before the test.

    I hope it works for me, I dont smoke nearly as much.. who knows results seem to vary greatly from people on these boards.

    Do the vineger soak, aloe rid, and the detoxify shampoo. Even if it doenst work, you will have alot greater chance by trying something, cause you sure wont pass with out any preperation.
  4. hairtesthater

    hairtesthater Member

    I used Root Clean and failed.
    I have said it in other posts Quest diagnostics hair test is no joke.
  5. tailtVakTinty

    tailtVakTinty New Member

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