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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by A2hempchild, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. A2hempchild

    A2hempchild New Member

    So I'm thinking about being michael phelps for halloween. I would wear a swim cap with some goggles around my head have on some athletic shorts and like a jacket or something and have 7 medals around my neck. Oh yeah and I would carry a bong around with me. What do you guys think?

    What are you all being for halloween?
  2. lindseynicole

    lindseynicole New Member

    haha, thats funny...
  3. cannabicide420

    cannabicide420 Sr. Member

    im going to school as batman. ill also be smoking weed in a batman costume. i dont know how many people can say that.
  4. jakspar0w

    jakspar0w Tak!

    haha funny idea, i dare you to bring around a bong.........as long as you have weed with it and i am near you so i can smoke it...haha.
    ps. I'll bring the lighter
  5. Young Nasty Dan

    Young Nasty Dan New Member

    im going as jesus. haha how awesome is partying with drinking/smoking jesus going to be?
  6. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    I have a few ideas. Bitten vampire hunter is the one I will probably go with. I picked up an old school suit with a ruffle type tie to wear. A little white/blue face paint, some gray hair dye, a little dark eye-liner to give me that "turning to a vampire" look, a cross, some "holy water", a couple of fang marks on my neck, a little fake blood, a mirror to test people with and a wooden steak or two and I'll be good to go. ;) (Think Peter Vincent in "Fright Night")

    Some of the props will serve as great ice breakers as I'm going to a club/bar on Halloween.
  7. helfiire88

    helfiire88 New Member

    go as darth vader with one of these. :D


    as for me, i just turned 21 today. halloween i'm going to a bar as my self as a pot head :D
  8. jerzysanchez

    jerzysanchez Sr. Member

    i am wearing a giant paper bag (like the ones you put leaves and yard waste in) with a capital D on it.
  9. weee[d]

    weee[d] New Member


  10. Laserbrain

    Laserbrain New Member

    I'm going to be a pilgrim that's been shot multiple times in the face.
  11. batmanfan

    batmanfan New Member

    I go as batman every year. cause nobody knows batman like i do. but this year i decided to do something different. the crow
  12. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    i think i'm going to get a sheet & cut holes in it & be a ghost.
    i'm way too poor to do anything awesome.
  13. desiremj

    desiremj New Member

    Haha.. I decided to wear my DARE shirt from school. I am way too lazy to put a costume together.
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  14. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    We're not going out now, but we were going to a dead celebrity party and I was going to be Eric Clapton's son. I was just going to get stoned and carry around a cardboard window all night.
  15. A2hempchild

    A2hempchild New Member

    my phelps costume worked perfectly. Everyone thought it was nuts. Made for one hell of a halloween. Hope you all had fun.

    PS. jerzysanchez i love the d-bag costume, how'd that go over?
  16. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    I started out as a dragonfly, but my wings became cumbersome so I took off all my dragonfly stuff, down to my black full body suit and mask and became the shadow...the shadow was a lot more fun than the dragonfly, and it/I was extremely creepy.
  17. Lilpotmaster

    Lilpotmaster New Member

    i was a construction worker :D
  18. TheNomadicGanja

    TheNomadicGanja New Member

    i got a box, cut out 2 square eyes and a mouth then wrote box-man at the top :) oh and i also cushioned it with towels
  19. scribbz

    scribbz New Member

    i wore a bow-tie and this pair of boxers i have that look like a tuxedo
  20. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    I wish I still had one. haha

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