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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by ohganja420, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. ohganja420

    ohganja420 New Member

    Hey, so I have a serious question: Does smoking weed for a long period of time, like two years or so, make a person have shaking hands?

    I'm only asking this because I've noticed on my friends who smoke a lot, like everyday for years, that they can not hold their hands out without their hands shaking badly. But I never really thought it was directly related weed because some of these friends I'm talking about do other "trippable" drugs...

    But now I've noticed it on me, in the past I could hold my hand out and it would barely shake, and it's not like that anymore. So I do drink coffee, but not every day.

    I'm just trying to see if its the coffee or the weed or maybe something else that makes my hand shake? :confused:
    Has anyone else ever experienced this?

  2. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    Highly doubtful. The effects of marijuana use have been documented for hundreds of years, and this has not turned up yet.

    A more reasonable cause could be lack of sleep, energy, or poor diet. If you are drinking coffee to wake up, then that might also be the cause.
  3. Gale

    Gale New Member

    I dont know, but i personally have had shaky hands, and me smoking weed hasnt worsened it or made it better, its still the same as it was before i started smoking. It could probably be from the caffeine in the coffee, I didnt start having shaky hands until i started taking ADD medication, which has caffeine in it. (Yes i know i would love to quite that stupid medication because weed does the same thing, but i cant because of my parents).

    But thats me, as we all know different people react different ways. But i probably doubt that the main cause is from smoking. (It could be adding to it though)
  4. Rev0lver

    Rev0lver New Member

    I have very shaky hands, but when i'm stoned it doesn't happen. I don't think it's a side effect of marijuana. I'm actually seeing a doctor about it now, and he believes they are mild tremors caused by a blood disorder. If your friend drinks a lot of coffee or energy drinks, that may be the cause.

    edit: also, what you may be experiencing could be a placebo effect because of your friend's condition.
  5. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    I've been smoking pretty heavily for 10 years (almost) nonstop and my hands only shake when I have coffee...which is almost every day since I work at a coffee shop. I know it's the coffee though, since they only start to shake after my morning shot, It helps to put something like bread in your stomach to soak it up.
  6. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    I don't drink coffee and have smoked for quite a bit more than two years, my hands have a bit of a shake. I don't know if they are related.
  7. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    People react differently to marijuana. I have been smoking for more than 3 years and my hands don't shake at all. I think it might be the coffee. Anyways, I actually had a friend which hands would shake NONSTOP, just looking at them freaked me out, but guess what, he drank alcohol like crazy and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.

    Watch this part of the episode of MTV's true life(forward it to 1:10 if you want) ;)
    ''I'm an alcoholic''...
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  8. blondie0420

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    I saw that one. That girl's hands were awful.

    My money is on one of four possibilities: alcohol, coffee, nicotine or placebo. If you smoke a lot of cigarettes or drink a lot of booze, and then stop suddenly, you can get the shakes from temporary withdrawals. On the other hand, if you have a lot of coffee, you can get it from just having so much caffeine in you. If it's neither of those things, it's probably (as someone else already suggested) just a placebo effect.

    My hands don't shake, my friends' hands don't shake, I don't know anybody whose hands shake from smoking pot - even large quantities of it over long periods of time.

    If the problem persists, you should probably bring it up with your doctor just to be on the safe side. :wave:

    From WebMD:

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  9. Rev0lver

    Rev0lver New Member

    Yeah, that's what I have, essential tremors. I think any MJ-related connection would have been already discovered though.
  10. ohganja420

    ohganja420 New Member

    oh okay, thanks you guys, it rly did clear some stuff up. it seems to be pointing at the coffee/caffeine usage
    i reckon i should cut back on those..
  11. SoThrowd

    SoThrowd Sr. Member

    One of my bosses had shakey hands really really bad, we made fun of him, but he was no where near a pot head. He barely knew about weed. Of course I took his lack of info and taught him the actual effects of mj.
  12. Isirap

    Isirap New Member

    From the title, i thought this thread was about handshakes

    thread fails
  13. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    Thread doesn't fail, title fails. :laugh:
  14. Herbania

    Herbania Don't fear the reefer

    it isn't the weed, if anything the weed keeps it from being worse. Reduction of muscle spasms is one of marijuana's medical properties. Caffeine is probably the culprit.

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