"Hangover" with Weed Brownies

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by GhettoSmurf, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. GhettoSmurf

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    Okay, this is a little messed up, so I thought I would come here, and see what the 'experts' think. On Saterday night(sunday morning about 2am) me and some friend hit up some week brownies. We out in a 1/2 O, and 5 of us ate them. I dunno what it was, but the trip was brutal, i went up stairs and crashed, having bad dreams, and barly being able to walk to take a piss. Well the next day, (well sunday at about 11) I couldnt move, i managed to walk my ass home, only to get back into bed and pass out. Monday, came, i had to get up at 7 to write an exam, Im still feeling ****ed. Go back home, eat drink, and sleep/watch movies all day. Its now tueday at about 12:30 (lunch time) and I still feel high.

    I feel like my motor skills are still being effected. Has this ever happened to anyone else? or has anyone ever heard of this? Cuz its trippn me out hard, and im not likin it much. (I have yet to talk to any one else who I did it with yet, to see how they feel)

    BTW< im not eally a stanger to weed. Been smokin it for a good 5 years, but this is killin me.

    Any thoughts, and/or comments would be nice.

  2. Higher Logic

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    Some people can't handle eating it. It's a lot more intense and a completely different high, and if you aren't used to eating marijuana, and never have before, then starting out with it is going to make you feel a lot different than eating it. The hangover goes away though, but you have to realize that when eating marijuana the effects can last for more than 24 hours.
  3. MerryJuana

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    ive heard of bad hangovers from eating brownies.. never ate them myself but a few of my buddies have done it and their stories sound similar to yours.. they all ate them in the morning and said they were high for all of the day.. as for the hangover they just felt high the next day and maybe a little buzzed the day after.. the first time i smoked from a bong i felt really high all of the next day at work.. its not always a bad thing cuz then maybe you wont need to smoke the next day :)
  4. DarkMist

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    Ugg.. IM having it right now..

    Be carefull not to overdo it with the brownies.. 1 brownie knocked me on my tail and i left work early today because of a hangover type effect. I learned my lesson.. From now on.. Only Half a brownie....
    The Effects sneak up on you.. you wont feel anything for a while then it starts.. and you get higher.. and higher.. and i peak in a few hours.. (so i thought) then i had to lay down because it was too intense.. went to sleep woke up at midnight.. and felt like i was ran over..

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